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C16 Swapping

Even though Liao Mengfann and I had only known each other for less than three days, I don't know why I trusted her that much. Maybe there was something else in my mind, but whatever it was, I was sure she was right.

I expressed her thoughts to the crowd, but they met with opposition. I know what everyone is thinking, but if Wei Shijie fails, who will be the one to take the blame? No one was a fool, so no one dared to make such a decision.

I said, "Things are already imminent. Captain Liu and the others are in Li's hometown, keeping an eye on the suspect 24 hours a day. We have to get the evidence together in the shortest time possible. "No one knows if the suspect has made a move. What if another person has died?" As I spoke, I intentionally looked into Director Zheng's eyes. I noticed that he was a little hesitant.

I saw something good, so I continued, "It will take at least six hours to get there from the top. Right now, the entire Liaoyuan City is snowing, so there's a possibility that it's going to extend even further. I can't wait any longer!"

Seeing that no one had any special reactions, I laughed coldly, and said: "The death of the deceased is so tragic, our colleague's bones have not turned cold yet, I know what you guys are thinking. If Wei Shijie were to smash it, I will take the blame." As I said that, I felt a familiar fragrance drift into my nostrils, and I clearly felt someone pushing at my back. I knew, Liao Mengfann didn't want me to be stupid.

Director Zheng quickly interrupted: "This comrade, what are you saying? We just don't have the confidence." When the Director Zheng said this, the surrounding people expressed their support.

"Alright!" His father stopped the crowd's discussion and said, "Originally, I shouldn't have participated in the local government affairs, but this case is extremely bad. Currently, the local computer experts are unable to crack the link, so special treatment is required.

His father had taken care of the other side, leaving everyone speechless. I noticed that Director Zheng's expression changed a little. Actually, he was waiting for his father to speak, so he walked in front of him and said, "What Department Head Lu said makes sense. It's us who are not open and think too much. Little comrade, let's do as you say! "

I laughed coldly in my heart and nodded towards my father before bringing Liao Mengfann out of the interrogation room. But as soon as I stepped out, my phone rang.

The caller ID showed an unfamiliar number. I pressed the answer button and said, "Hello, who is this?"

"Is it Officer Lu?" A familiar female voice came from the other side of the phone, following that, she said: "I'm Sun Yuanyuan, remember?"

"Oh!" So it was Le Miaomiao's roommate. I asked, "Hello, is there anything you need?"

Sun Yuanyuan said: "I remember something very important, can we talk about it in person? "Do you have time?"

I sighed in my heart and helplessly said, "I'm sorry, but I'm too busy right now. If you have something urgent, can you tell me on the phone?"

"Oh …" I heard that Sun Yuanyuan's voice was obviously a little disappointed. A little later she said, "I remember that right from the start of our first year, there was a strange person who would order flowers for Miaomiao from a flower shop every week. There were always 24 of them every week, and we never knew who he was. "Someone just brought her flowers. It was still 24 roses."

I helplessly shook my head. It was definitely something that happened between a rich and foolish second generation who was infatuated with Le Miaomiao. I said, "Don't worry, I'll remember this matter. I still have things to do, so I'll hang up first. Goodbye! " Without waiting for Sun Yuanyuan to answer, I immediately hung up. I don't know why, but I had a feeling that if I were to talk to her a little longer, I would have to agree to her request.

On the way to the interrogation room, Liao Mengfann and I chatted for a while. She asked me why I trusted her so much. I jokingly told her that a man's sixth sense was always more accurate than a woman's.

I had expected him to refuse, but he turned his head and asked, "What is it?" She giggled and reached out and struck me on the shoulder. I deliberately avoided her, and casually walked in front of her. I didn't dare to hold her shoulders tightly. I simply stretched out my hand and patted her. I solemnly said, "Trust me, we won't die!" Perhaps my words touched her heart, and we all fell silent.

There was nothing to say, and soon we were down the stairs. I saw Wei Shijie from far away squatting at the entrance of the interrogation room smoking. His silhouette was somewhat dejected and vicissitudes of life, I saw him exhaling a mouthful of smoke, and it was unknown what he was thinking as he gazed at the smoke ring floating upwards. I walked to his side and squatted down. "What are you thinking about?"

He ignored me a little, but I wouldn't get mad at a nervous person. I said, "I heard that you're a genius at computers. Can you do us a favor?"

I told him about the link, and he nodded in agreement. However, he made a request, whether it's successful or not, we have to return the camera to him.

Because of the urgency of the case, we agreed to his request. Under Liao Mengfann's lead, the three of us quickly arrived at the Public Security Bureau's computer processing center.

