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Craving For You/C3 Married To Him
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C3 Married To Him

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. White," A Man in suit smiled as he collected the booklet from them as soon as they were done signing on it.

Mr. White forced a smile as he passed him the booklet. "Thank You."

Mr. White noticed that the man's eyes were now on Skylar who was lying on the bed. He watched him intently as if he would be able to tell his intentions by looking at him.

He expected the man to leave after the signing was done. But instead of leaving, the man took a seat beside Skylar. Far enough so he wouldn't touch her, but close enough so he could watch her.

"Aren't you leaving with Louis today, Mr. Josh?"

"Of Course, I'm leaving with him."

"Oh," Mr. White forced a nod, he wanted to know what he was still waiting for, but he knew that he shouldn't ask that, in order to avoid offending Louis. Everyone knew that offending Mr. Josh means indirectly offending Louis Anderson.

Mr. Josh could see that he was curious about his presence so he decided to explain briefly.

"I'm waiting for the madam."


"I am waiting for the madam to regain consciousness, so we leave together," Mr. Josh repeated.

"What?" You leave with her today?

"Is she going with Mr. Louis to his destination?" Mr. and Mrs. White, both asked respectively.

They had thought that Louis would forgo the wedding for that day since Skylar passed out. They even showed him a video of her in that state. However, to their utmost surprise. Louis sent his assistant, Mr. Josh over.

Mr. Josh came with a marriage document that was already signed by Louis and much to the chagrin of the family, the documents also had Skylar's signature too. Only then did it occur to Mr. White that Skylar was one of the signatories to his company so he must have found her signature somewhere.

"Yes, boss wants her to go with him to Philadelphia."

"Oh," Mr. White muttered under his breath as he felt despondency wash over his whole being.

Skylar slowly opened her eyes. She looked around to see that she was in her room. She observed that an IV was set into her hand. She was about to heave a sigh In relief. Happy that she unknowingly managed to escape the suicide marriage.

A marriage to Louis Anderson?

Hell no!

A visit to hell would be a lot better.

Skylar noticed a man sitting a little far from her bed and she smiled.


"Yes Honey." Mr. White replied from the other side of the bed.

"Oh, My dear, you're awake." Mrs. White rushed to her. But paused her movement when she realized that Skylar had actually woken up to her nightmare.

"Mom," Skylar's face showed a smile but then it slowly transformed into a frown as she noticed that there was someone else in the room. She sat up immediately to take a closer look at the person. She directed her gaze to her parents, as if asking who the guest was.

"Uh..... Skylar, that is Mr. Uh...Josh."

"Hello Madam, I'm Josh, here at your service."

"Madam?" Sky exchanged look of astonishment with both her parents.

They were about to give her a proper explanation but Mr. Josh stood up and gave her a bow. "I will be escorting you to the airport."

"Airport?" Skylar looked warily at Mr. Josh. She couldn't understand a thing about what he was saying and her parents were also not saying anything.

"Why would I go to the airport?" Skylar sat up, she skillfully removed the IV from her hand and she dabbed her hand with a cotton ball.

"Because the master awaits you there."

"The Master?" Who is that?

Skylar now has it all figured out. She has finally understood who Mr. Josh was.

"Oh, pardon my manners madam, I forgot to congratulate you."

"Congratulate me for....?"

"Your wedding, Madam."

"My wedding?" Skylar raised her head to her mother's direction. "When did I get married?"

"Sky actually, it's....Uh"

"Madam, the marriage agreement was signed when you passed out."

Skylar eyed Mr. Josh like he was speaking a foreign language. She waited for her parents to say something but they didn't speak. There was silence in the room.

The loud ringing sound of Mr. White's phone broke the silence. Skylar shifted to the side so she could see her father clearly. She tried to listen to what he was saying on the phone but she couldn't figure out what was being said. She was only able to hear her father's last words. "She is ready."

"Huh?" Skylar's jaw dropped. " ready?"

Mr. White slowly brought down the phone from I'll his ear. He had a penitent expression on his face. He couldn't look at his daughter.

"Dad?" Skylar called him again but Mr. White walked away guiltily with Mrs. White immediately trudging behind him.

"Let's go, Madam. You will receive the rest of the treatment on the plane."

Mr. Josh already knew what Louis must have said to Mr. White on the phone. He didn't need to listen in to know what they talked about. He has worked with Louis for so long that he could almost read his thoughts.

"Don't call me madam!" Skylar shouted as she jumped down the bed to follow her parents. "And I am going no where with you!"

"Madam please don't make this hard on yourself." Mr. Josh reasoned but Skylar hurried out of the room following her parents. She needed an explanation.

"She doesn't want to come." Mr. Josh spoke into the watch on his wrist. "Should we give her some more time?

"Time? I don't have that and you know it." The voice from the other side was calm but commanding.

"But she isn't ready and....

"Drag her here, now!"

"Yes Sir."

Mr. Josh knew not to be told twice. He knew Louis too well to know that when he speaks more than two words then he is miffed.

He went back to the living room and he found Skylar speaking to her parents.

"Dad what is happening?"

"You have to leave now dear," Mrs. White replied instead.

"No!" Skylar cried shaking her head frantically. I don't want to go. Please don't send me to him."

"Come on Sky, try to understand that there is nothing we can do. Especially now that you're married."

"I don't want to be married. Please Dad, don't send me away."

"I'm sorry, Sky," Mr. White looked down, he couldn't bear to see his daughter cry so much especially when he is the reason behind her tears.

"Dad please.....

"Let's go Madam." Mr. Josh took her hand and led her out.

"No! Please let go of me!" Skylar struggled to free herself from Mr. Josh's grip but he was too strong.

"Dad Please!


Skylar noticed that her father only had his head bowed in regret. He wasn't saying anything and neither was her mother.

"Mom, Please speak to Dad, I don't want to get married."

Mr. Josh ignored Skylar's struggle and he kept pulling her until they arrived outside and he helped her in the car.

"Let's get you home, ma'am."

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