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A dark red sunset hung diagonally at the edge of the western mountain, and white clouds floated in the comforting blue sky. When it fell into the stream, it gave off a magical color and a sparkling wave of light.

Lei Zhaoting stood by the stream. She lifted her foot and kicked a small stone into the stream, murmuring, "Zhang Qingyun died." Stupid Zhang Qingyun, you're still not looking for me at this time. I'm not important to you at all, so just stay with that Fei'er of yours. I'll never want to see you again. " He bent down and picked up a stone. He threw it into the stream with all his might, and it stirred up layers of blue waves.

Girl, why do you hate this rock so much? Someone suddenly said from behind.

Lei Qiuting was startled and hurriedly turned around. She saw a beautiful young man standing not far behind her. His pair of black, sharp eyes under his straight, sword-like eyebrows contained a devouring radiance. He was like an eagle in the dark, cold, aloof and overbearing.

The youth said, "Does Miss like to enjoy the sunset alone?" Her thin and gentle lips slightly parted, her facial features clearly outlined, and her entire person seemed to be brimming with heroic spirit.

Lei Qiuting was completely subdued by this aura. She lightly said, "Because I'm not in a good mood."

The youth said, "You're in a bad mood. Coming out to relax is a good choice."

Lei Qiuting asked, "Young Master, why have you come here? Are you here to enjoy the endless beautiful sunset?"

The youth folded his fan and said, "I'm the same as the young lady. He was displeased and came out to relax. He didn't expect to meet such a beautiful lady. This trip will not be in vain. "

Lei Qiuting smiled sweetly and said, "Young master must be joking." Judging from Young Master's attire, you must be from a noble family, why would you be so troubled? "

The youth said, "The so-called 'every family' has a scripture that is difficult to read. "Sigh, I don't want to talk about such annoying things." Bending over, he picked up a stone and threw it far into the stream.

Lei Qiuting said, "Why do you hate these stones now?"

The youth said, "Let the worries flow into the stream with the rocks."

When Lei Zhaoting thought of Zhang Qingyun, she felt extremely anxious. She sighed and said, "Stone went, but I can't get rid of my worries no matter what."

The youth said, "It seems that the lady and I are in the same boat because of our love."

Lei Zhaoting said, "What? Are you worried about your feelings as well?"

The youth said, "Red and I have known each other for eight years, we have been in love for six years and we love each other."

Lei Qiuting said, "Then why aren't we together?"

The youth said, "My father was opposed to it. He said that Hong'er was born into a lowly family and that we are not allowed to be together."

Lei Qiuting said, "There's actually such a father."

The young man said, "Just now, when I mentioned the matter of getting married to Hong'er, father threw me out of his house with a string of curses. Now I just want to get drunk. "

Lei Qiuting said, "It's good that you're drunk, but you should wake up." "It will only make you more worried."

The youth said, "Today is the day, and today is the day. Hopefully, I won't wake up again." He walked away slowly.

Lei Yu Ting chased after her and said, "I want to get drunk too. Wait for me."

The corners of the youth's eyes revealed an evil smile as he struck out with his palm. As the two of them slowly walked into the depths of the setting sun, Lei Zhaoting suddenly shouted, "Let me go!"

The setting sun slowly sank, bringing forth endless sorrow.

When Lei Zhaoting woke up, she found herself lying on a soft bed, covered with a gorgeous quilt. She then got off the bed. Two beautiful women came in. The clothes were gorgeous and beautiful without a single woman. He lightly walked to Lei Zhaoting's side. "Miss, you're awake."

Lei Qiuting said, "How did I get here?"

A beautiful woman smiled flirtatiously and said, "Of course it was my young master who brought you back. Don't you remember?"

Lei Qiuting asked, "Your young master, who is your young master?" Remembering that they met a youth by the stream last night, she couldn't remember where he went next.

The lady said, "You are getting married tonight, but you don't know who my family is."

Lei Qiuting was shocked. He said, "What? Who wants to get married?"

The beautiful woman said, "Of course it's you, young lady. You're so lucky."

A maidservant walked in from outside the door and said, "Young Master wishes to invite young lady to the garden to admire the flowers."

Lei Qiuting said, "I haven't even looked for him yet, but he's actually here to look for me and see who's up to mischief." As he spoke, he rushed out the door.

Under the guidance of the servant girl, the two of them passed through a corridor and a crescent moon gate. They saw a young man sitting in the pavilion, playing with a zither. The sound of the zither was gentle and melodious, beautiful and pleasant to listen to.

