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Crime Files/C3 Report of Professor Liang
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C3 Report of Professor Liang

The surroundings immediately quietened down. The Sister Lee explained, "After three hours of autopsies and the retest by Professor Liang Shouyuan, I have reached a conclusion. It was as if the skin and dermis of the dead man had vanished into thin air. No incision or tear was found where the dermis was attached to the subcutaneous tissue. The lines of the deceased's body remained very well-proportioned, and the corpse itself seemed to have no skin or skin. I was completely unable to understand the murderer's methods, at least in my opinion, it was impossible for him to do so. "

Sister Lee continued to speak, "As the corpse is very complete, I suggest for Technical Team to do a facial computer restoration. According to my estimate, the similarity between them should be about 95%. The blood type of the victim is type O. I've taken blood samples from the victim and compared them. As long as she's given blood, she can identify the victim. "

After saying that, Sister Lee closed the slide show, organized the information, and went around to my father's back. When I saw that Sister Lee seemed to have said something in his ear, Dad's face twitched a little. He stood up and said to everyone, "It's a temporary matter." Then, she led Huang An and Sister Lee out of the meeting room.

The rest of the discussion went on until Director Zheng finally came to a decision. The investigation team was in charge of this case, with the help of Team Two and Team Three. The entire Liaoyuan City police force, from the bureau chief to all the other policemen, were involved in the investigation to find out the identity of the victim as soon as possible. Because the evidence in this case is so little to begin with. The police had no choice but to pursue a manpower strategy.

Once he returned to the office of the first group, Liu Lee started to assign the members of the group their tasks. The team members, Little Lee and Xiao Wang, went to the vicinity to investigate and see if there were any witnesses. Liao Mengfann was arranged to guard the first group, waiting for the technology department's computer to restore her information. Liu Lee then personally went to the traffic police team to call for the surveillance footage near the scene of the crime. But I didn't belong to them, Liu Lee took it into heart that I was just watching for fun, and didn't even give me a mission.

After finishing the assignments, Liu Lee walked to Liao Mengfann's desk and said: "Xiao Liao, lend the car to me for me to use. My carriage broke down yesterday."

"Alright, remember to fill me up with oil!" Liao Mengfann didn't even think before throwing the car keys over to Liu Lee.

After Liu Lee left, Liao Mengfann sat on the desk by herself, holding her forehead with one hand, as if she was thinking about something. I walked to her side and nervously patted her left shoulder. "What do you think about this case?"

She replied, "I've got a splitting headache, so far I haven't found any clues, so I can only wait." I hope that Technical Team can be completed quickly, and that Captain Liu can get some information as well. "

"Don't worry," I said, "all crime leaves its mark. How about this, let's go to the medical examiner's office to have a look? " As I was very concerned about my father's actions at that time, I couldn't wait to know why.

Liao Mengfann nodded her head. Since she had nothing on hand, she led me to the Medical Examiner's Office. Knocking on the door of Sister Lee's office, the two walked in. Sister Lee was currently looking at some information on the computer. I asked Sister Lee if she had seen Officer Lu, and she said that her father and Professor Liang were currently in the first level of Dissecting Room.

After bidding farewell to Sister Lee, Liao Mengfann led me to the first floor. This place was full of the special smell of formalin. Moreover, this was an old building which was a bit old. The surrounding walls exuded a musty smell. Originally, we were planning to attend the installation ceremony of the new building built by the Liaoyuan Public Security Bureau. Who would have thought that a murder case would occur?

At this moment, Huang An was standing straight outside Dissecting Room's door. When he saw the two of us walk over, he gave a slight nod to me. I replied with a smile, as if I wanted to pull open the gate of Dissecting Room. Who would have thought that this fellow would actually obstruct me, saying, "Chief has ordered for no one to enter!"

I felt rather helpless and said, "Brother Huang, since we are all on the same side, it should be convenient for us." I was extremely curious. What was dad doing here?

Huang An shook his head, indicating that it was impossible. I'm a bit discouraged, I know Huang An, he was specially assigned to my dad by the authorities, he's a very honest person. He said that he wouldn't let me in, so there would definitely be no hope for him. Anyway, I won't be able to deal with him.

About ten minutes later, his father walked out from the Dissecting Room. At this moment, his father looked a little old. When he saw me outside the door, he reached out his hand, pressed it hard on my shoulder and said, "You can solve this case for me." Then he led Huang An out of the basement. I resolutely nodded towards my father's back. I felt that he was very lonely. The corners of my eyes were somewhat moist. At this moment, I really missed my mother.

