Crescent Moon/C5 Witch lost in now where
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Crescent Moon/C5 Witch lost in now where
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C5 Witch lost in now where

The sun is brighter. The sunshine is so bright that it gives me a little sting to my new open eyes. It's already lunch time when my mother woke me up.

I walked to the table stretching and mind is drifting from now where.

"Eat those boiled eggs and lettuce," She serve some lettuce on my plate and placed on her some. She accidentally drop the serving spoon that makes my brow arch.

She looks so bothered. I stare at her with an arch brow that make her look away and sighed.

She brush her face in annoyance. What's wrong with her?

"Just leave after eating. Just go to town again and do something there." She utter those words straight without any stutter.

She grab her fork and start eating, eating anxiously. She doesn't make any eye contact to me and her hands are trembling.

What's gotten into her?

"Are you certain?" I placed my fork and spoon on the side of my plate and clasp my finger in front of her. I looked at her and studied her facial expression, but instead she just lower her gaze into her plate and avoid any eye contact with me.

"I don't have so much to do there." I sighed and continue eating. I pick the lettuce with my index and thumb and blow it. I used to do this to the lettuce and a smile curve on my lips.

"Just hang out or do whatever the hell pleases you." I was astonished by her respond. I looked at her. I was taken a back. Is it really my mother? What is wrong with her?

Is it because of the scene a while ago? She didn't say a thing so i assumed it's just some sort of nightmare. Well, Scientifically speaking, I'm one of a hell crazy being. There's no such thing.

"What's wrong with you?" I raised my brow to her even my tone. I just realize it when i saw a pain cross on my mothers eyes.

"You are so hard headed. You don't listen." She responded angrily. She gritted her teeth right in front of me.

"You better leave today." She look pissed. Her face was red as ripe tomatoes. She's about to explode.

"How c-" She hit the table before i could say a thing. She hit it loudly.

Her hands must be in pain. I want to run and kissed those precious hands of my beloved mother, but anger raise upon me. I didn't do anything. Why she's like this?

"Please not now. Just leave!" She said while looking at me with very sharp eyes. I was taken aback.

I haven't seen her like this ever before. This was my first time in my Existence. She does not look like my mother. She looks so scary. Her pair of eyes seems screaming the highest authority.

"Please." She added that sounded a pleading already. Her mood suddenly swift. She change in instant her expression soften.

Is she this certain for me to leave?

"Please, Artemis." She's pleading already. She's rubbing her both hands to me. She keeps on rubbing her hands right infront of me and it breaks my heart. It was a painful sight for me.

Tears rolled upon her cheeks.

"Okay." I responded her and got up. I couldn't say a thing but, for crying out loud it makes my heart shattered.

I won't make her plead again to me. Voluntarily, I will leave.

"C'mon" I was trying to console my self as my eyes was been pooled by my tears. How could she? I didn't even finish my breakfast.

Who would not lose an appetite? She is acting anxiously and I cannot bear the pleading sight of her. It's odd.

"She haven't tell me what is wrong." I screamed. I packed my things hurriedly and even throw my pillows.


was throwing tantrums on my room, but she didn't knock to console me.

"I'm going." I stated as a matter of fact. I won't bear this sight and this painful scene. She never ask me to leave like this before. She seems so desperate to get ride of me.

It's killing me. I grab my things and just paired my clothes a big old hoodie. Who would notice? I was dressed as always like an outcast.

In a distant, pegasus lifted her gaze to me that instantly caught my attention.

"I will use pegasus and leave him on the gate." I said in a almost screamed tone. I was getting my bag. It was a bag that mother used to pack me some farm eggs and vegetable for me to bring in the city.

I can hear her footstep from behind. She's approaching!

"Art-" It was called in a very soft voice. Maybe, she is trying to console me. I was not used by this scene with my mother, it was heart shattering.

"Yes?" I turned around and saw her state, it was a heart breaking sight. She's looking at me with a pleading eyes and a tears on her eyes. She looks really in pain. She's looks very sorry!

"Sorry!" She mouthed and a tears escape from her eyes, that she suddenly wipe. "For asking you to leave." She mouthed again and turn her back on me.

