Crazy beautiful us/C5 Chapter five
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Crazy beautiful us/C5 Chapter five
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C5 Chapter five

Ivan p.o.v

My plane just landed and I was told that the driver and my sister are coming to get me from the airport. I just got back from Abuja at the insistent of my mom. If she leaves it to me, I prefer to stay with my uncle in Abuja. But, I wouldn't blame mom, coz she said she miss having me in the house.

Lagos is still the same as I had known it. With all the population, the noise and everything in general. Since I live in the quiet part of Lagos, the well known lekki, I'm sure my coming back here wouldn't be in vain. I love parties and I'm sure there is gonna be a lot of clubs around their.


In a coffee shop to relax myself with a chill drink while waiting for Emilia my sister and the driver . I don't know what is keeping them so long ,i called her but she isn't picking up, maybe they had a problem with the car or something else. I called my mum ,she told me Emilia left the house one hour ago.

"Ivaaaaan" some one shouted my name. From the sound of the voice I know its my little sis Emilia.

Emilia jogged towards me with a wide smile on her beautiful face. she looks so happy to see me and I am too..I missed her so so much.

" Emilia,wow my little sis I really miss you" I hug her.

"I miss you too big bro,you don't even ask of me" she hugged me so tight to the extent that I was struggling to breath ....but I don't care ,I also miss her so much .

"So how are you?" I ask after she pull away from the hug..

"I'm fine and you made my day today.I have lot of things I wanna share with you Ivan" she beam.

Emilia and I are so close ,I'm definitely sure it because of the little age difference between us as she is 17 and I'm 18

"Alright then..let get going because I can't wait to hear this little secret which you are so eager to tell me" I joked

We walked to the car and I hand over my traveling bags to the driver who then put them in the booth. I took the front seat while Emilia sat at the back.

I really miss my mum so much, I can't wait to see her. My mom is my shield, she is beautiful, generous and loved by so many people. My mum is fun to be with, i'm more close to my mum than my dad. Emilia is always a daddy's girl ,my dad is too fond of her.

"Alright Ivan we are here," . The driver pull up in the parking lot of our house or let me call it mansion .

"Home sweet home" I shouted as I spread my hands out .Happy to be finally back.

" mum can't wait to see you ,let's head inside" Emilia practically drag me.

We walk towards the entrance of the house, I just love the surrounding of the mansion its so cool.

" wow!, my baby is back. i miss you so so much" my mum said as she rushed to give me a bear hug .

" look at you, you're now a full grown man son. You stayed in Abuja for just one year and you're already looking as handsome as this?. " mom said in surprise as she hugged me from side to side.

" l miss you so much too, mum, "

"you have grown to be an handsome boy " she said lovingly . She ushered me inside.

" I still can't believe you're here my son. I've missed you " she hugged me again.

" I'm here now for good"

" that's better coz I don't think I can stand the idea of not seeing you for another year"

" mummy, what if I left for university, will you also follow me to wherever I go to" I jokingly asked.

" I will oo"

" my jealousy mum" I teased

" you better go up to take a shower coz food is ready, just the way you like it"

" I trust you mom"

" Your sister cooked it . You know her and her catering habit "

" then, I better go take the shower before it gets cold" I said as I rushed upstairs.

I can be a lion when it comes to food. I love anything home made


I'm in my room right now . One of the workers brought my luggage up stairs and left ,I closed the door and strip out of my clothes and I went to take a warm shower .When I was done , I dressed into my sweat pant and a normal shirt, then I went downstairs to have my meal.

" Thank God you are out of the shower ,I thought you want to sleep there" Emelia said while I rolled my eye .

I sat down on the dinning chair, Emilia served my food for me. The food look nice and I'm definitely sure that it taste nice too.

I dig in and I don't care if I was rushing it. I'm so hungry

I was finally done with my food ,Emelia took the plate to the kitchen to wash them then came out after she was done. She kept pestering me to tell her how I spent my stay in abuja.I had no choice but to tell her.She asked if I already have a girlfriend .

"So how is your girlfriend ?" She asked wiggling her eye brows

Oh Emilia ,she wants me to have a girlfriend when she knows I don't do love anymore after what happened in my previous relationship. Yes, you heard me right, I don't date and do love any more

I only have fun with ladies since they throw themselves at me..Don't judge me. Although, I have my own taste in women, I don't just sleep with every woman. I prefer the reserve ladies.

" Emilia ,you know I don't like this subject of a girlfriend thing. All the ladies you saw me with after my previous relationship was just for the fun of it "

" I only have fun with ladies but dating is out of the agenda " she pouted. She is so cute when she does that.

" I promise you, someone good is gonna come into your life and make you fall in love again" she said with a smile of confident,I just shook my head at her ,as if I'm gonna allow that to happen....

" so ,how is your boyfriend?" I asked trying to change the subject .she beamed at me,I knew she had a knew boyfriend.

Emelia kept telling me about her new guy,Ethan.That was how we kept talking till my eye felt so heavy .I gave her a goodnight kiss. My mum was upstairs while my dad is still at work. Tomorrow I'm gonna see my dad I guess.

I went to my room and lay down on my bed to sleep. I finally dreamt of my dream girl of since months ago.

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