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C19 Prisoner

As I quickly drove, I sneaked a glance at Liao Mengfann who was sitting on the passenger seat from the corner of my eye. I realised that she was staring out the window, thinking about something or was perhaps angry at me.

The glass in the window was shattered by her punch, and the cold wind blew her hair back and forth. I felt a little heartache as I slowly pulled the car to the side of the road. I patted her on the shoulder and said, "You should go!"

She coldly snorted and asked, "Why aren't you opening it? Is your second generation not used to driving civilian cars like us? " She was somewhat sarcastic and looked very cute. To be honest, if it wasn't because of the repressed anger, I would have laughed.

I said, "No, I'm not familiar with the roads nearby. You should come!" Originally, I wanted to say that I felt sorry for you and was afraid that you would catch a cold, but I swallowed the words that were just coming out of my mouth. After all, we had only known each other for three days, so we weren't really familiar with each other.

I sat in the passenger seat, took out my phone and called the Director Zheng. Currently, I urgently need to know Cui Hongliang's exact location. He told me to give him ten minutes.

The cold wind outside the window made me tremble, but it made me calmer. The word Cui Hongliang kept appearing in my mind. So far, we've never seen him in person. Liu Yuling had joined the organization through his introduction.

Cui Hongliang did this for himself, but Liu Yuling used this money to do many good deeds. Other than a relatively valuable villa, Liu Yuling only had 1.6 million yuan in his bank account. The money that the two of them were seeking for the profit came from Cheng Yang Steel, could it be that Cui Hongliang had taken a fancy to Liu Yuling's ability? To achieve his dirty goal through her?

There is another strange thing that deserves my attention, and that is Zhang Liang and Lee Shan. 20 years ago, Cui Hongliang used their relationship to help Liu Yuling escape from the punishment, and at the same time, helped the two people to stop pursuing the matter. Through Liu Yuling's diary, one could see that Lee Shan had joined this organization 20 years ago. What kind of role did she play in this organization? Could she be a murderous envoy?

There's one more thing that I can't understand, is that Cui Hongliang helped Liu Yuling get to exchange identities with her. I can't understand why the Ancestral Founder really has such a strong magic power. It could completely wipe away their hatred? Besides, how could two people be exchanged?

Thinking about this, my heart started to feel a little uneasy. I kept having the feeling that something was wrong, but I couldn't think of anything wrong. Liao Mengfann still ignored me and continued to drive. Just then, the Director Zheng called me.

"Hello, Commissioner Zheng!" I asked, "Have you found out where Cui Hongliang is?"

The Director Zheng said, "We have found him. He is currently in Fengle Village's Fair Village. You must take care of your safety and not act rashly. "

After hanging up the phone with the Director Zheng, I said to Liao Mengfann: "I feel that there's something wrong, but I just can't think of anything. What do you think?" I don't know why, but I believe in her sixth sense.

She looked at me and shook her head. "I don't feel anything. It's time to end this!" I sighed in my heart and reached my hand into the Pocket. After touching the gun that was still warm, I felt a little relieved.

After half an hour of driving, we arrived at the outskirts of Justice Village. Liao Mengfann stopped the car, and I followed her out. Looking around, I noticed that Justice Village wasn't that big, only forty to fifty households.

The village was very backward. Most of the houses were adobe, and some looked as if they were about to collapse. The village was surrounded by a large mountain. The bright moonlight shone down on the village, making it seem somewhat strange.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Just then, I heard Liao Mengfann's phone suddenly ring. She took out the phone, looked at it, and then said: "Wait for me."

I was baffled to find that she had gone straight into the village after reading the text. Her speed was so quick that she soon disappeared from my sight.

I feel that there's something wrong with Liao Mengfann, but I have trusted her since we started working together. After about five or six minutes, I saw Liao Mengfann and Liu Lee actually walking out of the village together. The two of them seemed to be talking about something, and Liao Mengfann was talking while gesturing in front of Liu Lee.

I walked over to the two of them. I was a little angry as I asked, "I say, Eldest Miss, Captain Liu is in the village. Can't you just bring me in?"

Liao Mengfann was slightly apologetic, and said: "I was afraid that Captain Liu was a traitor, and would do something to you. I'm sorry."

Hearing that she was concerned about me, I was a little touched. The anger in my heart also disappeared as I asked Liu Lee, "Where are the others?"

"It's all over there!" Liu Lee pointed to the hillside on the west side of the Fair Village and said: "There's a temple there. Cui Hongliang, Lee Shan and the rest are all gathered there, so half of the people in the village are the believers of this organization.

