Crash Into Me/C3 Three
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Crash Into Me/C3 Three
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C3 Three

Bhorma sunsets are probably one of the most breathtaking scenery anyone could ever experience. She could sit by the beach and stared at the ocean, listening to the waves and the sound of seagulls while the winds blew her hair as she sat upon the sandy beach until the sun would go down all the way.

There's a feeling of serenity, a private silence in the midst of people enjoying the same thing as she does. The sense of peace inside her when she does this is the one thing that tied her to this beautiful island she calls home. She will never leave this place, it would be like leaving herself, and she would never do that again.

Andrea was slowly walking toward her with champagne in one hand and two glasses in the other. "I knew you'd be here," she startled her. Sandy turned to look at her best friend grinning like a crazy woman. "We got the deal!!" she screamed.

"What?? You serious??" she jumped on her feet. Andrea nodded excitedly and they were jumping up and down screaming. "Oh my God!!" They hugged and laughed and danced to celebrate what would be the best contract they have ever made ... yet.

"Oh God! I feel so relieved!! I'm gonna tell Lucas that I won't be taking the job," Sandy said. They clinked their glasses and finished the whole bottle by the beach.

"We are so going to watch all John Brady's movies before he comes in July," Andrea was not joking. "I'm so going to stay at your place so frequently you'll have to get a restraining order to get rid of me," she added and they laughed.

"What movie is he going to shoot here anyways?" Sandy asked.

"It's the second installment of that assassin movie 'Wicked Games' ... haven't you seen that one?"

Sandy shook her head. She's not big on movies and celebrities even though she hosted many of them in her cottage, she doesn't really know who they are.

"I've seen his other movies though, where he played the detective solving a murder and the other one where he played the doctor ... so six months, huh? We have to start doing some renovations and maintenance soon, I have the list ready."

"You're gonna love him, Sandy, he's an absolute gem!"

"I hope so ... having to live with someone in the same compound for six months, I hope he's no Robby Dalton," Sandy was referring to a bad celebrity guest she hosted before.

"You'll probably won't be seeing a lot of him 'cause they say he's a really private guy ... he goes about his way alone most of the time, so his management won't be there either, they'll stay at a hotel."

That's good news for Sandy because she doesn't like a lot of people in her property as well. As for privacy, she's one who indulges in total isolation, it sounds like the arrangement with Mr. Brady was going to work out like a charm. "I'm gonna spend time with Kevin a lot before July, though, he won't be able to come once John Brady starts renting the cottage."


"He specifically asked no child under 6 allowed in the premises."

Andrea's jaw dropped, "You did not agree to that?? Did you?"

"You didn't even read the list, did you?" Sandy mocked her.

"But ... how is that going to work out?"

Sandy made a calming gesture with her hand, "It's fine ... I'll take care of it, don't worry about it, Kevin can stay at my mom's for six months, I can just stay there instead of my place," she assured her.

Andrea sat back, she trusted Sandy with that decision. "People say he's a really nice guy, maybe he'll change his mind when the time comes."

Sandy nodded, "Maybe."

"You know he lost his son when he was only 14 months old? It was a long time ago but he never had another one after that," Andrea said.

"Oh, poor guy ... maybe that's why he doesn't want kids in the area, what about his wife? I thought you said he wasn't married?"

"He wasn't, it was his fiancé and they broken up after their son's death ... even worse, his ex-fiancé committed suicide after they've broken up."

Sandy covered her mouth with one hand, "Oh, dear, how tragic, he must've been devastated."

"Yeah, he went into depression for a few years after that, but that was a long time ago, maybe fifteen years ago."

Sandy was silent after that. Some people don't understand that tragedies, no matter how long it's been, are still tragedies. And the pain never really goes away. They just got better at coping with it, she had her share of tragedy herself.

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