Crazy beautiful us/C2 Chapter two
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Crazy beautiful us/C2 Chapter two
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C2 Chapter two

"Okaaaay..but why the hell didn't you go to the party, didn't you wanna see your crush?" i asked, wiggling my eyebrows. A blush crept up at her face.

She has this crush on James since primary school but James only sees her as a friend. I told her to confess her feelings for him but she refused, she said she is scared of rejection.

Let me tell you a secret ,James also have a crush on Abby but the two of them are too blind to see their feelings for each other. what a shame right?. I used to tell Abby but she won't believe me,she said he likes someone else. You see,James is a very nice guy and he is handsome and my friend here,Abby is also beautiful,a lot of guys had ask her out but the problem is,they never last. She only date for one month,that is her policy, well I don't blame her ,her love for James made her like that.

"Oh Lucy ,I was busy that was why I didn't go to the party" she said with a sigh.

I knew it a lie,she didn't wanna go because she doesn't want to see him with his new girlfriend Suzy, if she sees them kissing and all that,it will break her heart.

"Okaaay" I don't wanna push it.

Some thing caught Abby's attention, from my back, I turn around to see who she was looking at and it turned out to be him, whose name shall not be mentioned.

Thomas my ex

"Hey,see your Mr hottie" she signaled with a sad smile.

Looking at Thomas right now reminds me of our happy time before it was ruined by Natalia. Well, he is on his usual spot right now with his friends . People call them the most handsome,hot players, popular and trouble makers of the school .

I wonder how I fell in love with Thomas cos I'd always hated trouble makers. I guess its because of his good looks.

Few day after our break up, he came begging me to get back together again. I wasn't stupid to jump on him and just forget nothing had happened.

'Baby please I'm sorry,please I love you. I was so drunk that I didn't know what I was doing please babe' he begged

'Please just go away Tom,I am tired of your bullshit,just go back to Natalia since she is the one you wanna be with' I said in between cries

'No babe please you are the one I wanna be with, please give me another chance,please'

'Tommy I am doing you a favour just go,because I know Natalia is not the only one you have slept with' I said.

People always warned me about him but I never heed to their warning. I thought they were all jealous of me but I now believe what they were trying to tell me.

"Lucccccy" Abby whispered yelled Bringing me out of your thoughts.

"Lucy, what are you thinking about?, you went off for like 5min.Don't tell me you are thinking about that jerk " Thomas"" she said pointing at him.Abby knows me both in and out.

"Yeah,well I was just thinking about the time we broke up" I frown.

"Hey girl,you know you are better than that jerk, you deserve much more better than him" . Abby knows how to cheer me up and I love her for that.

"Thanks,I love you" I said with a smile.

"Yeah yeah yeah I know you do and please stop getting so mushy with me " she said with an eye roll

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