Crescent Moon/C3 Enchanting Sight
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Crescent Moon/C3 Enchanting Sight
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C3 Enchanting Sight

I opened the window and the chirp of birds woke me up.

I stretch my arms and got up to open the window and the morning breeze greeted me. It felt like a kissed by a wind. I looked at the far away sea and was been mesmerized by the beautiful sight.

Living here is perfect. You will be greeted by morning breeze and chirp of birds will serve as your alarm clock.

You've got to taste the awesome cooking skill of my mother. A home indeed for me. No pressure at all you can chill anytime.

"Artemis, won't you go to town today?" My mother asked me as she continously knocked on my door. I stretch my hands and yawn. "Breakfast must be ready." I mumbled and glanced at the sunrise.

"No, Mother. I'm going to help you today with the laundry." I answered her. "Feeding the animal and gotta help you in farm." I looked for my slipper that made of straw from a barn. My mother made this for me even it's beyond century. It's beyond outdated. I used to wear it and love it as well. She put a lot of effort on this.

I sat up on my bed again. "Holy Moly!" Realization hit me. "Did I raise my voice to my mother?" I whispered in panic.

"Perhaps, She won't mind it since there's a door between us. A thick door to be exact and it looks like from a good tree. What is it called?" I said trying to console myself. "Hm." I hymned waiting for the next happening.

"Come out, Artemis." It was my mother voice. It sounded flat as if she's trying to surpass some emotion. Oh! I'm doomed man.

"Oh no! She's mad," I whisper and walked slowly to the door. Suddenly a brilliant idea pop on my mind. Why don't I just give her a hug and a kiss? I smiled. "Excellent Idea." I opened the door proudly.

She look at me while raising her brow and her hand are on her chest.

"Good Morning, Mother." I greeted her with the most prettiest smile that I ever had. "Why do you want me to come out?" I continued. "You looks so pretty, Mom." I hugged her immediately. I keep on sniffing my mother's scent. A home for me. She didn't hugged me back. She's just standing like a statue. "Holy moly! It's not working." I whisper in nervous.

"Sorry, Mom. Just wanna help you." I looked at her with a most dramatic facial expression. Who knows I can convince her? I will have to try my luck.

"You always work on the farm and on our vegetable garden. You always do the chores at home, too." I said on the most dramatic tone. What can I do to convince her? It's really hard to pursuade her. She works really hard on our farm and I'm so proud of her. But, I just wanted to help her. I know she was been tired all along.

"Why do you have to worry, huh?" She look at me in her moat serious facial expression. "Can't you just focus on your school and some other stuff? Like hanging out with your friends?" She said to me while we walk to the dining table.

This is my mom. She just want to farm and do chores at home. She don't like to do offices and the stuff we're there are people. She's aloof.

"You're so weird, mom. You know my friends parents doesn't like their kids to hangout with anybody and here you are." I said jokingly. Is it really a joke for me? It hurt my feelings for some reason, but I won't show it to her. She will get hurt more.

"I trust you." She stopped and looked at me in the eyes. "You deserve all of the happiness. Do whatever makes you happy." She continued. She then smiled. She sounded like an old lady from those centuries. "I was been reincarnated or what?" Those words suddenly comes from my mouth that makes us both shock. "Yes." She answered me in a singsong and we both laughed.

She poured some water on my glass then to her. She glanced at me in the eyes and pinch my cheeks. She smiled in a most genuine way.

This is the reason why so worthy to be with her.

"Thanks, mom. You are so kind and cool. The best mom in the whole universe." I smiled at her and gave her a very tight and warm hug.

I starred at her and smiled. I'm so beyond blessed to have her. She is an ideal mother of everyone and here she is with me.

"Why?" She raised her brow at me and smile. I was in a deep thought that I didn't realize that my eyes are still on her. I was pulled back from my reverie when I heard her voice. I just shrugged my shoulder and smile.

"Mum? I saw you last time fixing our roof. It's not a chore for a woman. Why don't we just hire a carpenter?" She looked at me with a sharp eyes in an instant. Oh! I slip my tongue. Wrong move, Artemis.

"I can do it. We don't need carpenter and don't dare bring anyone here an-announce, Artemis." My mother warned me again. She keeps on reminding me that don't bring anyone at home an-announce. As if someone will come here. We're in the middle of the jungle. Yay!

