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Chapter VII: Blood Cases of the Escort Office

The night was pitch black, with no stars or moon, and the wind was as cool as water. Other than silence, there was only silence everywhere.

In the pitch black courtyard of the Thunderfall Escort Office, there were two dazzling silver lights that were extremely dazzling.

Li Cheng shouted as he swung out his sword. The silver light shattered when the sword swept past, and the sword instantly disappeared into the darkness. The darkness of the night had returned to its incomparable darkness.

In the incomparable darkness of the night, Li Cheng suddenly cried out. His two hands tightly clutched at his throat as an ice-cold thing stabbed into the back of his neck. The tip of a sword pierced through his throat, causing fear to appear on Li Cheng's face. He wanted to shout as much as he could, but as if he had discovered something, he pointed with his finger, but only a gurgling sound came from his throat before he fell to the ground.

Lei Luo Shi exclaimed, "Escort Li, you damned thief, return my Escort Li." The purple-gold blade quickly flipped upwards, attacking towards the black-clothed man. Its speed was extremely fast and violent.

The black clothed man immediately raised his sword to block, who knew that the purple-gold blade's power was so great that it was like a mountain pressing down on one's head, it was incomparably fierce, the sharp sword broke into two halves, one of his arms was chopped off from his shoulder, he let out a cry of pain, then, his lower abdomen felt a pain, and he was kicked twice, his body flew out horizontally, instantly disappearing into the darkness, only to hear a 'pounce' sound, falling onto the ground, then no longer making a sound.

The man in black standing on the roof said, "Chief Lei's purple-gold blade is indeed well-deserved." He was still standing on the roof when he arrived in front of Lei Luo Shi.

At this moment, the black-clothed people on the roof were like large birds as they flew into the yard.

Lei Laishi's golden blade flashed as he said angrily, "The purple-gold blade specializes in killing thieves and villains. When killing bandits, it is usually very harmful." A saber light flashed as it chopped at the black clothed man who had just spoken.

The man in black seemed to be unwilling to take the blow and retreated. However, this strike of Lei Laishi's was just a blade. Before he could make a move, his figure suddenly retreated and he disappeared into the darkness. He shouted in a deep voice, "Archers, prepare to shoot!" There were no arrows so he could not help but to let out another shout. He was still silent. He was shocked as he couldn't help but feel his body tremble as he thought about where the ambusher had gone.

That man in black suddenly laughed out loud, "Chief escort Lei, don't you feel that it's strange? Where are the people you were ambushing? "

Lei Luoshi sternly said, "You did it again." He laughed out loud. This change definitely had something to do with him. It was just that he couldn't see clearly in the dark. They didn't move at all when he called out to them. As he thought of this, he couldn't help but panic. The man in black laughed out loud when he saw Lei Luoshi flustered.

Lei Luoshi tried his best to focus his vision, but in the dark night, all of the people in the escort company were lying on the ground, while his wife, Su Hong was lying not far away. Lei Luoshi tried his best to focus his vision, but in the dark, all of the people in the escort company were lying on the ground, while his wife, Su Hong was lying not far away. Not long after he died, he was right next to them and he didn't even know when they did it. Before they died, Escort Li must have discovered them, so when they suddenly attacked, he was completely oblivious. The Life and Death Medallion was indeed more bizarre than the one in the legends. Seeing his wife die in front of him, his heart was filled with grief. He threw his head back and roared. The sound was deafening.

When the black clothed man saw how powerful his whistling sound was, he couldn't help but be shocked. He thought to himself, 'To think that Lei Fushe's internal energy is so profound, it seems like tonight's matter will be quite troublesome.' With a stern voice, he said, "Lei Fushi, this is the result of you refusing the Life and Death Writ."

These people had first killed loyalty, and now even Little Sister Hong had died at their hands. The hatred they had towards them could not be expressed in their hearts, it was fortunate that Ting Er was not at home, otherwise they would have escaped and angrily said, "You bastards, your methods are so vicious."

The black-clothed man said, "Curse it, curse it to your heart's content. If you don't, you won't be able to curse it anymore." Then he laughed again.

Seeing that they had killed so many people, Lei Luo Shi could still laugh. His heart was extremely vicious, and no one could compare to him. He angrily said, "You people are all devoid of conscience and humanity. This old man will fight it out with you." With a flip of the purple golden blade, it pierced straight towards the Shan Zhong acupoint on the chest of the black clothed man. The force field was like a ferocious lion that came out of its cage. Its eyes were wide and its teeth were chattering, and it looked like it had gone crazy.