"How could you ask me to leave and act that way, mother. I didn't do anything to deserve your treatment. You didn't explain anything to me, you just suddenly act that way." I whisper in the air and turn my back on her.

I felt like something is riping my chest off that makes me run out of breath. It feels like someone is choking me to death. A warm liquid run on my cheeks and make me sob.

I hop on pegasus back and grab my travel bag though it's kinda heavy, but i didn't mind it. I felt like i was on air floating.

Leaving her on that state pained me more. I was too selfish, but I couldn't control my self from being irrational. I just want to escape from the pain and survive. Even it cost this much.

"Sorry." I mouthed as I turned around on our house and bid a goodbye.

My tears starting to roll again on my cheeks. I sobbed and screamed in silence to ease the pain even just in a bit, I will feel relief. I cover my mouth. It was a heart shattering parting of us. It is the first time that my mother asked me to leave, she even raised her voice to me.

"Go go!" I patted pegasus back and he started walking. "How could my mother do that to me?" I was talking to pegasus. I know he can't answer me, but I know he's listening.

"Faster, Pegasus." Pegasus starting to gallop faster until we're near the gate. I can already see the gate. I lift my gaze to the trees and to the nearest tower. A lot of memories from past form in my mind, a curve on my lips suddenly formed into a sweet smile. I missed the old days!

The wind blew and the breeze gave me goosebumps. What the fudge! I didn't feel anything at all. I was like suddenly become so numb.

Pegasus stop. He didn't move even an inch. I keep on patting him, but it seems something make him stop. I can hear the chirps of the birds, but unlike the sound that I usually hear - it's sounded that they are calling someone who they longed for. A chirp of loneliness.

"Indeed a horse." I heard a thick voice from behind. I suddenly turn around, but didn't see anyone.

What was that?

"Neigh," Pegasus neighed. I was pulled back from reverie. I wasn't paying attention at all, maybe. How the hell I end up on the gate. I was a little bit far from the gate, but in a blink of an eye I was here.

"Ho! Ho!" I jumped with the travel bag on my hands. Pegasus was still staying still while waiting for me to leave - just maybe.

A clung of the chain is the only noise that can be heard around. The dancing chains and their sounds gave me eerie. Adding the sound of the gate when you opened it. Adding the horror vibes. Fuck this chill!

I wanna run back home but, I stood still. I have to act like a grown up lady now. I took a deep breath and erase those scene. It's just a hallucination.

"The key is in your pocket pegasus. Just wait for my mother or hop back home. You choose." I patted his back and he just replied me with his neighed. I peeked on the gate. No one is around.

I didn't look back and just go on my way, after peeking the gate.

Pegasus is a trustworthy horse and I know he will surely comeback home, or mother will surely look for him. Mother! Mother! A tears escaped from my eyes.

"Excuse me! Miss? Could you please help me?" I jumped out of surprise. It was an old lady voice. It's coming from behind.

I turned around. I wanna run away. Who could possibly get lost here? It was the short cut and the back of this is the deep woods and mother said it's a way from now where and no one knows.

"How may I help you, Ma'am? " I was stuttering. I was so surprised and I was so confused. I was about to run when she spoke. I was trembling.

"I mean no harm." She slightly bowed her head. I felt a little guilty toward my action and Apologize Immediately.

"I got lost and I can't find my way back. Can you help me?" She asked in a pleading eyes. She looks so gentle as she speak. I haven't had a grand mother so an instant joy sparks on my eyes. I was curious about everything and wanna try everything.

They said in school that everyone has a father, grandparents and some sort of relatives, but i haven't had any. Where they could possibly at?

"I'm not sure, but what kind of help do you need from me, Ma'am?" I responded in a polite way.

"Drop the formality." She smiled.

I don't know, but it gave goosebumps. I felt chills on my spine and nape. I was trying to ignore the chills, but fuck it. I want her to be my grand mother but, she's giving me chills even how many times i tried to calm my senses.

I wasn't raise to be like this to elders, but this old lady is an exemption. She look like a psycho on her smile. She slowly stepping forward.

My feet was been glued on the ground. I can't move an inch with a smile plaster on her face, She grabbed something on her Jacket.

I was about to scream when she covered my mouth.

New chapter is coming soon
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