Lei Zhaoting saw that it was the youth that he had met at the stream last night. Seeing him touch the zither so gracefully, the strings were captivating. As she walked in front of him, Lei Zhaoting, who was filled with anger, couldn't vent it out. She could only say indifferently, "What kind of song is this? It's really nice."

The youth raised his head and looked at Lei Zhaoting, saying, "You're here." "Is it good? Do you want me to teach you?"

Lei Qiuting said, "Alright!" She actually sat on the youth's lap.

The youth held his lily-white hands and taught him every string.

The moment her fingers touched him, the image of Zhang Qingyun appeared in Lei Qiuting's mind. Miao Rufei's delicate figure suddenly bounced up and said, "Who are you?"

The youth said in astonishment, "What happened? Wasn't it fine just now?"

Lei Qiuting said, "What kind of demonic technique are you using, you demon?"

The young man looked at Lei Zhaoting and said, "Look at me. We have been in love for so many years and are getting married tonight. Are you happy?"

Lei Zhaoting looked at the youth's eyes and his heart suddenly felt blank. "Brother Yun, you won't leave me."

The youth said, "No, I will never." He hugged her.

Lei Qiuting suddenly jumped up and said, "You go away, there's only Fei'er in your heart. You and I don't care about me."

The youth said, "I only care about me. I will always be good to you alone."

Lei Zhaoting said, "Really?"

The youth said, "Of course it's true. We are going to be married tonight, so of course it's only for your benefit."

Lei Qiuting faintly said, "Marry, who wants to marry?" Are you going to marry Fei? "Ah, my head hurts." He fell to the ground in pain. In his mind, he saw Fei lying in Zhang Qingyun's embrace. He slowly fainted.

The youth's face went grim as he smashed the zither into pieces with a palm strike, then he said, "What's going on, I've never failed before."

A beautiful middle-aged woman floated in from the pavilion, walked over with a smile and said, "Who caused my affectionate Young Noble to be so angry?"

When the youth saw the beauty of the middle-aged woman, his expression changed again. He said, "Pavilion Master, you've returned."

The middle-aged beauty waved her skirt and said, "Did you get a lot of women to come in?"

The youth looked at Lei Zhaoting and said, "Reporting to Pavilion Master, I only brought one back this time."

The middle-aged woman said, "One, this doesn't seem like your style." He walked in front of Lei Qiuting, pinched her cheek and looked at her. "The one I brought back was not bad. No wonder I only brought one." If you've had enough, bring someone to me. "

The youth said, "Yes, Pavilion Master." The beautiful woman lightly floated and walked out of the Crescent Moon Sect.

The youth said, "Men, help him back to his room."

Zhang Qingyun walked along a small path and raised his head to look at the night sky. He said, "It's already so late. Tingting, where did you go?"

Miao Rufei replied, "We've been looking for them for so long, we haven't even seen a single person." "Could he have gone back to the inn?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "It can't be." Suddenly, there was a flash of light on the ground. When he bent over to take a look, he saw that it was actually a half-broken earring. He picked it up. He could not help but be alarmed and said, "This is Tingting's earring."

Miao Rufei said, "Why is Tingting's earring here?"

Zhang Qingyun searched the ground again and said, "Tingting is in danger."

Miao Feifei said, "Brother Qingyun, how did you know?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei'er, look, there are two footprints on that side, and there is only one left on that side. However, the watermark is deeper, so they must have come from the water. Let's go to the water first. "

The two of them walked to the stream and Zhang Qingyun said, "Yes, this is the place. There are a lot of messy footprints on the ground. Before the watermark is dry, let's hurry up and chase after the footprints. "

The two of them followed the footprints, passing through a forest and arriving at a cliff. The footprints had actually disappeared from here.

Miao Rufei asked, "Why did you suddenly disappear? What should we do now?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "It must be somewhere nearby. How could one person disappear? Let's search around."

The two of them followed the cliff.

When Lei Zhaoting woke up, it was already the next morning. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the youth was sitting by her bedside, looking at her. Startled, she raised her palm and struck him straight in the face.

The youth stretched out his hand to grab her arm and said, "Beauty, why do you hit me the moment you wake up?"

Lei Zhaoting said, "Let go, you demon."

The youth said, "Don't be like this. We already delayed for a good hour yesterday, so don't miss it today."

Lei Qiuting said, "Bastard."

The youth said, "Don't be in such a hurry. I've already sent Xia-er and the others out to gather some things. When you put on your bride's clothes, it will definitely be extremely beautiful."

Lei Qiuting said, "You lunatic."

The youth said, "Take a good rest first." With that, he tapped her acupoint. He got up and walked to the door, "Someone, look after her carefully. Don't let anything happen to her."