Seeing this, the man in black hurriedly dodged backwards. Looking at Lei Fushi's crazy expression, he couldn't help but laugh, "Why is Chief Escort Lei so impatient to die so quickly? Don't you want to know how your brothers died so silently?"

While the man in black was talking, two other men in black suddenly brandished their swords to block Lei Luo Shi's attack.

Lei Luoshi suddenly stopped, lowered his wrist, turned the golden blade quickly and aimed at the waist of the two men in black.

The two men in black did not expect that Lei Fushe's attack would be so fast. They could not dodge in time and were cut in half by the golden blade. The man in black who spoke couldn't help but exclaim. He hadn't expected that his attack would be so vicious.

No, he did not know what method they used to kill so many brothers. With so many brothers being killed without a sound, the anger in his heart could not be suppressed, but at the same time, he was also surprised at how secretive and unfathomable their methods were. He coldly said, "Scoundrel, quickly tell us, what kind of despicable method did you use to kill my hundred brothers. I want you to pay for it with your life."

After exclaiming, the black clothed man immediately returned to normal. Seeing Lei Luo Shi's hair standing on end, he was obviously extremely angry, he paused for a moment, then smiled, "Chief Escort Lei, what are you in such a hurry for, you definitely did not think that killing your brothers would be like killing two silver flames in the courtyard. At that time, everyone's attention was focused on the eight words above these two silver flames. And when I sent someone to attack from behind, no one would have noticed. " Saying so, he laughed out loud complacently.

Lei Luo Shi was surprised that the other party was so accurate on human nature, allowing him to be more precise and more ruthless. He was truly shocked. He took in a deep breath and said angrily, "Despicable scumbag, what kind of man are you to use this kind of evil scheme to harm people? If you have the guts, then come and fight me one on one."

I didn't expect that hearing such news from you didn't cause you to lose your cool, but instead caused you to become even calmer. I'm really impressed, but I'm not here to compete with you in martial arts, I'm here to take your head. He had wanted to anger him, but in his fury, he lost his habit and took his life, only to find that he could remain calm.

Lei Luoshi roared, waved his golden blade, and the two men in black fell to the ground. He turned around and immediately jumped up. He raised his broadsword and slashed at the man in black. His power was strong enough to split mountains and shatter rocks.

The man in black lowered his body, dodging Lei Fushi by three feet. However, Lei Fushe's golden blade was just like a shadow, the man in black jumped up in a flash, his movement was strange. The edge of Lei Luo Shi's tiger like blade couldn't even touch a corner of his clothes.

Lei Luo Shi saw that his movements were erratic and extremely strange, so he suddenly said, "Jiang Nan Lin Family, your movements are unparalleled in this world." "I never would have thought that the extremely famous Lin Clan of Jiangnan would also be controlled by that Life and Death Order."

The black clothed person coughed a few times. Although it was so dark that it was difficult to see his fingers, and even though one could not clearly see the expression on his face, one could still hear the trembling of his voice.

The man in black gave the order once again, "Everyone attack together, there will be a reward for killing Lei Luo Shi." His voice was filled with fear.

Lei Fushi waved his big blade a few times, forcing a few men in black to attack the man in black who had just spoken. Three attacks flew out like a meteor, one of the strongest moves in the Lei Clan's blade technique, the "Three Thunder Blades" sound was like wind and thunder.

Although the man in black was acting strangely, Lei Fushi's sabre art was even faster. The last sabre strike landed on the man in black's waist, and the man was sent flying three or four feet away. Lei Fushe leaped forward, and his golden sabre stopped right in front of the man in black's neck. "Everyone stop." Seeing this, the group of black-clothed men immediately stopped in their tracks, instantly surrounding Lei Fushe in the middle to prevent him from escaping.

Lei Luo Shi looked at the man in black lying on the ground, and realized that the cut only tore his clothes, not a trace of blood. He was confident that even if he did not cut him into two, at least he would be able to make him bleed and unable to stand up. Now, he was actually unharmed. He couldn't help but open up his clothes.

The black clothed man's eyes flashed as he anxiously asked, "What are you doing?!"

