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Zhang Qingyun walked over and hugged Lei Zhaoting, saying, "Tingting, don't be angry anymore. Come out with me."

Lei Qiuting said, "Who are you?" "Let me go!"

Zhang Qingyun said, "I won't let you go, not even in this life."

Meng Duoduo raised his palm and smacked it towards Zhang Qingyun, saying, "You're too unreasonable."

Lei Yuting shouted, "Brother Yun, be careful!" He hurriedly stepped in front of him.

Zhang Qing hugged her even more tightly as he spun his body, and used his back to receive the palm strike from the Young Noble. In an instant, he felt his blood tumbling and fresh blood spurting from his mouth.

Lei Qiuting said, "Brother Yun, why are you so silly?" Tears poured out like a gushing spring.

Zhang Qingyun's expression turned even happier. "I told you, I will never let you go."

Miao Rufei leaped over and said, "Why are you hitting you so casually?" The two palms struck out towards Meng Duoduo.

Pavilion Master Ziyun floated over, raised her arm to block Miao Rufei's palm, and said, "You have to follow my rules if you want to move from my place. "How can I just casually hit him?"

Miao Rufei was forced two or three steps back by her attack. Her arm was in extreme pain, and her opponent's attacks were quick and profound. He tensed up his arms and ran to Zhang Qingyun's side, saying, "Brother Qingyun, how are you?" His face was full of concern.

Zhang Qingyun started to breathe in and out as he felt the flow of his true energy. He then said, "Fei'er, I'm fine." He turned around and said to the Violet Cloud Pavilion Master, "What's your rule master?" He put his hands behind the two girls.

The pavilion master said, "It won't be hard for you to leave this place. The rules of Purple Cloud Incense are that I will set three questions, and you can leave after you're done."

Miao Rufei said, "This is unfair. Brother Qing Yun is already injured, I can't fight with you anymore."

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion smiled sweetly and said, "Little sister, let's not compete in martial arts."

Miao Rufei replied, "What do you mean by that? You can't possibly come up with any weird ideas to make us suffer."

Pavilion Master Zi Yun said, "We are all martial artists. When competing with our opponents, we do not rely on our martial arts, but our intelligence. The third reason is not because of how strong your inner strength is, but because of your movement technique. Then let's compare intelligence, mental strength and movement techniques. "

Zhang Qingyun said, "Alright, how do we compete?"

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion said, "There are many ways to use intellect. Let us compete in formations today and set up the formation while you break it."

Zhang Qingyun exclaimed, "Formation!" He thought to himself, bad, I don't even know many words. How could I know how to break the formation? There was a moment of hesitation.

Seeing that Zhang Qingyun didn't say anything, Miao Rufei walked over and said, "Will the three of us be the ones to break the formation?"

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion laughed gently and said, "How could such a good thing happen? Even if it's a one-on-one match, you shouldn't try to deceive me."

Miao Rufei said, "You mean any of us can do it."

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion said with a light smile, "Yes, any of you can, but you can only send one person at a time."

Miao Rufei grinned and said, "Alright." "Let's set up the formation."

Pavilion Master Ziyun said, "Men, bring out the Five Elements Illusion Flag."

Four burly men carried a huge table over, which was filled with sand. They were placed in the middle of the road with their hands hanging by their sides.

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion said, "There are two types of flags. The red and blue flags, the blue flag is guarded, while the red flag is broken." Who did you send first? "

Miao Rufei said, "Big brother Qingyun, let me do it."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Good, you can do it! I believe in you!"

Miao Rufei smiled lightly and said, "Don't worry, we will definitely win." She started to walk over and stood in front of the stage. "Set up the formation."

The Purple Cloud Pavilion's head swept his hands across the center of the stage, causing a small pile of sand to pile up in the middle. With a gentle wave of his hand, he inserted the small blue flag into the pile of sand. There were six slightly taller piles of sand in the center of the stage. Five of them were in five different positions and surrounded one in the middle. The pavilion master took the five small flags and placed them on the five piles of sand outside. "This is the five formations of illusions." The one in the middle is yours, "he said as he tossed a small red flag to Miao Rufei.

Miao Rufei stretched out her hand and stuck the flag into the pile of sand. He then continued, "Of the five elements, only the metal element, the wood element, the water element, the fire element, the earth element, and the earth element are needed.

Pavilion Master Ziyun said, "Alright. "Then I'll use earth as gold and see how you break it," he said as he swapped positions with the flag in both hands.