"Half of them?" I was quite surprised and said, "I can estimate that there must be at least fifty families in this village. There must be close to thirty believers, so does the other party have any weapons? "

Liu Lee shook his head and said: "No, we are just a group of farmers, I feel that we can do it!"

"No way!" I firmly rejected Liu Lee's presumptuous actions and said, "The special police will be here soon. Wait a little longer!"

Right at this moment, Liao Mengfann walked in front of me. Her eyes were extremely cold, and caused me to shiver from the cold gaze. I unconsciously took a step back. I suddenly felt a slight pressure and friction on my chest, and she said, "They're going to have a killing ceremony! In half an hour! "

"Huh?" I was stunned, but at the same time, Liu Lee also walked in front of me, and said: "There isn't enough time, we still have more than 10 people there, we all have guns, we all have to save them!" Maybe it was because I stayed up all night, but when I saw him talking, my eyes were a little glazed.

His life was in danger, and he couldn't wait any longer. I said to the two of them that I couldn't wait any longer and left immediately. After I finished speaking, I directly took out the gun from the Pocket, loaded it, and gave the two a look.

The three of us passed through the Village of Justice and soon reached the foot of the mountain. As far as the eye could see, the entire mountain was covered in pure white snow. Under the moonlight, the snow seemed somewhat desolate and terrifying.

The tree that stood tall halfway up the mountain was incomparably dry, as if it was a standing skeleton. At the foot of the mountain was a stone staircase that led to the temple. As we slowly walked up, we could already see the gate of the temple. The mountain gate was wide open. At night time, it looked like a skeleton with its mouth wide open, causing people to feel a sense of loss.

I stopped and looked around. Other than the whistling cold wind and the dry branches, there was no one else in sight. I turned my head and saw Liu Lee and Liao Mengfann standing behind me one after the other. I asked Liu Lee, "Where are our colleagues?"

He crouched down, and I saw his shoelaces open. He tied the shoelace, looked up and said, "It's right in front. My feet are a bit sprained. You guys go first, I'll follow."

I nodded and saw Liao Mengfann walking over. This little girl's fighting technique was extraordinary. I was slightly relieved. I looked at her and said with concern, "You have to be careful too. Something is not right!"

The steps were narrow, not close enough to walk side by side. But just as I turned around, I was suddenly hit hard on the back of the neck. I felt the sky go dark and I fainted.

When I woke up again, I was tied to a stone pillar in the temple hall. Looking around, I saw that the main hall wasn't too big. On the altar wasn't any buddhist Bodhisattva, but rather a human-like stone sculpture. The stone sculpture didn't have an eye, an ear, or a nose; it was just the silhouette of a person.

I saw about forty people kneeling and worshipping the stone statue in the palace. The leader was a man around fifty years old, he wore a black suit, so he should be Cui Hongliang right? And I was surprised to find that Liao Mengfann and Liu Lee were also in this group of people.

Seeing Liao Mengfann, I don't know what to think. My heart is in pain, I didn't think that she and Liu Lee would be the spies of these people, why would they do such a thing? At this moment, my mind was abnormally clear. I suddenly remembered that when I first met Liu Lee, when Liao Mengfann told him that I was Department Head Lu's son, his eyes flashed with a trace of light.

Heavens! This was a conspiracy, a naked conspiracy. When I came to the Justice Village, my heart was slightly unsettled. So it was this matter. Cui Hongliang definitely knows that he has been exposed, but why hasn't he switched off his phone? He had intentionally revealed his location? Now that I think about it, there's only one possibility. He wants to use me as a hostage!

"Hehehe..." "Hahaha …" I laughed. "A bunch of idiots!"

The hall was filled with the echoes of my curses. I saw the people kneeling on the ground give me murderous looks. They picked up their swords and looked like they wanted to cut me into a thousand pieces.

At the same time, Cui Hongliang chuckled as he stood up. He walked in front of me and slapped me hard, saying: "You disturbed us and made us wish the ancestors good fortune. If not for your usefulness, you would have died long ago!"

"Bah!" I spat at Cui Hongliang, and cursed: "Damn you, if I don't die, I will return this palm to you tenfold! You people are all heartless and have killed countless people. You all should just wait for the judgement of the law! "

"Hahaha? "Law?" Liu Lee also stood up, he shook his neck and walked towards me and said: "How much is the law worth? If Zhang Liang did not kill Liu Yuling, you would not have ended up like this. "But you are also our lucky star. With you as a hostage, those local police won't dare to do anything to us, right?"

"Ha ha!" I sneered, "What do you plan to do with me? Kill me? "

"Of course not!" Just then, I saw Liao Mengfann also walking towards me.

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