The four maidservants quickly prostrated themselves and said, "Yes, Young Master."

Miao Rufei sat on a rock and refused to leave. "Big brother Qingyun, we've been searching for two days and two nights in this forest. Aren't you tired?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "That doesn't make sense. The footprints from two nights ago disappeared right here. They should be somewhere nearby." "If you continue to persevere, you might just discover something. Fei'er, if you're tired, you should rest here first."

Miao Rufei said, "Brother Qing Yun, we've already searched this forest three times. If there's any clues, we would have already found them. Let's go find another way."

Zhang Qingyun put his finger in the middle of his mouth and shooed, "Fei'er. Don't speak, there seems to be a sound. "

Miao Rufei said, "Other than the chirping of birds, there's no other sound in this forest." When she finished, she lowered her voice and she heard it, too.

A few women came out from the forest, carrying many things.

A girl smiled sweetly and said, "You've worked so hard today, why don't you go back and ask young master for more rewards?"

The other girl pursed her lips and smiled, "Slut, you're looking for a beating." Don't you want it? It's not our turn tonight. The young master has the new girl. What about getting married to that girl?

The first woman said, "You can remember this for now. In the future, if you want young master, you need more."

The latter woman said, "Little Yun, you're looking for a beating. Let's see if I beat you to death." She then walked to the front of the cliff.

Little Yun pressed on a rock in front of the cliff. A door appeared at the bend of the cliff, and all the girls entered in a line.

Zhang Miao and Bai Qing followed him, and when they reached the bottom of the cliff, Zhang Qingyun sighed and said, "What a coincidence." "Such a big cliff actually had someone digging a hole in it. No wonder we searched in the forest and didn't find anything. So it turns out that he was inside the cliff, so his footprints walked all the way to here and disappeared."

Miao Rufei asked, "What are those women talking about?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "I don't know either. As if they said their young master was going to get married to a new girl, "she jumped up and said," What, get married, a new girl. The new girl they're talking about must be Tingting. "

Miao Rufei said, "Let's go in and take a look."

The two of them opened the stone door, revealing a large cave. Walking in, the cave was extremely spacious. Comfortable and dry, no heavy moisture. Miao Rufei said, "This cave is so dark."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei'er, don't talk. Follow me. Who knows if there might be some mechanism in this cave."

"Brother Qing Yun, you're so nice to me," Miao Rufei said sweetly as she grabbed his hand.

The cave was deep and curved. The two of them had not reached the end even after a mile or two.

Miao Rufei said, "Big brother Qing Yun, I'm really scared. It's pitch black here, there shouldn't be any snakes here, right?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "With me here, Fei is not afraid. "Follow closely behind me. Even if there are snakes, they will bite me first."

"Who dares to barge into the Purple Cloud Incense Pavilion?" Two men jumped out of the dark stone cave.

Without a second word, Zhang Qingyun's figure flashed and went up to touch their mute acupoints and numb acupoints.

The two men couldn't even tell who they were and instantly fell to the ground. It was even hard to tell if they were a man or a woman.

The youth was playing the zither in the pavilion again. The sound of the zither once again rang out. The soothing melody and beautiful sounds of the zither rang out. He said, "Since the distinguished guest has arrived, why don't you come down and listen to the guqin."

Zhang Qing and Miao Rufei flew down from the pavilion. Zhang Qingyun said, "I came specially to inquire about a person from Young Master." "Please don't blame us for disturbing Young Master's good mood."

The young man said, "Those who come are guests, how can I blame you? "How about I play a tune for the two of you, consider it as me washing away the dust." With a flick of his ten fingers, the zither rang out. The sound of the zither would sometimes be as soothing as a spring, or as swift as a waterfall. Sometimes it would be like high mountains and flowing water, and sometimes it would be soul-stirring.

Zhang Qingyun saw Miao Rufei's hands and feet dance as he jumped up to the sound of the zither. He had the urge to jump up and down and thought to himself, "Not good, this sound of the zither can charm the mind. If it wasn't for his profound inner strength and the protection of his Qi, he might have been controlled by this sound." He grabbed Miao Rufei's hand and said, "Fei'er, quickly cover your ears."

Miao Rufei acted as if she didn't hear anything. The zither music was so loud that Zhang Qingyun's heart began to throb. He used his hands to cover his ears, but the clear sound of the zither still entered his ears. He discovered that his heart began to beat alongside the zither. He knew that he was in trouble and tried to control himself. He ignored the music and walked toward the young man with difficulty. These ten steps seemed to be a year's worth of travel. With a boom, he shattered the young man's zither. The youth floated out of the pavilion. "How can this guest be so unreasonable? This humble one kindly wishes to invite the two of you to listen to my zither. Even if my zither skills are inferior, there is no need to damage my zither."