The place where his finger touched felt like a wave had a soft armor underneath it. No wonder he was able to block this strike, at the same time he also understood why the throwing knives disappeared without a trace. It was because the flying knives were not able to harm him due to the soft armor he was wearing, so he didn't need to block it with his hands. Upon closer inspection, this armor looked like a fish's scale, and he could not help but say in astonishment, "Goldfish Silk Armour, so you are not a member of the Lin Clan in Jiangnan, how could you be so easily killed by me when you want to leave the Jiangnan Lin Clan without leaving a trace? In order to conceal your identity, you did not dare to fight me, and your movements are extremely chaotic, looking like gods. I was afraid that I would recognize you. I didn't expect you to be my good friend for so many years. You really know your own face but not your heart. "

The black clothed man's eyes revealed a terrified look as he said, "Brother Lei, I am also mine, my family has a wife and children, you know about the Life and Death Crest, no one has ever been able to escape this calamity, three months ago, the Life and Death Cards actually found me," Sigh, he turned his head, his eyes once again revealing a hidden bitterness.

Lei Luo Shi said resentfully, "Do you still want to call me brother, someone who is afraid of death, someone who is inferior to pigs and dogs, Zhao," before he could say anything, suddenly, his chest hurt, a black order badge pierced in, no one saw it, the other party's technique was strange, incomparable, the situation shook, two long swords pierced through his chest, and Lei Luo Shi fell to the ground.

Everyone turned their heads to look and saw that there were three men in black on the roof. All of the men in black in the yard knelt down and said, "We pay our respects to the flag master!"

The black-clothed man standing in the middle threw his arms out into the courtyard and said angrily, "You useless things. If you can't even handle a small matter like this, you nearly ruined the big one. " Raising his head to look at the horizon, he saw the faint glow of dawn. He then said, "Master Jin Xing, before the sun shines, clean this place up and return to the flag to receive your punishment." Before he could finish his sentence, the three figures had already disappeared from the rooftop.

The black-clothed man, the Lord of the Golden Path, crawled up from the ground and coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood.

The other man in black said, "Altar lord, are you alright?"

Lord Jin Xing said, "Lei Luoshi's blade was not light at all. If I didn't have this protective armor, I would have been chopped to death on the spot. Quickly, take a look at the corpses here and set this place on fire."

At this moment, the sound of horse hooves came from the entrance, and from the entrance came a young girl of about sixteen to seventeen years of age. She had just entered the door and was surprised to see a lot of men in black and said, "Who are you?"

Lei Luo Shi who was on the ground suddenly bounced up and said: "Ting Er, quickly leave. Who told you to come back? This place is dangerous."

He instantly landed beside the young girl, grabbed her hand, and dashed out the door.

The young girl was shocked as she said, "Father." What's going on? "Seeing that his father's sword was still bloody, he cried out in alarm," Father, what happened to you? How did you become like this?! "Tears rolled down his cheeks from anxiety.

Lei Luoshi solemnly said, "Ting Er, don't ask so much. Quickly get on the horse and run."

Lord Jin Xing was also greatly shocked. A young girl had suddenly entered the hall, and Lei Luo Shi had not died. He shouted, "Chase after them! Quickly chase after them!"

Seeing that they were chasing after them, Lei Luoshi quickly pushed the young girl out of the door, opened his arms and closed the door. "Ting Er, remember, the one who killed our family is you, Zhao ?" Before he could finish his sentence, the rest of the men in black had already caught up with her. With a few thumping sounds, his body was instantly covered in long swords. It let out a shrill cry, and then there was no sound at all.

The young girl heard her father screaming from the inside and did not know what had happened. She frantically knocked on the door as she shouted, "Father, what's wrong? Open the door!" Father, what did you say? " His voice was miserable, and the grief in his heart could not be expressed with words.

Seeing that the door had been closed by the Falling Thunder Stone, the Lord of the Golden Path said, "Quickly open the door, we must not let this woman escape."

The black clothed man reached out his hand to pull Lei Luo Shi's body, but he found that Lei Luo's five fingers had already stabbed into the door, tightly locking it. No matter how he tried, he couldn't open the door. The Jin Xing Dian was in a panic as he snatched a long sword from the hands of a black-clothed man. He cut off Lei Luo Shi's arm with his sword, and the two black-clothed men hastily threw away his corpse and smashed open the door.

Before the door opened, the young girl guessed that something terrible had happened inside. Her father had most likely been killed by them, and her father had risked his life to save her, so she definitely could not allow her father's blood to flow. He then got on the horse and left in a hurry.

When the black-clothed men came out, they could only see a black shadow. Lord Jin Xing shouted, "Only a few men left to set this place on fire. Everyone else, chase after them!"

The sun rose with a blaze that illuminated the land as usual. A golden veil covered the green stone town as usual, but the blazing fire shocked everyone.

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