Craving For You/C2 Louis Anderson
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Craving For You/C2 Louis Anderson
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C2 Louis Anderson

"Sky dear, it is not a Prank." Mr. White looked up at her.


"You are getting married."


Skylar's gaze traveled to everyone sitting in the living room. She noticed that they were all looking serious.

"You think you can all fool me, right?" She laughed out loud. "Impressive act, I must say."

She clapped her hands and gave a courtesy bow. "Thanks for trying, but it's not gonna work."

"Skylar," Mr. White closed his eyes and sighed dejectedly.

He would give anything in the world in exchange for having to put his daughter through this. But he has no choice but to resort to this because the company was undergoing a crisis that might bring it to ruin.

He sought help from the famous Billionaire, Louis Anderson, but little did he know that he was making a deal with the devil himself until Louis asked for something in exchange for his help and that was a marriage with his daughter.

"I can only be sure that you won't betray me if I hold something very precious to you." Mr. White sighed again as he remembered Louis's words.

They had agreed to have the marriage by the end of the year, which was three months away. But having Louis call to ask the wedding to be preponed came as a surprise and shock to him.

"Skylar, do you trust me?"

Mr. White shrugged every feeling of reluctance off his heart and decided to speak to her. After all, she is his daughter and she will understand his intentions.

"Of Course Dad, I trust you completely."

"Good, Now dad wants you to get married to someone of his choice. Can you do that for me?

"Do what, Dad?

"Darling, you're the only one that can save the company from falling to ruin." Mrs. White also joined the conversation.

"Mom, are you serious about asking me to get married?"

"Yes darling, we are serious."

"Trust me Sky, I wouldn't do this if there was another way."


Skylar now has a river of tears streaming down her face.

"You can't be serious about this. I'm still a too young, dad, I've only just clocked twenty."

"I'm sorry, darling."

Mr. White felt bad seeing Skylar in tears. He brought her close to his bosom and hugged her. "I'm sorry."

"Dad, I don't want to get married."

"You have to get married someday."

"But Christmas is too close. It's just three months away from now. How am I supposed to live with a stranger?

Mr. White exchanged glances with his wife. Skylar still hasn't agreed to getting married by Christmas, how would they tell her she was to get married right away.

"Skylar, I trust in you." Mr. White patted her hair and wiped her tears.

"I don't trust that I'll survive without my family," She disagreed

"Don't say that, Sky. I know you'll survive."

"How? I know nothing about marriage. I am still too young to get married." Skylar cried, she folded her hands together as she pleaded to her father.

"Please Dad, I don't want to get married."

"Please Sky," Mr. White cupped her cheek and made her look at him. "Only you can save the company now."

Skylar became inert. Her eyes were closed but her mind was busy. Busy thinking of what to do. Busy thinking of a way out of this.

She couldn't refuse her father's pleas and at the same time, her heart wasn't ready to accept this arrangement.

Determined to elope before the time of the wedding, Skylar opened her eyes.

"Okay Dad, I'll do it."

"Huh? Mr. White was perplexed by her response.

"I agree to it," Skylar repeated.

"You agree to get married?

"Yes Dad, since I will be saving the company and also be making you happy, then I will do it.

"Thank You, darling."

Mr. White kissed her head and smiled at his wife. "I told you she'll agree. After all, she is my daughter."

"I'm proud of you dear." Mrs. White kissed her head and hugged her.

Skylar smiled too, seeing her parents smiling. However, what she hadn't anticipated was what her parents said afterward.

"Go get her ready, we'll leave in half an hour.

"Where are we going?

"To get you married." Mrs. White replied earnestly. She had forgotten that they only told Skylar that she was to get married, they never mentioned to her that she was getting married immediately.

"What?" Isn't the wedding taking place during Christmas?

"Yes, it was supposed to take place during Christmas but_"


Skylar's shock was written boldly on her face. How could her plan have backfired immediately it was hatched?

"The wedding has been preponed, Sky." Mr. White affirmed.

"Preponed?" Why?

Skylar looked sadly at the Invite she was holding and she shrugged. There is always a way out. She waited for them to tell her the new date the wedding was set, so she could adjust her plan accordingly.

"I'm sorry, Sky."

"It's okay Dad, just tell me when the wedding will be, so I can prepare my heart."

"The wedding is set to take place right away."


Skylar staggered and the Invite fell off her hand.

"The_ When did you say the wedding is?"

"It is now, Sky." Mr. White repeated.

"Now?" As in right now?

"I'm sorry Sky, I also didn't want it this way."

"Then why has it come to this?!"

"I just received a call from him and he said he wants to prepone the wedding to now."

"Him? Who is he? And why should you agree to his demands just because he wants to help us? Skylar screamed at the top of her voice.

"He wants to prepone the wedding because he is traveling out of the country and won't be coming back until after one year.

"Then, let him leave! We'll have the wedding when he returns.

"We don't have a choice in this, Sky. We have to do as he asks."

"Why?" Skylar turned to her parents and they could see that she was mad at them.

"Why do we have to agree to his every demand?

"We cannot go against his orders or....."

"Is he God? Why would you say you cannot go against his orders?

"Who is this person that is so great that you cannot go against his orders?"

"It's Louis Anderson."


Skylar poked her ear and she looked at her sister.

"Jamie, did you hear that? Please tell me what dad just said, I didn't hear him.

"Sky," Mr. White called as he walked towards her.

"Dad, who did you say I'm getting married to?"

"I'm sorry, Sky."

"Just tell me dad, Who is he?"

"It's Louis Anderson."

"Louis who? Skylar suddenly felt dizzy and she collapsed.


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