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After the interview at Lachlan Enterprises, I left the building with a sense of accomplishment mingled with a touch of nervousness. The encounter with Mr. Wilson had gone badly well, but the outcome remained uncertain. As I walked down the bustling streets, my mind began to shift gears, focusing on my part-time job at the library near City Hall.

The library was my sanctuary—a place where I could immerse myself in books and escape the pressures of the world. It was quite faraway , but the walk provided me with an opportunity to clear my head and reflect on the interview. I couldn't help but replay the questions and my responses in my mind, dissecting every word and analyzing every nuance. I decide not to call Mia today . I wish she will feel sorry for her prank .

Soon, I approached the library, I marveled at its majestic architecture. The towering columns and intricate detailing spoke of history and knowledge. It was a place of solace, where the scent of old books mingled with the hushed whispers of eager readers. The library had become my second home, and the staff and patrons had become like family. But today i have to handel it alone . Clara and old miss lee has gone out .So, I'm left alone handaling all core works and dealing with this big libarary readers .

Entering through the heavy oak doors, I was greeted by the familiar warmth and tranquility that the library offered. The soft lighting and rows upon rows of books beckoned me, drawing me into their world of imagination and wonder. It was a welcome respite from the fast-paced corporate environment I had just left.

I headed to the staff area, where I changed into my librarian uniform—a crisp white shirt and a navy blue blazer adorned with a small golden emblem. The familiar routine calmed my racing thoughts, allowing me to focus on the tasks at hand. I tidied the shelves, returned misplaced books to their proper places, and prepared for the evening rush of visitors.

As the day progressed, I found comfort in the rhythm of the library—the sound of pages turning, the gentle hum of whispered conversations, and the occasional laughter of children. The library offered a sense of stability and tranquility, contrasting with the uncertainty that loomed over my professional aspirations.

In between helping new patrons and organizing the shelves, I couldn't help but steal moments to reflect on the interview. The prospect of working at Lachlan Enterprises worries me, but I also reminded myself of the value the library held in my life. It provided me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment, nurturing my love for literature and connecting me with a community of fellow book enthusiasts. I was always a loner , Libarary and books are the only one to be friends with me in this lone caged world of mines .

As the day drew to a close, I bid farewell to my colleagues and stepped out of the library, the weight of the interview still lingering in my mind. The city lights twinkled in the evening sky, and I took a deep breath, embracing the possibilities that lay ahead. Regardless of the outcome, I knew that I had given my best during the interview, and I was grateful for the solace and inspiration the library had provided me on this journey.

With renewed determination, I set off into the city, ready to face whatever the future had in store, knowing that both Lachlan Enterprises and the library held a special place in my heart . One the future and other the past .

As the morning light filtered through the curtains, I slowly opened my eyes, grogginess giving way to a surge of anticipation. Today was the day— the day I would find out if all my hard work had paid off, if my dreams of joining Lachlan Enterprises would become a reality.

With a mix of nervousness and excitement, I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. I was as always in my lacey black bra and panties with a white t-shirt over it . as boy wearing women's clothing like this others found awkward . But now I'm used to it and I feel comfortable . The room seemed brighter, as if the universe itself was aware of the significance of this day. Taking a deep breath, I made my way to the kitchen, my heart pounding in my chest.

As I prepared a cup of coffee, the sound of the mail slot opening caught my attention. Curiosity piqued, I hurried to the front door, finding a stack of letters waiting for me. My hands trembled slightly still afraid as I sifted through them, until my gaze landed on the familiar logo of Lachlan Enterprises.

My heart skipped a beat as I tore open the envelope, my eyes scanning the words on the paper in disbelief. It was a letter—a letter welcoming me to the company, offering me the position I had been dreaming of. They invited me to join from tomorrow. A wave of euphoria washed over me, and a smile spread across my face, unable to contain my joy.

I read and reread the letter, savoring each word, as if trying to imprint them into my memory. It was a validation of my hard work, dedication, and determination. Lachlan Enterprises had recognized my potential, and they wanted me to be a part of their team.

Excitement bubbled within me as I imagined the possibilities that awaited. The chance to contribute to a renowned company, to work alongside talented professionals, and to grow both personally and professionally—it was everything I had hoped for.

With the letter securely tucked into my bag, I set off for the library , ready to embrace this new chapter in my life. As I walked through the bustling streets, a sense of gratitude washed over me. I was grateful for the challenges I had faced, for the moments of self-doubt that had only fueled my determination.

As I looked up at the bright sky, I couldn't help but feel a renewed sense of hope and excitement. This was the beginning of a new adventure, and I was ready to seize it with all my heart. Lachlan Enterprises had given me the key to unlock a world of possibilities, and I was eager to unlock every door that lay ahead. So, I have to call Mia today and tell her the story of my success . I feel excitement running through my stomach .

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