Cross-dressing to be rejected by the Sinner ( BL)/C3 ( Rui's thought ) Described from his perspective
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Cross-dressing to be rejected by the Sinner ( BL)/C3 ( Rui's thought ) Described from his perspective
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C3 ( Rui's thought ) Described from his perspective

As I sat in the waiting room, my mind began to wander, and I found myself captivated by the impressive office interior and the magnificent exterior of the Lachlan Enterprises skyscraper. The sheer grandeur of the space left me in awe.

The interior design reflected a perfect blend of modernity and sophistication. The clean lines, sleek furniture, and strategically placed artwork created an ambiance that was both inspiring and inviting. It was evident that every element had been carefully chosen to foster productivity and creativity. I couldn't help but imagine myself working in such a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing environment.

My gaze then shifted to the large windows that framed the breathtaking view outside. The towering skyscraper, with its sleek glass façade, stood tall and proud against the city skyline. It was a symbol of power, success, and ambition .

The reflection of sunlight on the glass panels created a mesmerizing display, almost as if the building itself radiated energy and possibility.

I took in the sight, I couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement and anticipation. Being in the presence of such a remarkable workspace filled me with a sense of purpose and determination. I imagined the daily interactions, the collaborative projects, and the constant flow of ideas that must permeate the hallways of this prestigious establishment.

The waiting room, with its comfortable seating and elegant décor, was a testament to the attention to detail and the commitment to excellence that defined Lachlan Enterprises. It was a space that conveyed professionalism and sophistication, setting the stage for what I hoped would be a successful interview and an opportunity to contribute to this remarkable company.

Surrounded by the embodiment of corporate success, my mind buzzed with excitement and anticipation. I was afraid to showcase my skills, to demonstrate my dedication and drive, and to become a part of the dynamic world that awaited me within the Lachlan Enterprises skyscraper. If Mia was here , she would have laughed at me . Come to think of it , I didn't backed her prank call last night . That sly girl is my only friend. One who really likes to play with me but loves me so much . I couldn't help but feel sorry for my deeds last night . If this interview is success . Then, I will be treating her . I checked my watch and I was frustrated about how idiot I was . There was a grand clock in room . Ticking right infront of me . I nervously tucked my hair back . Trying hard to look good .

This place is chipping away my confidence. I felt I'm not meant to be here . I shifted nervously in my seat, anxiously awaiting for my turn for the interview. Just as I was lost in my own thoughts, the blonde receptionist approached me with a warm smile.

"Miss. Rui, it's time for your interview," she said kindly. "Please follow me."

As we walked, I mustered the courage to strike up a conversation. "The office here is impressive," I commented, trying to break the ice.

The receptionist smiled warmly, glancing at the surroundings. "Yes, it's a reflection of Lachlan Enterprises' commitment to creating an inspiring work environment. We believe in fostering creativity and collaboration."

Her words resonated with me, and I couldn't help but feel a surge of motivation. "That's wonderful. I'm excited to be a part of such a forward-thinking company," I replied, my voice filled with genuine enthusiasm.

The receptionist nodded approvingly. "I'm sure you'll find it to be a stimulating and rewarding experience. Our CEO values dedication and innovation, so I hope you're prepared to bring your best."

Her words made me even more determined to showcase my abilities. "Absolutely. I've been preparing for this opportunity, and I'm ready to give it my all."

We arrived at a door with a plaque that read "Interview Room." The receptionist turned to face me, her smile encouraging. "Here we are, Miss. Rui. Mr. Wilson will be with you shortly. Good luck."

I thanked her with a grateful nod and took a deep breath, preparing myself mentally for the interview ahead. As the receptionist walked away, I stood outside the interview room, a mix of excitement and nerves swirling within me. This was the moment I had been waiting for—the chance to prove myself and embark on a new chapter of my professional journey. With renewed determination, I gathered my composure and stepped forward, anxious but ready to seize the opportunity and make a lasting impression on Mr. Wilson and the rest of the Lachlan Enterprises team.

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