The middle-aged woman landed in the middle of the pavilion and clapped, "Young man, you're so good at martial arts and so good at self-control. How could you not be enchanted by Young Master Duoduo's soul-stirring melody? I'm afraid you're the only one who can shatter his zither with one palm strike."

The youth said, "Pavilion Master, you're here."

The beautiful lady said, "I was attracted by your zither. I came to see what kind of distinguished guest came from the Purple Cloud Incense to let Young Master Duoduo indulge in this soul-stirring melody."

The youth said, "My dreams are too romantic. I've let you two down. It's better if you two come at me at the same time. Tonight is my wedding night."

Miao Rufei thought of the girls in the forest and couldn't help but say, "So emotional. I'm afraid it's ruthless."

Meng Duoduo said, "Emotions are always hurt by the heartlessness, and the heartlessness is always a worry in the air. It doesn't matter how clear it is, or how heartless it is. "

Zhang Qingyun said, "I wonder who the bride is tonight. Can you show us what it's like first? "

Lei Yuting was awoken by the sound of the zither. She rushed into the garden and said, "You demon, let me out."

The beautiful woman said, "Really, who is it? The bride is here."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, you really are here."

Lei Yuting suddenly noticed Zhang Qingyun, and her heart was filled with joy. "Brother Yun, you're finally here," she said as she ran towards Zhang Qingyun. Suddenly, he stopped walking. Seeing that Miao Rufei was also standing there, the corner of her mouth even revealed a trace of a smile, as if she was smiling at him. He couldn't help but ask, "Zhang Qingyun, what are you doing here?"

The beautiful lady said, "Oh, the bride doesn't seem to welcome these two guests."

Lei Qiuting walked to Meng Duolun's side and said, "Today is our wedding day. I don't want to see any unnecessary people here."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, it's me. I'm your Brother Yun."

Lei Zhaoting said, "Is that so? My Brother Yun died a long time ago. "Otherwise, why didn't he come find me and force me to stay here for so long? Facing this demon ?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, it's all my fault. Come, let's go out."

The beautiful lady said, "You barged into my Purple Cloud Incense and left just like that."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Then what do you want?"

The beautiful lady said, "If you enter my Purple Cloud Fragrance Pavilion, you must follow my rules."

Meng Duoduo said, "One more thing. The person being taken away must be willing to follow you."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Okay, say it. What rules?"

Meng Duoduo said affectionately, "Why didn't you ask my bride if she was willing to go with you?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, are you willing to come with me?"

Lei Qiuting glanced at Miao Rufei and said, "You can leave."

Zhang Qingyun could not believe his own ears, "What? Tingting, you are willing to come out with me?"

Lei Qiuting said, "What are you going out for? The scenery here is beautiful, and the young master treats me very well. It's a thousand times better than you."

Miao Rufei said, "Why are you so heartless? Big Brother Qing Yun went out to find you for two days and two nights, and he finally came here."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei, don't say anymore. Tingting, are these your true thoughts?"

Lei Qiuting said, "Young Master, let's go. Ignore these unrelated people." Grasping the lovesick hand, he walked out of the garden.

Zhang Qingyun painfully fell onto the stone pillar in the pavilion and muttered, "Someone who has nothing to do with me."

Miao Rufei said, "Big brother Qingyun, don't be sad." "I know you like Tingting in your heart, I felt it when you were looking for him, go and find her."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Why are you still looking for her? She said I'm not related to her."

Miao Rufei said, "Idiot, don't you know he said those words out of anger? If you really like him and miss him, you will suffer for the rest of your life and regret it for the rest of your life."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Fei, you ?"

Miao Rufei said, "I'm fine, I just want to stay by big brother Qing Yun's side. Fei'er will be happy, go quickly." Tell him that. "

The moment Lei Zhaoting turned around, she couldn't hold back her tears any longer. Streaming down, she said in her heart, "Zhang Qingyun, why didn't you catch me? Don't tell me I'm not important to you at all?"

Zhang Qingyun quickly chased out of the garden and said, "Tingting, wait a moment, I have a few words to say to you."

Lei Zhaoting turned around to look at Zhang Qingyun and said, "There's nothing much for you and I to say. Young Master, let's go." He turned around and prepared to leave.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, give me one minute."

Lei Zhaoting stopped walking and said, "Speak, what do you want to say?"

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