Craving For You/C4 Let's Get You Home
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Craving For You/C4 Let's Get You Home
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C4 Let's Get You Home

"Let's get you home." Mr. Josh helped Skylar in then circled the car and hopped in. The driver ignited the car and drove off leaving the White Household.

Skylar fixed her gaze on the house where she had spent her life, with tears cascading down her cheek. She watched as the car sped off, leaving the house behind.

Skylar sat with her knees folded and she hugged her legs as she silently sobbed. She couldn't believe that it was all over. The happy days in her life have abruptly come to an end.

"Why?" Skylar cried inwardly. They were supposed to be her parents, why did they make her the sacrificial lamb?

That day was her birthday, it should have been a happy day for her, how did it turn out this way?

Skylar trembled as she remembered the name of her supposed husband. The thought of him alone was enough to send shivers down her spine. How is she expected to spend the rest of her life with a man that she feared so much?

The car arrived at the airport in no time and Skylar stepped out on her own without being told. She knew that throwing tantrums would only get her into more trouble. She wiped her tears and determination flashed in her eyes.

"I will do everything I can to make sure that he rejects me as his wife. Let's see if he doesn't send me back to my parents."

Skylar closed her eyes and took deep breaths as she encouraged herself.

"Let's go, Madam." Mr. Josh approached her and led her to the lounge where Louis was.

"Boss," Mr. Josh bowed before Louis, but instead of looking at the one greeting him, Louis's gaze darted towards Skylar and he checked her out from her feet up, to her head.

"Why does she have swollen eyes?"

"She's been crying, Boss."

"Oh," Louis muttered and looked at his wrist. He took his phone and dialed a number.

"Come to the airport with your tools." Louis put down his phone as soon as he was done with the call. He turned away, Ignoring Skylar's presence. He didn't offer her a seat and she also chose not to sit.

He was discussing some business with Mr. Josh, probably the same business they were going to Philadelphia for.

Mr. Josh would often look back at Skylar but he couldn't dare offer her a seat since his boss didn't permit him to. So, she remained standing for over an hour.

"Boss," A young beautiful lady greeted playfully with a light bow. She was dragging a suitcase and Mr. Josh immediately helped her with it.

"Hey, Louis, What am I supposed to do with this?" The lady asked, pointing at the suitcase.

"Her," Louis pointed backward without looking back.

"Oh," The lady stood up and walked towards Skylar, circling her as if she was checking her out. She went back to Louis and folded her arms. "Where did you get this one?"

"Just do as you're told." Louis didn't look up at the lady as he spoke. He was engrossed in whatever he was reading.

"But Louis, this one....."


"Okay..... Okay. You never tell me anything anyway." The lady pouted and she went inside the private booth, bought by Louis. Mr. Josh followed her, dragging the suitcase along.

The lady was none other than the world famous make-up artist, Evelyne Anders. She owns one of the country's best modeling agencies.

"How did Louis invite her here without prior booking? She has even come here in person, Without any of her assistants!

Skylar looked on in awe. She couldn't believe that her first few minutes with Louis would bring her to meet such an important figure.

"Come Madam," Mr. Josh motioned to Skylar and she followed him to the booth without asking questions.

"I'll take my leave," Mr. Josh excused himself as soon as they arrived at the booth. He dropped the suitcase.

"Sit down," The lady ordered and Skylar readily obeyed. Her legs were hurting from standing too much already.

"I'm Evelyne, what's your name?"

"I'm Skylar."

"Skylar, what are you to my brother?" Evelyn began.

"Brother?" Skylar raised her head to take another look at Evelyne. She couldn't believe that someone like her could be born of the same blood as a monster like Louis.

"Are you one of his flings?" Evelyn repeated.

"Flings? Skylar repeated in alarm. How she so wish this was a fling and after tonight she'd be free from the monster in human clothing, Louis Anderson. But hers was worse than a fling because she is tied to a monster for the rest of her life.

"Are you his girlfriend?

Evelyne was tired of Louis's behavior, in fact, the whole family was. After his breakup with his Ex-girlfriend, Madison Ray. He has refused to have another woman in his life and the ones around him are just to satisfy his sexual needs.

"I'm his wife."

"You're his what?" Evelyne's eyes widened and she jumped towards Skylar. "Are you serious? Did my brother really marry you? When did this happen?

"How I wish he didn't," Skylar stated truthfully, her eyes already clouded with tears. Evelyne hugged and hushed her.

"Oh dear, don't cry. My brother isn't a bad person."

"Isn't he?" Skylar sniffled and wiped her tears. "Who doesn't know who Louis Anderson is?"

"Don't mind the news, they aren't always real. Most of the news about my brother are exaggerated, trust me."

"Is that so?" Skylar shook her head sadly. "Well, what do I expect you to say? After all, he is your brother."

"Don't worry, Sky, we'll be best of friends and I'll show you how good my brother is," Evelyne stated happily. She still couldn't believe that her brother was finally married.

"I can't wait to tell Mom and Dad about this."

Evelyne stepped away from Skylar to open the box. "So you're going with him to Philadelphia?"

"I think so."

"I still can't believe this," Evelyne muttered as she got to work on applying the makeup to Skylar's face.

She stood up and turned Skylar around so she could see herself in the mirror. She also gave her a dress to change into. Skylar took the dress and immediately put it on.

"Wow Sky, I see it now." Evelyne gasped as she took photos of Skylar.

"See what?"

"The reason why my brother chose you."

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