Crazy beautiful us/C1 Chapter one
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Crazy beautiful us/C1 Chapter one
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C1 Chapter one

Lucy p.o.v

He walks slowly to me with eyes filled courage and mission. He held my face in his hands and look me straight in the eyes. The way he looks at me is exactly how I had always wished to be looked at. Who wouldn't want to be held by him.

His look - check

His body-check

Everything about him is just so perfect

" I love you " he whispered

" I love you too"

Like a motion, he lean closer to me than I had expected. His lips were a inch close to mine, if I was to lean my head a little bit we would be ki........

"Lucy....., darling,.... hey sleepy head wake up or you gonna be late for school" i groan.

I can't believe this wrong timing. I mean I was about to kiss the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen in my entire life but mom has to interfere.

Why does mom always interrupt my unfortunate never happening kiss. But, not withstanding, the dream almost felt and look real. It was like I was with this guy in real life.

Who could it be? maybe I'm just hallucinating

"Lucy you better get your lazy ass from that bed and head to the bathroom to shower" my momma warned as she left my room . I groan and got down from bed then head straight to the bathroom if not she is gonna lecture me on how she use to wake up around 4am in the morning during her high school life.

I still can't get him out of my whole system , it's just as if he was meant for me. Don't call me crazy, I just know it deep in my heart that this guy I dreamt about definitely exist.

Gosh, he is so breathtaking.

I got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me. I oiled my skin with my all time perfect cream, it's the best I had ever used. I quickly put on my under wear and finally wore my already picked cloth which was on the bed.

It just a simple jeans and a crop top . That has always been my favorite style of dressing. I finally check myself in the full length mirror.

Makeup- check

Dressing -check

Everything was in perfect order. I'm definitely not a fashion freak, I just make sure to be cautious of my way of dressing. Wouldn't want to look like a crazy woman on my first day at high school,who does that.

I took my backpack and down I went to the kitchen to have my breakfast .

" Finally, I thought I had to come drag you down"

" mom" I whined as I reach the kitchen she was at. She was busy with her baking.

" Good morning anyways"

" morning to you too young lady and how was your night? " she asked with a smirk

" it was awesome but unfortunately it didn't last longer coz someone had to interrupt " my face fell. I never got to kiss mr handsome.

" what are you trying to say? So you don't want to be woken up for school. I can't believe children of nowadays , they don't just take school seriously " mom said in disbelieve.

" no-no that's not what I meant. What I meant was I had a migraine before going to bed last night and I'm still feeling some pain right now. I wanted a little bit of time before waking up that's all" I rubbed my forehead to makes it look real

Mom was by my side immediately and at that moment , I hated myself for lying to her

" How are you feeling? Maybe I should get my purse so we could go to the hospital?

" mom, you don't need to worry. It just a minor headache and moreover after I'm done having breakfast, I'm going to take two pill of paracetamol. I'm fine mom, please don't work yourself up" I tried

She sighed " are you sure? " I nodded with a smile

" trust me mom, it just a minor headache "

" OK dear, please don't waste time in taking the drug after eating. In fact, I'm going to be the one feeding you the drug coz I know how you hate them."

" mom" I drawled out. As much as I hate to admit, she was right. I hate drugs with passion, it just always stuck on my throat whenever I takes it.

Some people will say 'why not take an injection' the point is, I also hate that more than I hate drug. The injection thing always scares me.

I picked a mug on the dinning table and finally prepared a cup of tea for myself. Toast bread was already made just the way I love it by my beloveth mom. I love my toast bread to be very crunchy.

Mom really knows how to bake, she is just so perfect in what she does. The business is really doing well. She also works in a company called The Davidson & son limited. It one of the most prestigious company in Lagos and worth much more than you could ever think of. She works as a secretary and the pay is really damn good I tell you. Mom is just so hard working since dad died.

I was five when that eventful accident happened. Dad and his friend Mr Michael were coming back from a wedding ceremony of a friend when a truck run them over. That day was really a day to never forget and Since then, mom never got married. She spends all her time looking after me till I got to this stage of my life. I'm lucky to have such a great mother.

My mum has always been protective of me ever since dad died. There was this boyfriend I had then, his name was Thomas and he cheated on me with the slut of my school, Natalia. I could remember how disrupted I was, I didn't take it well to the extent mom suspected something was wrong with me. I always hide my relationship status from my mom coz I know how she wasn't in support of young love. Anyways Mom later found out about it and wanted going to the school to beat the shit out of Thomas ( her words not mine). I remembered how I laughed and laughed when she said it, I finally calmed her down. That's my mom for you, she can be so comic sometimes.

So, back to who Natalia was, Natalia is known as the school "whore". If you wanna know if Thomas was handsome, yes,he is a " hottie" with dark hair,brown eye with a well built body. he is every girls dream guy. A lot of girls were jealous of me ever since he asked me out, but that bastard had to cheat on me with Natalia , although she is "sexy" and all that,every guy wanna 'bang' her because they can't resist her seductiveness.

It isn't like I'm jealous of Natalia's beauty, the problem is ,she is a bitch who use her body to lure people's men. Same with what she did with Thomas . Well enough of Natalia.

I was finally done with breakfast, I took my dirty plate to the kitchen and finally walk back to the sitting room.

" mom, I'm heading to school"

She quickly came out of the kitchen with a apron wrapped around her body .

" OK dear, I hope you took the paracetamol ? "

" sure mom, you should trust me"

" OK oo. See you later"

I went forward to kiss her cheeks " bye mom"

I stroll out of the house in hurry. Class is just 10 minutes about to start. Thank God school is not far from home.


"Lucy how are you?" my friend Abigail greeted as she came to stand close to me.

Our morning class just ended and it was time for break. I'm a science student and she is an art student which makes our class different.

" Fine I guess"

"OK let's head to the cafeteria for lunch" Abigail suggested

"Okay let's go"


We got to the cafeteria and sat at our usual spot. We call it"our special seat" coz we can see all the juicy Things people do around. Don't call us gossipers cos it isn't our fault people do the things that makes us talk about .

"So Lucy have you heard the latest rumour? " Abby asked with her almighty smile.

Abby loves to gossip more than I do but I still love her like that. We had known each other since from diaper,our moms were best friend since from their highschool time and they still sticks together till now .

"Nope,I haven't heard about the lateeeeeest rumour " I said quite interested.

"I heard people saying Natalia was rejected by one hottie at a party in James house. They said she tried seducing this unknown hottie but got rejected"

Natalia had never been rejected by all the guys she seduced. well I am curious to known this unknown hottie to thank him for rejecting her. Well , it's not like I am gonna do it anyway .

"Wow this is the best latest gist I have ever heard" I laughed out loud to extend that I got the attention of people around us. It isn't my fault that I'm laughing like a mad woman ,this news is just so funny.

" hey Lucy quit laughing like a mad woman"Abby warned.Embarrassed by the looks people were giving us so I sobered up.

"I am sorry but I can't help it"

"Just calm down" Abby said.

"Okaaaay..but why the hell didn't you go to the party, didn't you wanna see your crush?" i asked, wiggling my eyebrows. A blush crept up at her face.

She has this crush on James since primary school but James only sees her as a friend. I told her to confess her feelings for him but she refused, she said she is scared of rejection.

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