As I walked into the Dissecting Room, an especially strong smell of formalin mixed with blood assaulted my nostrils. I wasn't unfamiliar with this smell and didn't feel any discomfort. Liao Mengfann and I put on our respective white gowns, autopsy gloves, masks, shoes, and hats before we enter the dissecting room.

The corpse was currently lying on the dissecting bed, and the wound on its chest had been closed temporarily. At this time, Professor Liang was circling around the corpse, trying to find some clues.

I asked, "Elder Liang, have you found anything new?" Since Professor Liang is my father's mentor and watched me grow up, and this old man is a bit disrespectful to me, usually being lustful, I always like to call him Elder Liang. Anyway, he's not angry.

Elder Liang saw the two of us enter, pointed at Liao Mengfann and said: "Little miss, come, help me record, stand there and don't move." You see, he threw me aside as soon as I said he was lustful.

Elder Liang closed his eyes and gently pinched the thigh muscles of the deceased, saying: "The leg muscles of the deceased were elastic, and did not show any signs of aging. At the same time, the thigh muscles were arranged in a well-proportioned, linear manner, indicating that the deceased had good economic conditions, and was often doing fitness exercises."

Immediately after, Elder Liang placed his hands on the dead person's breasts, stroking them back and forth. I saw that Liao Mengfann's face was obviously a little red. After a while, Elder Liang said: "The deceased's breasts are firm and elastic, the muscles below them did not show any obvious thickening, indicating that the deceased's breasts do not show any obvious signs of heavy ptosis. This means that the deceased probably did not breastfeed before death."

I thought, Elder Liang, are you full of nonsense? Could you tell that the dead had never given birth to children? Or was it said deliberately for Liao Mengfann to hear? I don't believe it anyway. But just as my imagination was running wild, Elder Liang made a bold move.

He placed his right hand between the legs of the dead man and inserted it very easily. After a while, he nodded and said, "The orifice of the dead man's uterus is closed very well. This proves once again that the dead man has no children. At the same time, the vaginal dilatation of the deceased was very severe. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for a woman with a superior life to not perform vaginal maintenance, so the conclusion was drawn that the deceased had a chaotic private life or had a vulgar habit. "

Liao Mengfann coughed at this time, her face a little red, she asked: "Professor, these... Is that all in the report? "

Elder Liang opened his mouth and nodded: "Write it, not a single word is missing."

"Oh …" Liao Mengfann secretly glared at me, her meaning was to blame it all on you, why did you ask me to bring you here?

Right at this moment, Elder Liang made a gesture that took Liao Mengfann and I by surprise. After he pulled his right hand out of the dead man's vagina, he put his hand directly into his nose and sniffed something.

I felt my throat dry up, and so did Liao Mengfann, who was beside me. Furthermore, she was a girl, so seeing Elder Liang's abnormal actions, it made me feel extremely ashamed. About ten seconds later, the Elder Liang opened his eyes and said, "The deceased had had sex within twelve hours before his death."

When I heard the word "sexual act", I suddenly had a flash of inspiration. Sexual act would definitely leave a male semen sample, and if I extracted it, I would be able to find the culprit in the nick of time. However, Elder Liang's next sentence poured a bucket of cold water over me. Elder Liang said: "During the course of sex, you wear a condom, so there is no semen residue in your body. And the vulva had no visible trauma, so it was decided that the deceased had volunteered. "

I almost fell to the ground. It seems that Elder Liang's last sentence was just a joke. I asked, "Any other clues?"

Elder Liang said, "For now, I'll go look for a doctor for the rest."

Liao Mengfann heard that there was no need to record anything, lowered her head and walked out. Just as I was about to follow her, Elder Liang grabbed me and said: "Little Chuan, this girl is not bad. Try harder! "

I said speechlessly, "Heh, how can I be in the mood for that? I just want to solve this case right now. Besides, they might not even want me. "

After I finished speaking, I didn't pay any attention to the Elder Liang and directly walked out of the Dissecting Room. Liao Mengfann was standing outside the Dissecting Room, waiting for me. Her face was a little red, and when she saw me coming out, she smiled at me, feeling a little awkward.

I said, "Professor Liang is just like that. He's too serious when it comes to doing things. Don't mind it. "

She said, "Hur hur, no. I thought he was terrible. I stood in front of him as if I'd been seen through. "

Liao Mengfann cleverly avoided the awkwardness and said: "Professor Liang has given us a lot of help. Next, I want to go back and draw an analysis map to narrow down the dead.

I nodded and followed her out of the medical examiner's office. As we walked in silence, we reached the entrance of a group of offices. I seemed to have heard the sound of cups shattering, and at the same time, it was Liu Lee who was scolding.

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