Miao Rufei said, "The five elements emphasize mutual suppression, the third in a row, and the sixth in a row." It has been used as the main target to attack the location of your Fire Elemental Kingdom. If you were to transfer the Water Element to save me right now, I will give up on the Fire Element and use the Dry and Kun routes to attack you, the Earth Element and the Metal Element. "Then we'll attack with the wind and thunder! Not only can we not save you, the rest of the fight will be mine!"

Purple Cloud Pavilion's head clapped his hands and said, "Young lady's familiarity with formations and your research is inferior to mine. Alright, you win with just one question."

Miao Rufei laughed as she jumped up and exchanged slaps with Zhang Qingyun. "Big brother Qingyun, we've won."

Zhang Qingyun laughed, "Fei'er, you're really vicious. I didn't expect you to know this business."

Lei Qiuting said, "That's nothing special. It's just a few flags moving around." He turned away from them.

Miao Rufei ignored him and said, "Big Brother Qing Yun, have you forgotten that my master's Nine Illusionary Array is much more difficult than this one? He's an old man who has learned to use and understand formations." I learned a bit from being by my side since I was young. "

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion harrumphed and said, "How arrogant. Don't be so happy too early. There are still two more matches, and it's not only the victor."

Zhang Qingyun said, "How should we compare our mental strength in the next match?"

Violet Cloud Pavilion Master said, "Follow me." With a wave of his arm, his robe fluttered in the wind. Clearly, he was extremely domineering. After walking through a corridor, they arrived at a training hall.

The two sides of the training hall were filled with all sorts of weapons. The hall was extremely spacious, enough to accommodate dozens of people.

A servant girl brought an incense burner and placed it on the training hall's stage. He retreated.

Violet Cloud Pavilion Master walked into the Martial Cultivation Hall and picked up a long sword. He pulled it out with a loud crash.

Miao Rufei walked forward and said, "Didn't you say that we can't compete in martial arts?" "What are you doing with the sword?"

The Purple Cloud Pavilion's Pavilion Master laughed and said, "The words that my Purple Cloud Pavilion's Pavilion Master says are like water that has been poured out, I will never go back on my words." With these words, he slightly swung his arm and the long sword fiercely flew out. In a room. "As long as you take out this sword in the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, it'll be your win."

Lei Zhaoting said, "It's that simple."

Violet Cloud Pavilion Master said, "Yes, it's that simple."

Lei Qiuting said, "Let me do this."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, it must not be that simple. Let me go."

Lei Zhaoting's eyes flashed, "You believe that she doesn't believe me?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "No, it's just that there must be something strange about it."

Miao Rufei said lightly, "Pavilion Master, there must be some extremely dangerous mechanism involved."

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion laughed and said, "Who do you think I am? I already said that there won't be any traps if we don't use force. If you go or don't go, that means you give up on yourself. "

Lei Zhaoting said, "I'm not afraid of the mechanisms inside, no matter how dangerous they are." He jumped to the door. He rushed in.

Zhang Qingyun wanted to grab her, but he was still a step too slow, so he said, "Tingting, be careful."

As soon as Lei Zhaoting entered, she saw that the long sword had fallen to the ground and looked around. This house didn't have any decorations, so she thought, what the hell is this pavilion master doing? He said that there's no mechanism, it's not easy for this sword to fall to the ground. He was extremely careful with every step he took. Nothing happened along the way, so he safely arrived at his destination. Picking up the sword, he thought to himself, "Isn't everything alright?" I was scared half to death. "

A voice rang out from the room, "Ting Er, quickly leave."

Lei Qiuting suddenly turned around and said, "Who is it?" The room was empty.

Another voice came from behind her, "Ting Er, don't ask so much. Quickly get on the horse and run."

Lei Zhaoting said in shock, "Father, is father you?" "Where are you?" There was nothing around him.

At this moment, the voice sounded again, "Ting Er, quickly leave. Who told you to come back? This place is dangerous."

Lei Zhaoting couldn't help but sit on the ground in fright, shouting, "Daddy, is that you?" Ting Er misses you. "

At this time, another voice came from the room, "Quickly open the door. I can't let her run away. "

Lei Zhaoting was shocked again. "Who are you, come out." Waving his long sword, he slashed randomly in the room, causing the sword in the room to sparkle. The wind was blowing in all directions.

