Retribution from the Crown Princess

He had been working for so many years, and after calculating everyone's feelings, he finally got the feeling that he was looking down upon her and wanted her to ascend to the position of Crown Prince's consort. What kind of feeling was that?

With a single glance, he saw the various small mountains ? this was Ye Lan Shan's current state of mind.

She wore a phoenix coronet and sat on the edge of the white jade bed, listening to the Crown Prince's footsteps get closer and closer, a complacent smile on her lips.

"Ye Lan Shan, today is your wedding night, so I brought a huge gift for you." Accompanying this familiar and gentle voice, Ye Lan Shan only felt a light in front of her eyes, and her red veil was lifted, and the light of the entire room flooded into her eyes.

The Crown Prince wore a red robe with golden threads. His hands were behind his back and he looked as dashing as a pine tree. The candlelight reflected off his handsome face, making it exceptionally warm and enchanting.

Ye Lan Shan smiled charmingly: "Your Highness, there is no better gift in the world than yours ?"

Her voice suddenly stopped, and she stared at the two people beside the crown prince as if she had seen a ghost. Why were the two siblings, Ye Shen Han and Ye Guang Han, who had lost their lives due to her, here?

"Ye Lan Shan, look at what this is?" While she was still in a daze, the crown prince suddenly pulled out his hands from behind her back and smashed a bloody head on her face.

Ye Lan Shan was so shocked that she let out an "Ah" sound, and quickly dodged to the side, but then she saw that the head came from her trusted aide, causing her to pale, and stammered: "S-Your Highness, w-what is the meaning of this?"

"Ye Lan Shan who is omnipotent, are you afraid?" Ye Guang Han opened his mouth, his eyes filled with venom and contempt, "You were born lowly but ambitious, you used all means necessary to marry the crown prince, you first destroyed my face, then wanted to destroy my innocence, and then forced me to burn myself to death, who knew that the heavens would have eyes, I survived, and secretly planned a great revenge plan with the crown prince!"

The crown prince held Ye Guang Han's hand tightly and looked down at him, "Your heart is like a snake and scorpion, filled with evil. Not even sparing your brothers and sisters, even dying ten thousand times is not enough for you to lament! Tonight, we will reclaim all our debts of blood! "

"Your Highness ? ?" Ye Lan Shan's eyes flashed, and he abruptly fell to his knees, hugging the crown prince's feet and miserably crying, "Even if Dong Shan has done something wrong, it is still because she loves you so much! For the sake of how much you love her and how much you've done for her, forgive her this time! "In the future, she will definitely become a good wife ?"

"Good wife?" The crown prince interrupted her, "I only love Guang'er and want to marry her. I have never loved you and you are just a stinky poisonous snake in my eyes!"

"I don't believe it!" Ye Lan Shan was stunned for a moment, then screamed, "Your Highness and I have once swore an alliance in the seas, Your Highness said that he would only love me in this life, only marry me, and share a great fortune with me ?"

"It's all an act." The crown prince chuckled, "If that's not the case, how could you and your henchmen let your guard down and sneak into the trap that I had planned long ago, to be taken care of by me tonight?"

"Your Highness," Ye Lan Shan said as he came up with a plan in his mind, "I have over a million silver taels in my possession, I am willing to hand over this fortune, and am also willing to help Your Highness and Big Sis accomplish their mission. I only hope that Your Highness can give me a way to survive ?."

"I know, that's why I endured you until now." The Crown Prince smiled, "But you must not have thought of it. Just as you left this morning to tell your mother the whereabouts of this money, your mother immediately turned around and sold the news to me. I've already obtained this money, you no longer have any chips to negotiate with me."

"Impossible!" Ye Lan Shan screamed, "It's impossible for my mother to betray me! Absolutely impossible! "

"Hehe, look at the person behind me." The Crown Prince smiled and moved two steps to the side.

Behind him and Ye Guang Han, a noblewoman lowered her head and covered her slightly bulging abdomen with both hands. Who else could she be other than Ye Lan Shan's mother?

Ye Lan Shan looked at the woman, parted his lips, and said with difficulty: "Mother, is this for real?"

