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C5 Five

John Brady was not young anymore. He was a heart-throb, as they call it, back in his younger days, but never really lost his charms and even gained more charisma as he got older. At the age of 45, he did most of his stunts himself, which can be dangerous at times. He played characters much younger than his age because he didn't look a day older than 30. He loved what he did for a living, never spent more than three to six months at a time without work.

It was a passion he had pursued since he was a boy. Acting was his first love, the kind of work he can escape from from the real world, from pain and suffering that always seemed to find him. Ever since the tragic deaths of his son and ex-fiancé, he closed up all doors to guard what's left of his fragile heart.

He put his love life on the back burner, even though he hadn't given up hope that one day he would find someone who can see him for who he is, and not the characters he portrayed, or the persona of a movie star that people always associated him with.

He kept his life private from the public eye for the entirety of his career. He didn't enjoy the limelight, the only thing he enjoyed about being an actor was the work itself. Money and fame came with the job, but it was never what he was looking for. He didn't have many friends from his peer group because they couldn't relate to his simple lifestyle.

It would be the first time he ever set foot on the island of Bhorma. The island of the gods was what it's famously known for. He couldn't wait to find out why. The first thing he did was to stop by the dealership just to look at the motorbikes and talk about them. The second love of his life. It was one of the reasons why it was hard for him to find someone who would take the third best place in his life.

He caressed the Norton Commando, felt it with his hands, it was just like the one he has back home. He preferred a motorbike to go from one place to another rather than by car. It was a form of meditation for him. To ride on a bike and feel it's motion helped him clear his busy head.

"I love it! I'll take this one," he said and proceeded with the payment. He immediately mounted the bike and asked his crew to lead the way to the cottage where he'll be spending the next six months and call it home.


"I promised them that there won't be sleepover guests nor visiting guests ... no parties, no pictures, the usual," Sandy said.

"What kind of promise is that??" Andrea was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to stalk her favorite actor from the most convenient place.

Sandy gave her a sharp look, she knew better than to nag about something like that.

Andrea pouted, "Fine! I'll just stalk him from the shooting location."

"You can stay here when I'm away ... just in case he needs anything ... I'll introduce you later ... how about that?"

Andrea hugged her and gave a good smack on her cheek. "I love you, I love you, I love you!"

Sandy laughed, "And I ... you," she bowed.

They have been preparing the final touch up since morning. Sandy always made it a habit to provide gift hampers at the cottage as a complimentary for the client. She set up fresh flowers, toiletries, sandals, sarongs, and everything a person might need when they stay in Bhorma. She always got a good rating for her services and hospitality because she treated her clients as she would treat her own family.

When a black Mercedez pulled up on the driveway, they went outside to welcome their guest. But somebody else came out of the car. "Hi, I'm Larry Greyson, you must be ..."

"Sandra Lowry, and this is my agent Andrea Blaire," they shook hands.

Larry was wearing an earpiece and was talking through a walkie talkie. "Mr. Brady will be here soon, he's on his motorbike straight from the dealership ... thanks for the reference, by the way, Mr. Brady is very pleased with his purchase."

"No worries, I'm glad to be of help," Sandy said.

Another car pulled up. For most celebrities, sometimes there would be seven cars coming to drop them off with all their belongings. One car for an assistant, a hairdresser, a make-up artist, another car for personal trainers, masseuse, chiropractor, another for bodyguards and so on. Some even brought their own personal social media managers, with camera men, photographers and the whole lot. A chain of entourage that would swarm the place before the actual client arrived.

There were only two cars that came before a Norton Commando finally arrived.

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