Crazy beautiful us/C4 Chapter four
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Crazy beautiful us/C4 Chapter four
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C4 Chapter four

Lucy p.o.v

Abby left this morning to bring dozens of her clothes. I told her it'll be better if we go to her house instead of working herself up to bring all her fancy dresses here. But anyways, she still refuses, she said its better she do all in my house coz its more fun here.

" please help me out, which one looks good on me best" a desperate Abby asked

" Abby try this one,its so pretty with all the flowers"

It a maroon dress that looks so beautiful. I vividly remember the day we went shopping and together we bought thesame dress . Hers was maroon and mine was pink .

" oh my. how can I forget about this dress. " she looks happy and quickly put it on.

"It fits me perfectly well,Lucy" Abby said while gushing..

Yes the dress is so beautiful. It fit Abby so well, especially the way it hugged her body nicely.

"Told you ,you're gonna like it, I am the best dress adviser" I boosted

" yea, yea ,yea whatever" she rolled her eyes .

The door bell rang so I went to get stood by the door with a solemn look.

" mom? I thought you had your key with you so why knocking? " I asked surprise as she entered the room

Abby greeted her and i also did same

" morning to you also, I forgot to take it with me yesterday"

" oh. So how was your sleepover?"

"it was ok. So why is the house in a mess? What are you two doing with all the dress littered around? " she looked at the way the sitting room was in mess

" ermm, we were trying to figure out what we going to wear to aunty Grace's wedding which is next week" I lied

"oh , I thought you said you aren't going? " asked a confused mom

" I changed my mind same with abby"

Mom nodded nevertheless then walks upstairs to her room

I turn to look at Abby " I know you don't want anyone to know about your outing" I whispered

" thanks " said Abby.

" we better pack to my room before mom comes downstairs again" she agreed with me and immediately we packed everything to my room.

I closed my room door as I finally took the remaining things inside with Abby trailing behind. I think mom went to bed coz I haven't heard any noise from her room. I'm definitely sure the sleepover she said she was having ended up to be a late night movie .

Less I forget " Abby? What time will Manuel be coming? "

" around 3"

" OK, you better start preparing coz it almost three right now " her eyes almost bulged out.

" let's start now please. Especially the face" she sat down as she motion me to please help her out. The truth is, I have no idea about makeups but I'll try my best.

I apply the makeups on her and then she finally wore her dress. I styled her wavy hair and I tell you, she look beautiful.

" wow, is this me? " she dramatically asked in surprise as she looked at herself in the full length mirror.

" of course, it's you"

" wow, thank you Lucy. You're the perfect friend I could ever asked for "

" its nothing. I'm sure you'll do same for me"

Her phone vibrated beside her and I think its a text from Manuel coz Abby was smiling while reading it.

" what does the text say? " I asked

" he is on his way to your house"

" OK, don't forget to take your purse . " I gave it to her

" thank you once again Lucy "

"hey, stop thanking me. I'm happy to help"

The door bell rang again, I'm definitely sure it's Manuel this time. I motioned Abby to stay put and I'll get the door

I peeped through the peep hole and a fine young man around my age stood with a flower. He is cute.

I opened the door with the best smile I could muster.

" hi, you must be Manuel" I

" yea, nice meeting you,Lucy right?" I nod and shoke his hand.

"Nice meeting you too, come in"

Manuel sat down comfortably on the couch. I went upstairs to get Abby, she look so beautiful.

"Abby its time to go" I said. Abby is nervous right now,she had been asking if she looks good and if the dress is sexy and suitable.

I told her for the hundredth time ,she looks amazing but still yet she is nervous .

"Abby, you look beautiful, I promise, Manuel is gonna like what he sees" i smiled at her nervousness .

" Thanks Lucy" she smile .

We both went to the living room to meet Manuel who also look cute in his T-shirt and trouser. when Manuel caught sight of Lucy ,he smiled and stood up to kiss her on the cheek.

"Hi Abby you look amazing" he compliment her and hand her the flowers.

" you don't look bad too " Abby said grinning.

" I hate to end your lovey-dovey moment but I think you guys need to be on your way. Time waits for no one" I winked at Abby precisely. Manuel shyly scratched his head and agreed with me.

" let's go" he motion to Abby.

" Bye Lucy ".Abby hug me

" don't forget to tell me the juicy details about your date tomorrow in school" I whispered in her ear, Abby smirk at me and nod her head.

The two lovey Dovey are gone that remains me and my momma. I went to the kitchen to have some water . Mom is still in her room sleeping....


Few minutes later

" I can see you didn't have enough sleep at your sleepover" I said to mom as I hand her a glass of water. She woke up not long ago.

" thanks " she drank from the water " truthfully, we didn't go to bed early. We were watching this new reality show that was showing on TV and didn't wanna missed it"

" I can see, that explains the lack of sleep"

" so, what had I missed. Abby has left then?"

" yes . "

" Lucy dear,how are you doing, its been long since we had our mother and daughter time. I hope you aren't hiding any boyfriends from me? " she asked with a smirk plastered on her face

My eyes almost bulged " God, no. I have no one mom"

" i Was just joking " mom laughed..

" you almost gave me a scare"

" why is that? If you aren't guilty as charged then you have nothing to be scared about"

" moooooom, you've started with this your law analysis. Well, anyways I'm going to my room to at least have some sleep"

" alright, you better set your alarm for dinner"

" okay " I stroll upstairs.

On reaching my room I decided to text Abby.

' hey girl ,enjoying your date?' I ask

'Yeah, thanks for every thing ,Manuel kept Complimenting on how beautiful I look and all that' she said

' where is he right now ,I hope He isn't close to you coz I don't wanna take his date's attention from him'

'Nope, he went to use the restroom'

'Say hi to him when he comes back..good night Abby enjoy your date coz you deserve it. Love ya'.

I climbed the bed and zone off to dream about my own dream guy.

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