Zhang Qingyun was walking back and forth in the training hall anxiously. Just as the incense was about to burn down, Lei Zhaoting who was inside did not come out. He could not help but say, "There's something inside."

Purple Cloud Pavilion's head smiled and said, "There's nothing inside, it's just an empty house."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Then why did he still come out?"

"If he doesn't want to come out, how would I know?"

With a boom, Lei Zhaoting was thrown out of the window and into the training hall. He saw his hair in a mess, his mouth was babbling something that was unknown, as if he was extremely frightened.

Zhang Qingyun looked at the Violet Cloud Pavilion Master with an extremely cold gaze as he said, "What's going on?"

Pavilion Master Ziyun said, "This has nothing to do with me." This is her own inner demon. "

Zhang Qingyun said, "Inner demons? What inner demons? Isn't that just a competition of strength?"

Everyone will see a different scene when they enter the house. Only those with strong mental strength will not be bewitched by it, and no one can predict what will happen. Now that the incense has not burnt down, you will win the second round.

Zhang Qingyun said, "Tingting, what happened to you? Wake up." Grab him by the body and shake him.

After being shaken by Zhang Qingyun, Lei Qiuting suddenly became clear-headed. "Brother Yun, why did you come in?" He found himself in the training hall. He couldn't help but ask, "How did I come out? Did we win?"

Zhang Qingyun said, "What happened inside? Why did you break out of the window?"

Lei Qiuting said, "I heard Daddy's voice inside. A lot of people wanted to kill me."

Zhang Qingyun held her in his arms and said, "It's good that you're fine."

The Violet Cloud Pavilion Master said, "The third round will be a contest of movement techniques."

Zhang Qingyun said, "What's the use of comparing movement techniques?"

The Violet Cloud Pavilion Master said, "All of you, follow me!"

The group came to a pool. The pond was filled with lotus flowers and the water was extremely clear.

The head of the Purple Cloud Pavilion said, "Which one of you would use your lightweight movement technique to pick ten lotus flowers in the pond? If you come back here, you will be considered to have won."

Zhang Qingyun said, "That's really simple, picking two dried flowers for you won't be a problem."

Violet Cloud's Pavilion Master said, "Listen to what I have to say first. It's not too late to boast after that. You cannot use external support and your shoes cannot touch water. If you touch water, you lose."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Sure, no problem." With that said, he leapt into the air and executed the flying crane nine forms of light movement technique. He landed lightly on a few lotus leaves and easily arrived at the center of the lotus leaves, his feet holding onto the lotus flowers as he flipped his body over. A lotus flower had already appeared in his hand and was being refined, ten lotus flowers instantly appeared in his hands. He lightly tapped on the lotus leaf a few times before flying back.

Meng Duolun smiled sinisterly and said, "How could it be so easy?" With a "hu" sound, it slapped towards Zhang Qingyun.

Right now, Zhang Qing was in the air, unable to evade. Meng Duoduo could only muster the strength of his palms to release the Qi of Xiantian. He was sent flying for more than ten steps before he managed to barely stand still. The lotus flower in his hand was also shattered into pieces. The tip of his foot touched the ground as he said, "What kind of algorithm is this?"

Meng Duoduo said lovingly, "According to the rules, you all lost because you didn't have a single flower in your hand."

Miao Rufei said, "What a sinister villain. Pavilion master, aren't you cheating?"

The Violet Cloud Pavilion Master's face darkened as he said, "Meng Duoduo, when will the Purple Cloud Incense Pavilion be decided by you?"

Meng Duoduo said affectionately, "Pavilion Master, I ?"

Violet Cloud Pavilion Master said, "Get down, what a disgraceful thing."

Meng Duoduo stayed outside quietly, but she didn't go down.

The Purple Cloud Pavilion's master did not bother with him and said, "This young master's Qing Gong is peerless and unparalleled, it has really broadened my horizons. "Of course you won."

The three of them laughed as they hugged each other and said, "We've won."

Zhang Qingyun said, "Pavilion Master, can we leave now?"

Purple Cloud Pavilion's head smiled and said, "Of course you can, please go ahead."

The three of them walked out of the Purple Cloud Incense Pavilion with smiles on their faces. Meng Duoduo walked over and said, "Pavilion Master, we'll let them go just like that."

Violet Cloud Pavilion Master said, "This is the Lord's intention."

Meng Duoduo made a sound of love as she silently walked out of the room.

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