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C7 Raymond Jones

"Just a friend?" Maddy asked stunned to hear Louis's introduction for the woman with him.

"She is just a friend," He repeated plainly.

"You never keep friends Louis, not even Male ones. Maddy shot Louis a look of suspicion. "Why have you suddenly started keeping friends? That too, female ones?

"Change is constant, Maddy."

"That is so true." She giggled as she walked to Louis's side. Skylar was tossed aside and she slowly made her way to a corner where she sat hidden. She isn't known to anyone at the party so she is not going to be missed by anyone.

She waved at the waiter and she picked up a glass of cold drink.

"Thank You," She muttered as she immediately took a sip from the drink. She took off her shoes and crossed her legs as she slowly massaged the foot. It was getting swollen again.

She watched Louis move around the hall with people crowding him. Some wanted to curry business favor from him and some just wanted to be seen with him and some were just there to interview him.

He didn't even notice Skylar's disappearance. His so-called girlfriend Madison Ray was also beside him. She hadn't left his side since they arrived inside the hall.

"Is she his ex-girlfriend?" Skylar tried to remember the name mentioned by Evelyne the other day.

"Yes, she is the same one." Skylar nodded as she remembered clearly everything Evelyne had said about Louis's ex. "Why did she introduce herself as his girlfriend?

Skylar again stared at Louis and the woman beside him. "Why is Louis not saying anything? Are they probably seeing each other in secret?

Why did he marry me If he still had something to do with her?

Numerous questions were bothering her mind. She couldn't understand why she had to be a victim of such a tragedy.

"Mr. Louis, are you back together with Miss Madison?" One of the businessmen around Louis asked him.

Skylar sat straight with her concentration set on Louis; She wanted to hear his response to the question.

"You should ask her that," Louis replied. His lustful gaze landed on Madison's cleavage.

"I only took a break from the Country. I didn't break up with him." Madison smiled, locking her gaze with Louis.

"Really?" Skylar scoffed. "She took a break from the Country?

"So you're now back together?

"That's our private affair." Madison hooked her arm with Louis's. "We'll let you know when the time is right."

"There is no right time f....." Louis tried to speak against Madison's misleading response but She knew him too well and was aware of his weaknesses. She stood in front of him and she rubbed her big ass against his lower region.

He looked down at her pausing amidst his words. Skylar scoffed unbelievably at what she saw. Not everyone could have seen that little gesture but, she did.

"Eww," She hissed and turned away.

"You also noticed that?" A voice came from beside her. Skylar turned and she was stunned by who she saw.

"You? What are you doing here?"

"I should ask you that." The man countered. "You usually don't attend business parties such as this, so I was surprised to see you."

"Yeah, I usually don't, but now I am."

"That's a good transformation." The man Smiled, checking her out. "You are looking so beautiful, Sky."

"Thank You, Ray." She replied with a smile. She pointed at his hair and let out a low laugh. "You look good too with the modification done to your red hair."

"Stop it Sky, no teasing. We're seeing each other after so long and you're teasing me?"

"I can't help it," Skylar shrugged.

"What are you doing here, Sky?"

"You tell me, what are you doing here in Philadelphia?" Skylar crossed her leg and she sat facing sideways.

Beside her was a handsome, Tall, and Fair-skinned man. He was wearing a blue custom-made tuxedo with a red bow tie. His hair was styled as a half fringe and the hair was red with a slight tinge of gold.

He took a seat beside her and also ordered a drink for them both. "Well, I live here now."

"You live in Philadelphia?" Skylar repeated in alarm

"Yes. I moved here after I took over the reins of the company's branch here."

"That's great, Ray."

"I know right," He stood up and opened his arms before her. "Standing before you right now is Raymond Jones. The second most successful businessman here in Philadelphia."

"Wow! Are you serious?" Skylar covered her mouth with her hands. "That's so cool!"

"Yeah, right?" Raymond sat down beside Skylar again.

"So Sky, mind telling me what you're doing here?"

"Nothing serious, I just woke up one morning and I found myself here in Philadelphia."

"You haven't stopped your naughty jokes."

"I'm not joking." Skylar smiled and she turned to look at Louis. She immediately returned her gaze to Raymond but he already noticed where she was looking.

"You saw what she did to him too right?"

"Yeah, I did."

"That is Louis Anderson and the woman beside him is Madison Ray, A model, businesswoman, and also the daughter of the former governor of the US."


"Yes. Raymond nodded. "She was Louis's girlfriend until last year when she moved to Australia."

"Oh," Skylar mouthed as she nodded knowingly.

"She only needed a break from the Country. But we all thought they had broken up."

"So they are together?" Skylar asked for clarification. She probably wanted to hear it from someone else.

"Of Course, Madison just confirmed that, and that little play you saw earlier is a clear indication of how deep their relationship is."

"Deep indeed," Skylar murmured.

"Are you here with your boyfriend?"

"No, I'm here with my husband."

Raymond looked at her finger and found no ring on her, he chuckled and tapped his forehead.

"I almost fell for your expensive jokes again."

"It's not a joke." Skylar frowned as she rubbed her foot. The pain was increasing by the moment.

"I won't fall for it." Raymond pulled her cheek. He noticed that she was rubbing her foot and he bent forward and held the leg.

"It's swollen, how did you get injured?"

"It's fine," Skylar tried to stop him from holding her foot but Raymond stood up and went to get some ice and he helped her massage the swollen foot.

"How do you feel now?" Raymond smiled as he massaged the foot.

"A lot better, Thank you, Ray." Skylar tried to collect the Ice bag from him but he refused to let go.

Louis looked behind him and couldn't find Skylar anymore. He signaled Mr. Josh to come over.

"Where is Sky?

"The madam is here...." Mr. Josh looked around but couldn't find her. Louis stood up and his eagle eyes scanned the hall. He saw her sitting in a corner with a man massaging her foot. She was smiling as they chatted away like what they were doing was the most natural thing to do.

Mr. Josh noticed the change in Louis's expression and he followed his gaze. His eyes widened as he saw Skylar and the strange man.

"Oh No," He muttered under his breath. He rushed forward in their direction. "I'll go get her here."

"No!" Louis stopped him, his eyes were fixed on Skylar and the man and he saw his face.

"Isn't that Raymond Jones?"

"Yes Sir, it's him."

Louis sprang upward and walked towards them. Skylar tried to stand up as soon as she noticed Louis bit she staggered and Raymond had to hold her.

"Easy there, Sky," He steadied and noticed that Louis was standing before them.

He put forth his hand ready to shake Louis's hand but Louis ignored him. His angry gaze on Skylar.

"Let's go."

"Okay," Skylar tried to walk but her leg was aching and she could barely move. Louis took her hands and dragged her out of there.

"Uh, Excuse me!" Raymond called after them as he picked up Skylar's purse. He saw her phone in it and he quickly dialed his number. He stored her contact and he immediately rushed after them.

"Wait Sky!"

Skylar turned and she saw Raymond coming with her purse.

"Louis, My purse."

"You forgot your purse," Raymond passed the purse to Skylar but instead of her, Mr. Josh took it from him.

"Thank You so much, Mr. Jones."

"Skylar is you...."

Before he could say whatever he wanted to say. Louis shoved Skylar inside the car and the car drove off, throwing dust in his face.

"What is Skylar doing with a jerk like Louis Anderson?"

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