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What Situ Mochen said made Liu Qingxia extremely depressed. She never thought that her parents would 'abandon' her like this.

"Anyway, now that Uncle and Aunt have handed you over to me, I naturally have to take good care of you!"

Hearing that, Liu Qingxia couldn't help but roll her eyes at him. "I'm your sister, it's obviously my aunt who asked me to take care of you!" "Since that's the case, I'll go back with you."

He was an older sister, how could he have a younger brother to take care of his older sister?

Situ Mochen didn't refute her at a time like this. Anyway, he could just bring her home.

However, he couldn't get Situ Mochen to say that she was taking care of him. Thus, he didn't continue speaking after Liu Qingxia finished her sentence.

Seeing that Situ Mochen didn't answer, Liu Qingxia walked to her room by herself.

She was rummaging through the wardrobe, but she found that Situ Mochen also walked in. However, thinking about the intimacy they had during their childhood, she didn't mind at all. Instead, she carried her luggage and walked in front of Situ Mochen, "Since you came in, don't be idle. Help me fold my clothes!"

Then, without waiting for Situ Mochen's reply, he threw the clothes on the bed, "This …"

"This one is also good!"

"You have to bring this as well …"

"Ugh …" Do you want this? "

Seeing Liu Qingxia at a loss, the corner of Situ Mochen's mouth slightly lifted. He thought to himself that this woman wasn't as casual as she used to be, but when he looked closely, those clothes of Liu Qingxia's …

"I say, lady, don't tell me that's all you have?"

Hearing Situ Mochen's voice, the busy Liu Qingxia stopped what she was doing and turned around to look at him. "What is it?"

"What era are these clothes from? Dress like an old lady! "

However, she didn't care about Situ Mochen's retort at all. She replied lightly: "I like it, what can you do about it?"

She was about to continue cleaning up, but she saw that the trunk was still empty. She was a bit annoyed, "Situ Mochen, did you not hear what I just said?"


"Help big sister fold up her clothes! Do you still want big sister to take care of you? "

Situ Mochen didn't want to make Liu Qingxia change her mind over such a small matter. However, it was impossible to make him agree softly!

"A Xia, you're already so old, don't you know how to fold clothes?"

"Whether I will or not, that is a different story!" Liu Qingxia said indifferently.

This answer made Situ Mochen speechless. He didn't say anything more and started to help.

Suddenly, Situ Mochen felt that something was wrong. Why did it look like there weren't many fabrics?

When his gaze moved to his hands, Situ Mochen laughed out loud!

Hearing his laughter, Liu Qingxia turned her head to look, only to discover that he was holding her baby sponge in his hand.

Noticing Liu Qingxia's gaze, Situ Mochen said without a care, "Unexpectedly, your taste is quite special!"

At this moment, Liu Qingxia really wanted to slap herself to death. Why would she let this person clean up for her?

As for Situ Mochen's question, she didn't know how to answer it. She turned around and went back to her work, blushing.

However, Situ Mochen didn't seem to plan on letting her off like this. He was still admiring her insides while talking, "To be honest, looking at it this way, it's pretty good!"

How could Liu Qingxia be so embarrassed to look at him? However, he had to deal with it quietly. Then, he quickly took the item from Situ Mochen's hand and stuffed it into the suitcase. He ignored Situ Mochen and walked out.

Looking at Liu Qingxia's back, Situ Mochen didn't know whether to laugh or to be angry.

He put away the smile on his face and followed Liu Qingxia out.

It was a 20 minute journey from the Liu Family to the Situ Villa, but the two of them did not say anything.

The driver did not know what had happened to the two of them, but his previous lesson told him that it was best not to talk too much, or else it would not be two weeks!

When they arrived at the Situ Family residence, Liu Qingxia asked, "Where is my room?"

Situ Mochen saw that she finally opened her mouth and led her to the door.

Before Situ Mochen could say anything, she slammed the door shut!

Looking at the closed door, he couldn't help but shake his head. It was just a touch on the inside, how could he be angry?

Situ Mochen didn't care, but Liu Qingxia, who was in the room at the moment, was very upset! How could she be so stupid!

Who knew how much Situ Mochen would mock him in the future.

Although she always thought of Situ Mochen as her brother, they were both so old now, so she still had to pay attention to some things.

However, Liu Qingxia was used to being careless, not to mention it was in front of Situ Mochen. After giving it some thought, she walked towards the bathroom.

After a day of insanity, it was time to take a shower and sleep.

The next morning, Liu Qingxia got up. She still had to go to school today!

When she left the room, she noticed that Situ Mochen was already eating breakfast.

Seeing that she had woken up, Situ Mochen greeted, "Why are you up so early?"

"Young Master Situ, I'm not you. I still want to go to school."

"Since I'm going out soon, I might as well send you over." Situ Mochen didn't say anything about what happened last night, "Mother Wu, cook a bowl of instant noodles for her."

Situ Mochen's words caused Liu Qingxia to be slightly stunned. She didn't expect him to remember that what he liked the most was soy noodles.

After breakfast, the two went out together.

"Let's send A Xia to T University first!" Situ Mochen instructed.

If anyone else knew that Situ Mochen would send a girl to school, they would probably scream, right?

However, Liu Qingxia didn't care at all. With the relationship between the two of them, what was this?

When it was time for T University, Liu Qingxia did not forget Ou Nuoya who was about to arrive, "I don't have any classes this afternoon. Give me Aya's phone number, I'll go shopping with her in the afternoon."

Situ Mochen naturally would not refuse Liu Qingxia's request. He reminded her a little more before letting the driver drive away.

At this time, there were many people standing outside the school looking at Liu Qingxia's direction. Nobody knew what they were discussing.

Liu Qingxia was not interested in what they were discussing, so she headed back to the campus with large strides.

What she didn't know was that a pair of eyes was already staring at her …

"Sister Na, that Liu Qingxia is quite capable. I wonder where she got Gongzi from!" A girl beside Zhang Yinuo said.

"Mo Chen!" Zhang Yinuo whispered.

In junior high school, he confessed to Situ Mochen, but was cruelly rejected.

That was the only time she failed in all these years. She didn't expect that Liu Qingxia would fall in love with Situ Mochen.

Furthermore, she had witnessed the development of the Qiankun Group for the past few years. This time, she must capture Situ Mochen.

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