Craving For You/C5 Duties Of A Wife
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Craving For You/C5 Duties Of A Wife
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C5 Duties Of A Wife

"The reason why my brother chose you."

"And what will that reason be?"

"I think....."

"Miss Evelyne, we have to go now." Mr. Josh called from outside. giving a light knock on the door.

"I'll see you when you get back, Sky." Evelyne arranged her stuff with the help of Skylar and they both went out.

Louis was about to ask Evelyne where Skylar was when she stepped out. Louis gaped at her, his eyes gawking at her big and round boobs.

"Look who's gawking." Evelyne stood beside Louis and she closed his mouth with her hand. "You shouldn't let flies get in. What will your comrades say?

"Who is gawking?" Louis hissed and walked away. "You know I have seen much more beautiful girls with bigger and ample bosoms."

"Is that so?" Evelyne folded her arms across her chest. "But those aren't your wife's right?

Louis paused in his tracks and turned to Skylar. "Such a tattletale," He hissed.

"Were you hoping to keep it a secret from us?"

"Just go home, Eve."

"Yeah, I will go home to give them the good news."

"You won't!" Louis harrumphed.

"Oh, dear brother, I will." Evelyne dragged her suitcase towards Skylar and she pecked her.

"I'll be here when you return."

"Thank You," Skylar gave her first genuine smile since she left her parent's house.

"Anytime, sister-in-law."

"This one's a keeper Louis, make sure you don't lose her," Evelyne whispered to Louis then She waved at them as she went out of the airport.

Skylar boarded the private plane after Louis and she went to the last seat on the plane. Far away from Louis.

Louis chuckled as he noticed this. He shook his head and continued with his work.

More tears were stinging Skylar's eyes and the tear dam was threatening to break but she was afraid of ruining her Make up. Who knows what Louis would do to her if she did. So She forced back her tears.

She could only look out the window since has nothing else to do. Her phone was left back in the White Household.

"What would you like to eat, Ma'am?" A beautiful airline attendant asked, snapping Skylar out of her thoughts. She was holding a trolley filled with snacks and foods of different types but Skylar had no appetite Even though she was hungry.

"I'll have fries."

"Alright Ma'am," The lady served Skylar some fries and Yoghurt.

"Thank You."

"My pleasure, Ma'am."

The lady bowed and pushed the trolley towards Louis. He was served some food too but he didn't touch the food at all, instead, he only took the wine served with the food.

The journey went on in perfect silence and God knows for how long Skylar had fallen asleep until she heard Mr. Josh's voice beside her as he woke her up. "Madam, it's time to alight."

"Oh, Thank You." She let out a yawn as she stood up. She was about to step out of the plane when she noticed someone's hand before her. She raised her head to see who it was and she found out that it was none other than Louis.

"Huh? She asked as she immediately jolted backward.

"Your hand," Louis pointed his chin at her hand but she still didn't understand. "Give it!"

Skylar trembled as she placed her hand into his open hand and he helped her step out of the plane.

"Over here you are my wife and you must act like one!" Louis whispered as they walked on the red carpet that was laid to welcome them.

"You will fulfill all of your duties as a wife, without being told."

"What If I don't know what my duties are as a wife, then?"

"Then you learn it! I will get you a tutor if I must."

"Welcome, Sir Louis." Some men gathered by the car bowed in greeting but Louis ignored them.

They offered him some flowers but he shot them a look of scrutiny and the men slowly cringed backward.

The guards stepped forward to open the door, Louis stylishly shoved Skylar inside and he also went in, unknowingly stepping on her foot.

"Ouch!" Skylar cried out but Louis shot her a glare. She rubbed her foot and swallowed her pain as she moved to the far end of the car. She looked out the window, pursing her lips very hard so she wouldn't cry.

The car suddenly came to a halt and the door opened almost immediately. Louis stepped out and offered his hand again. Skylar took it and they both walked towards the house.

"Welcome home, Boss."

Louis went inside the house, holding Skylar. He let go of her hand as soon as they were in, shoving her aside as he went straight to the bar to pour himself a drink. Skylar stood on one side of the house silently writhing in pain.

She rested her back on the wall as she could barely stand. Her leg was now swollen and it hurt badly.


"Huh?" Skylar looked behind her to see if there was someone else there.

"Are you deaf? Louis barked, making Skylar tremble. "I said, sit!"

She took a seat and she sat with her head looking downward. She couldn't dare to look in his eyes.

"Look at me."

She slowly raised her head to look at him and she was met by his Amber orbs. How can someone with such innocent eyes be so evil? Skylar shook her head as she finally seemed to have understood the hidden meaning behind the saying, 'Don't judge a book by its cover.'

"Now listen," Louis raised her chin properly so she was looking straight into his eyes.

"We leave in an hour for a launch party. I want you to be on your best behavior. Don't embarrass me."

Skylar couldn't find her voice so she replied with a nod.


She flinched at his harsh voice and she opened her mouth but still, no sound came out.

"When I talk to you, I want a swift response!"

"I...I... Won't embarrass you."

"Good," He patted her ass. "Now, go get some rest."

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