"Okay. You keep on reminding that to me since I was a kid, as if I have friends before." I faked a dramatic facial expression.

"Yes. You just suggest a carpenter a while ago. Stop that!" She looked away perhaps she doesn't like to see my expression.

"Mum, just think of it. Why don't we just live in the city? You live with me. We will do business." I tie my hair in a bun preparing myself to eat.

"No. I'm more comfortable living here by myself, artemis. I don't need to live anywhere." She said while starting to peel the boiled egg that she make for me.

"But you are alone here, mom!" I said while starting to put the boiled vegetables on our plates. We used to eat breakfast like this since I was a kid. "Look, We're going to have a long happy green life here." I said in sarcasm. "I told you to move. Didn't I?" She responded pissed.

"Please, Mother!" I said while trying make my eyes pitiful hoping to convince her. As-usual luck is not for on my side. She's really hard to convince. I'm just worried about her. She will be left here by herself.

"I'm doing this for you, artemis." She said while putting the first peeled chicken egg on my plate. My mother is so sweet, she will feed me first before herself.

"Doing what?" I asked her, but she just sighs. A deep sigh. "You eat and just shut your mouth." She said while starting to eat. She's trying to hide something from me.

"Is it about my long lost father?" I mumbled. "What?" She lift her gaze to me. My curiousity is killing me, but my respect to my mother is huge. I have to respect her feelings. I need to shut my mouth and don't revive the wounds that are now a scar. She will just tell me when she's ready. I'm sure of that.

"Δεν θέλω να σε χάσω ξανά, γλυκιά μου" She said while looking at me and gave me a sweet smile.

*Greek translation

[ I don't want to lose you, sweetheart]

"What did you just say?" I asked her. It's a foreign language. What was that?

"Find out." She said while eating and raise her right hands on me that signals me to stop whatever I'm about to say, but it's a No for me.

"Did you go abroad or been enrolled in foreign language before or you're just making it." I asked her to ease my mind. The words that she's just said rings a bell. Where did I heard of it?

"After you eat just leave the plate on the sink and go back to sleep." I was so occupied that I didn't notice she's done eating her breakfast and about to got up.

"No. I'm going to help you mother. I will clean the house and dishes." I said while drinking my water. We have a rules about water since I was a kid. I had to finish my glass of water before leaving the dining table. I diligently obey that rules until now. She look at me and our gaze met.

"Do whatever pleases you." She turned around and leave. Leaving me an-puzzled, why did she look at me that way?

"Yeah." I responded in a monotone. I started to lift the plate to the sink. We don't have a nice sink like in the city like what i've witnessed. It's really fascinating! A water that suddenly comes out on a tube if you put your hands near on it. I started to describe and compare our house unlike those in the city. Our house is outdated.

Our dining table is for three person, knowing that were just two in the house.

In city they have a huge buildings and a things like magic. A things that I just always read in a book with my teacher. The most fascinating thing is the huge square box with a lot of people inside. What do they call it? A television? Yeah. Maybe!

Our kitchen set are all antique and out dated.

In the city their things and stuff are fascinating they are new in my eyes.

Our house is like an old house from the books. Typical old house build in a hard woods. It's the only house that seems lost in the middle of the Jungle.

Our back yard is full of vegetables.

Our farm is full of animals. Name all of the animals and you will see it on our farm.

In the city they are all in the what is it? Markets and meat shop? I don't remember, but I will study the city so they won't call me stupid.

We don't buy foods or any canned goods from the town. We just harvest our egg and vegetables and everytime I craved for meat my mother will get it from our farm. We used to boil and grill since oil is hard to produce.

Our clothes is from the ancient times. My mother had a tons of old skirts and long sleeves. Old long dresses and gown, but they all look so expensive as if its from the royalty. It's weird though!

In city they have colorful and pretty clothes, bag, shoes and even a square stuff. What did they call it? A cellphone? Oh! I need to remember it.

I don't know where did she get it but it's hidden on her old but beautiful cabinet. Our mirror in the house has a unique and antique carvings.

Our combs are still made from the woods not the current comb that I just bought in town.

Everything in our house is antique, but really had unique carvings.

Maybe they are all from my great, great, great grandparents.

And she wants to treasure it that bad.

But it's really odd though

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