Her mother slowly raised her head, looked at her with sorrowful eyes, and said in a low voice: "Shan Er, I'm sorry. I have to protect the baby in my womb.

Since her daughter had committed too many sins and attracted the wrath of the crowd, she was simply unable to protect her daughter. Under the threat of the crown prince, she could only choose to protect herself.

Ye Lan Shan's tears slowly fell: "You are my biological mother, I have hurt anyone, the only thing that has not hurt you, how can you treat me like this?"

Her mother turned her head to the side, unable to bear the sight. "Shan Er, don't resent your mother. If it were you instead, you would only do things even more ruthlessly than your mother ?"

Ye Lan Shan was actually at a loss for words.

But very quickly, she hugged the crown prince's leg and cried, "Your Highness, we just paid our respects, we are already husband and wife now, you can't treat me like this ?"

"The one who just married you wasn't me. He was just an old and ugly beggar." The Crown Prince kicked her body away and smiled, "The time has come. I am going to pay my respects to Guang'er. Why don't you marry your beggar husband?"

After he finished speaking, he pulled Ye Guang Han along and walked out, not even sparing him another glance.

"Your Highness, you can't leave Shan Er behind ?" Ye Lan Shan crawled up as he chased after him while stumbling.

However, Ye Shen Han stood in front of her and laughed sinisterly: "Do you think you can still leave?"

After saying that, he suddenly grabbed Ye Lan Shan's mother's hair and fiercely stabbed the dagger in his hand into her abdomen. He did not even bother to pull the dagger out as he heavily pushed her towards Ye Lan Shan.

Ye Lan Shan hugged his mother, whose body was covered in blood and was unable to move. He was both frightened and furious, "Ye Shen Han, my mother has already sided with you two and is even pregnant with your younger siblings, how can you do such a thing that is worse than an animal?"

Ye Shen Han laughed coldly: "Cutting grass and removing its roots is the best way to eliminate future troubles. "In the past, when you were lenient towards my mother, I merely retaliated with a tooth for a tooth!"

Ye Lan Shan was startled for a moment, and then shouted loudly: "I am an evil person, I have already received my retribution, but what about you? Aren't you afraid of retribution? "

"Of course not." Ye Shen Han grinned, "The reason you received your retribution is because you didn't kill everyone in Ye Family, but it was different for me. How could I, who killed you and your people, including your lowly mother and fetus, suffer a retribution? "

With that, he left with a hearty laugh. His back was filled with arrogance and complacency.

"I'll kill you ?" Ye Lan Shan's eyes were red, like an enraged wild beast, he grabbed the phoenix hairpin and thrusted it at Ye Shen Han.

However, a group of filthy beggars rushed over and surrounded her. They smiled sinisterly as they roughly tore off her bridal dress.

"I am the Crown Princess, who dares to touch me ?" Ye Lan Shan screamed and struggled, but there was no suspense about the outcome.

She was quickly thrown to the ground. Her snow-white skin and her mother's blood, as well as the fragments of her bridal dress, were a shocking sight to behold. However, it only served to make the thugs even more excited.

Knowing there was no hope for her to escape, she aimed the tip of the phoenix hairpin at her neck and stabbed down viciously.

Fresh blood gushed out, dyeing the jade statue on her chest red.

It was a relic given to her by her master, who was killed by her, when she was still alive, from the Celestial dynasty. When her master was on the verge of death, he had advised her to cultivate her body and nurture her character so that she wouldn't go berserk and suffer retribution. At that time, she didn't believe him, but now she believed him and regretted it.

But it was too late for regret.

"The Heavens above and the Earth below, I know I was wrong. I was extremely wrong." Tears streaming down her face, she began to repent for her master's remains. "If I can do it again, I will definitely repent and atone for my sins. I won't commit any more heinous acts ?"

In a trance, the sculpture released a red glow and at the same time, an ethereal, intimate, compassionate and solemn voice resounded in her mind: "Since you know your wrongs, I shall give you a chance to start over. If you can do a thousand good deeds and save a million lives before today, you can repay the sins that you have committed and avoid today's fate. Otherwise, you will return to tonight ? "

Ye Lan Shan listened to the voice, and slowly sank into the darkness.

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