Crazy beautiful us/C3 Chapter three
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Crazy beautiful us/C3 Chapter three
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C3 Chapter three

Lucy p.o.v

I got down from bed and head to the bathroom to shower.

I haven't dreamt about Mr handsome since the other day. I wish I can still see him again.

Today being Saturday, which means weekend day. I decided to busy myself in my room by doing my assignments. I haven't gone down yet to greet mum coz I'm definitely sure she is also sleeping right now.

Few hours later, I was done with the assignment so I went down to have breakfast or should I say lunch coz the time is 12:00am already.

My mum was by the refrigerator getting the eggs for her cake.

"Morning mom" I greeted and kissed her on the cheek.

"Morning darling,are you done with your assignments ?" She ask with a smile.

"Yeah,I just came to have my breakfast and hmm by the way your snacks smells good"" I move forward to pick one of the meat pie.

Its so delicious and I think am gonna add more weight because of the way I eat, most especially my mums cake. I don't wanna be fat, I love my body just the way it is. That is why I always go for morning run to keep my body in shape. I have all the curves in the appropriate place ,in short words,i have a nice body (I'm not boosting, that's just the fact) . Even my friend Abby is jealous of my shape but in a good way though.

Before I forget, Abby is coming over for some girls time. It a tradition we tend to follow .Sometimes I go to her house and sometime she comes to mine. Our moms tend to also follow the tradition.

The two ladies loves spending time together,well I don't blame them. They both lost their husbands, the love of their life. Abby and I gave them our blessings to go on a date, they are still beautiful and looks young in their' thirties ',

Some people thought they were in their late twenties ,because of their beauty and curves. I got my curves from my mum,she is beautiful but she always insisted that I look more like my dad.

I heard a car honk, I guess Abby is here already.

"Sweetie I think Abby is here already" my mum said while looking through the curtain

"Yes I think" I said.

There was a knock on the door so I went to get it

" Bestie" I greeted Abby with a hug.

" Good morning Aunt " she greeted my mum.

"Morning Abby dear" my mum said.

" hmmmmmm your snacks smell amazing" Abby said and took one of the snacks to eat.

"Thanks your mum at home?coz I'm done with the baking and now heading to your house " said mom with a smile.

" yes ,she's been waiting for you for some juicy gossip which I don't have any idea of and she won't tell me. Since she woke up to received a call from who knows who, she has been smiling for what ever reasons I don't know" Abby said with a smile

"You girls are too young to know. Well ladies I am going up to grab my purse , I'm going to carla's house for these juicy gist" my mum said. So she went upstairs to get her purse as she had said.

Mom can really be something else, I tell you. Sometimes ,I always wonder who the mother was between us.

" so guess what? " Abby excitedly said

" what? "

" I've got gist" she stressed the 'gist' word.

" tell me please"

" someone asked me out..... .

" really? " I was surprised. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for her. It's just that, I never expected this reaction from Abby coz a guy had asked her out. Maybe this guy is the right one.

" yes I wa.......

Abby wasn't able to finish her sentence coz mom stroll down the stairs.

" ladies bye" mum said and blew an air kiss at us before she left. Abby and I playfully caught it .

Don't call us crazy ,we just love joking around.

"Okay bye" Abby and I shouted in unison

with a smile on our face.


Sitting on my bed was Abby and I. I was eager to know about this new catch of hers.

"Please tell me how it all happened "

" well, for starters he is my class mate. I caught him one time looking at me in class so I confronted him about it and the most shocking thing was that, he confessed his feelings for me. Since then, he just wouldn't stop disturbing me to go out with him. I got tired of all the begging to which I agreed " she explained while I nodded

" he is so cute" she gushed

"So you have forgotten about James right?" I wiggling my eyebrow, making Abby to blush. At the mention of James Name ,Abby always blush.

" Hey,you know I can't forget James ,he is the love of my life" she said with sad face.

"Okay tell me more about this new cutie" I changed the topic ,I don't want James name to spoil our girls time.

" nothing much to say about him than to say he is cute. But, the most pressing matter right now is my lack of dress for this date which is tomorrow "

" Hey girl, cheer up I am here for you. You gonna look pretty on your date tomorrow ,I promise "

" you're such a darling" she said while pinching my cheek with a smile, I shook her hand off.

" I know right. I'm really famish right now. Let's go have lunch downstairs ".

She agreed with me and together we walked downstairs

We served ourselves.Mom cooked before leaving.

"This food is so delicious" said a full mouth abby

" told you ,my mum is the best cook"

"Yeah,I agree with you on that, and not on any other thing" she smirked at me while I rolled my eyes.

Abby never accept defeat ,she never accept the fact that she is wrong, instead, she cover it up with "She didn't hear or see the question correctly".

There was a time we were arguing that Nicki minaj's tattoo on her arm was on the left hand side but my friend here Abby insisting that its on the right hand side. We had to watch Nicki minaj's video song "anaconda" before she sees that I was right and she was wrong ,but still she didn't accept defeat.

"If that make you sleeps at night" I said sarcastically

After our sumptuous meal we went to my room to watch Netflix . It getting late already and mom called to tell me she'll be spending the night at Abby's house which means Abby will also spend the night here.

We lay on my bed as we watch the movie

"Lucy,do you still love Thomas?" Abby blurt out.

"Why did you ask all of a sudden,and to answer your question I don't have feelings for him"

"I'm sorry if I just blurt out all of a sudden, its just,I don't know how you felt since you broke up. I understood you don't wanna talk about it that was why I didn't ask you all this while"

" I know you care Abby, its just, I don't wanna talk about that jerk he doesn't worth our time"

I smiled at her just to show her that I don't care about that jerk.

" oh honey, I'm happy for you" she said giving me a welcoming hug which I really appreciate and I need it.

" Thanks"

Through out that night we kept talking about hot celebrities before we zoned off to dreamland.

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