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Craving For You/C6 Just A Friend
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C6 Just A Friend

"They will be your Maids." Louis introduced two ladies to Skylar and she simply nodded. The pain in her foot was becoming overwhelming.

"Your tutor on wifely duties will be here tomorrow."

"Okay," Skylar nodded again.

"Show her to her room," Louis ordered the maids.

"Let's go, Ma'am."

Skylar followed the maids, taking gentle steps as she tried to keep the pain to herself at the same time maintaining a ladylike posture.

"This is your room, Ma'am." The maids opened the door to a very huge room.

Skylar stared at the room with her mouth open. The room was beautiful and large with a big queen size bed on the side of the room. The bed was covered with white and black striped designer sheets. The windows were covered in Korean blinds. The floor of the room was made with very beautiful marbles.

"Come in, Ma'am."

She stepped in and immediately took a seat. She took her shoes off and slowly rubbed her foot. The maids noticed her swollen leg and squatted down to help her massage it.

"I'll get the first aid box."

The maid went out and brought back the box, she removed an ointment and applied it on Skylar's foot.

"Thank you, uh.......?"

The maid knew she was asking for her name. She smiled as she bowed slightly. "My name is Linda, Ma'am."

"And My name is Alice." The other maid also introduced herself.

"Thank You, Linda," Skylar looked towards the other maid and also thanked her. "Thank you, Alice."

"We must serve you, Ma'am."

"I'm happy to hear that. At least I will have someone to talk to."

"Yes Ma'am, feel free to tell us whatever you want. We will be happy to oblige."

"Thank you."

"Get some rest, Ma'am, we'll go arrange your things."

Skylar laid down on the bed obediently and she watched the maids arrange some things in her room. The closet was stuffed with dresses of different types and designs. She was amazed at how efficient Louis's workers were.

How could they have known her size in just a glance?

Though she found this amazing, Skylar didn't speak, instead, she lay curled up as she silently reflected on her life.

Why did she have to end up with a demon like Louis?

Lost in thoughts on her life, Skylar didn't know when she had slept off until she heard Alice call out to her.

"Madam, the master has asked for you."

"Oh," She immediately sat up. "Is it time for the Party?"

"Yes Ma'am, I think it is."

"Okay," Skylar got up, she went to the closet to pick up another dress. She retouched her makeup, before stepping out of the closet.

"Wow Ma'am, you look beautiful."

"Thank You," She smiled as she picked up her purse. She went out of the room, with her maids on either side.

"Are you ready?" Louis took her hand as usual. "Remember to behave."

"I will." She repeated quickly.

"Good," Louis helped her inside the car as the guards opened the door for them.

Skylar shifted to the end as soon as she entered the car. She crossed her legs and immediately looked out the window. He looked at her and smirked, seeing her sit so far away. He took the time to check her out. Satisfied with her look, he decided to tell her the do's and don't's of the party.

"Listen," Louis cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Yes?" Skylar turned with her gaze looking everywhere but not at him.

"When we arrive at the party, do not speak unless spoken to."

"Noted," Skylar immediately replied before he would yell or try to hit her again.

"Good," Louis nodded again. "If you don't know how to answer a question just remain quiet instead of giving any stupid comment."


"Lastly, you must not speak to anyone at the party except me."


Louis raised his brow in amazement. "Why are you repeating the same word, like a robot?

"I was taking note of all you were saying."

"You better do, because if you embarrass me out there, I will.....

"Sir, we've reached," The driver announced, cutting into Louis's words.

The guards got out of their car and they opened the door for Louis. He stepped out of the car, one leg after the other. He waited for Sky as another guard opened the door for her.

"Come darling," Louis deposited his hand on her waist as they went inside the hall.

Skylar couldn't believe her ears. She stole side glances at him to be sure that he was referring to her.

Reporters rushed towards them taking photos of the couple. Skylar wasn't used to such exposure. She cringed as the reporters rushed to them. She held tightly unto Louis's hand. Like she was afraid of getting swallowed by the reporters.

"Stay Calm," He whispered. Surprising Sky for the second time that day. She replied with a nod, as she obediently followed him into the Venue.

"Hey Louis," A feminine voice called as soon as they entered the Hall.

"It's Miss Madison," Mr. Josh whispered before Louis could turn around to see who it was. His grip around Sky's waist tightened.

"You're hurting me," Skylar tried to step away from him but he didn't let her. His hand was holding so tightly to her that she felt like her waist bone might break.

"Louis... You're hurt...."

"It's you Louis," A lady dressed in a red off-shoulder exclaimed as she walked towards them. The dress she had on perfectly illustrated her curves. Her long brown hair was neatly styled into a bun. Every feature on her face was perfectly carved to make her beautiful. She rushed into Louis's arms and hugged him.

Louis didn't hug her back nor did he push her away. Instead, he tightened his hold on Sky's hand. She pursed her lips to stop herself from screaming.

"My God, Louis you look so good!" The lady exclaimed. She checked him out and couldn't stop gawking. Louis was indeed looking as hot as usual, with his long hair styled to fall right above his shoulder.

"Hi Maddy," Louis greeted her plainly and walked away still holding Skylar.

"How have you been?" She followed behind them again and she stood on the other side.

"I'm doing good as you can see."

"Well, you do look good," Madison agreed as she finally noticed that there was a lady beside Louis. She frowned and looked her down.

"You didn't introduce me to your companion."

Louis paused as if he was thinking about what to say. So Madison took the lead.

"Hi, I'm Madison Ray, Louis's girlfriend." She put her hand forward with a smile. "And you are... ?"

"I'm Skylar White, Louis's w......"

Before Sky could finish introducing herself. Louis butted in.


"Huh?" Skylar was stunned by his choice of words and Louis also noticed the suspicious look on Maddy's face so he repeated,

"She is just a friend."

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