Wei Shijie opened up Liu Yuling's computer and plugged in the internet. He quickly found the link in the computer. I watched as he hit the enter button, and then the computer came up with a bunch of English words I didn't recognize.

I saw Wei Shijie shake his head, and very quickly, he entered some sort of special code into the computer's command symbol. I suddenly realised that this guy was very handsome, and was completely different from the game fan hiding in the internet cafe.

After about three minutes, Wei Shijie stood up and said to me: "No, the other party is using a fixed IP encryption method. Simply put, only the private IP of the owner of this computer can be accessed."

I asked, "According to our department's experts, this website has a limited time limit, isn't that so?"

I saw Wei Shijie laughed playfully, and said: "They are trying to shirk responsibility by binding the IP for every single user, and at the same time targeting the IP for every single user, and adding a whole set of dynamic passwords on the website. If they enter the password incorrectly more than three times, the IP for the computer will be permanently sealed."

Liao Mengfann interrupted and asked: "Are you saying that we must go to the owner's house?"

Wei Shijie said: "We don't need to go, but it's a waste of at least two hours, and it's not safe either. I need a double decryption, so it's a lot easier at the home of the computer owners. "

I felt that this matter should not be delayed. Liao Mengfann and I brought Wei Shijie to the evidence room, and after taking out the key to Liu Yuling's house, we drove straight to the Clear Water Bay villa complex.

On the way, I discovered that the normally nervous Wei Shijie was unexpectedly very quiet. I sat beside him in the back seat, while he leaned to keep a safe distance between us. I patted him on the shoulder, signaling him not to feel any pressure. It didn't matter if he succeeded or not, we would not make things difficult for him. He looked at my face and shook his head.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at Liu Yuling's house. Entering the empty house again, I felt an unprecedented emptiness. I thought, maybe Liu Yuling would have the same feeling?

Arriving at Liu Yuling's study, Wei Shijie opened the computer's internet connection and entered the contact address. Soon, a paragraph of English letters appeared, followed by the entrance. I can read the name in English. Please enter the password.

"It's up to you! Brother, you can do it!" I patted his shoulder behind Wei Shijie's back to cheer him on.

He nodded. He took out a USB flash drive from his pocket and plugged it into the computer. The screen turned blue. He signaled to us not to panic, and after about a minute, the computer suddenly displayed commands we had never seen before. Wei Shijie pressed down on the keyboard, and immediately after, the computer screen displayed a mix of English letters and numbers.

He told us that this was a cryptographic dictionary he had developed himself, not one he had collected on the Internet. The process of decryption involves a full connection to the other party's website without any input errors. As for the timing, he didn't say anything. Perhaps he wasn't optimistic.

Liao Mengfann and I are both computer idiots, so we could only worry about it from the back. Right at this moment, Liao Mengfann secretly pulled on my sleeve, she used her finger to point outside the room, and indicated that I should go out with her. I looked at Wei Shijie worriedly, but Liao Mengfann nodded at me, telling me to be at ease.

Outside the study, I asked her why she had come out. She said that she wanted to give Wei Shijie some space, she said that he would not run away. I asked her why she was so sure, but she shook her head before sighing.

The atmosphere was a little depressed. I suddenly thought about the problem with the photos, so I asked her, "Why do you think Liu Yuling hid all the photos away and not let Le Miaomiao see them?"

She thought for a moment, then said, "You found out about this unspeakable secret? Liu Yuling and Le Miaomiao's method of death was the same, the only difference being that Liu Yuling's body had been smeared with some unknown gelatinous liquid and sodium chloride, causing her to die from the pain. In other words, the murderer hated her so much that he did this to her. But how could Le Miaomiao explain it? Wouldn't it be fine if the murderer directly cut her skin? "

I nodded and said, "The two of them died the same way. They looked the same. Aside from the difference in age, I can't think of any other difference between the two of them. "Status?"

"Wait!" Liao Mengfann suddenly interrupted me, I saw that her pupils had contracted, and her eyes were quickly turning, as though she had thought of something. I looked at her in silence. She shook her head and nodded again. After about five minutes, she looked at me and said, "Do you believe in identity switching?"

"Huh?" I was a little confused. "What do you mean?"

Liao Mengfann said: "I say, to be simpler, Liu Yuling becomes Le Miaomiao, Le Miaomiao becomes Liu Yuling!"

When she said those words, my entire body was instantly drenched in cold sweat, and at the same time, Wei Shijie actually shouted loudly from within the study room …

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