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It wasn't that Zhang Yinuo couldn't forget about Situ Mochen, but that man was too perfect. Now that he was back in S City, she naturally treated him as her prey.

Moreover, over the years, that silly Liu Qingxia had repeatedly spoilt her good fortune, so she should at least be taught a lesson.

Zhang Yinuo's Dad was the boss of a construction company. After fighting for more than a decade, he finally met with the upper class society in S City.

She had some tricks up her sleeves and was quite generous with her hands. The older ladies of Gongzi's group treated her like a big sister, which was why they acted so arrogantly.

However, if she wanted to rely on these to sneak into the upper class society in S city, she would still be lacking a bit. Thus, she had to get close to all sorts of people.

In the past few years, although they were not people who could ride with tens of thousands of people, they had at least moaned under hundreds of people.

She had some ability to deal with minor characters.

At the very least, in her eyes, Liu Qingxia was just a nobody.

Now that Situ Mochen had returned, he seemed especially close to Liu Qingxia. Zhang Yinuo naturally couldn't bear to see him with her own eyes. She definitely had to let that woman know that not everyone could hook up with her.

However, what Liu Qingxia didn't know was that Situ Mochen was able to make people hate him even though he was just sending him to school.

She wasn't a very good student, but she hadn't missed a single class in four years of college.

Although it was just an elective course, she still obediently came over. Furthermore, it was quite uncomfortable for her to be left alone in the Situ Family.

After staring blankly in the classroom for the entire morning, he finally got to the end of the class.

Just when she was about to call Ou Nuoya to ask if she was alright, Ou Nuoya called her first.


Ou Nuoya was originally Situ Jinkun's secretary. Now that the Qiankun Group was handed over to Situ Mochen, this secretary naturally became his secretary.

Before Situ Mochen took over the Qiankun Group, Ou Nuoya had been following behind him all day, and when she was free, Situ Jinkun had even brought her to the Liu Family.

"Miss Liu, I'm already at the school gate." A soft voice came through the receiver.

"Alright, I'll end the class as well. Wait for me for a moment."


When Liu Qingxia arrived at the school gates, she saw Ou Nuoya's figure. She wore a T-shirt and a small suit, and her beautiful legs were covered by a pair of dark, black suit pants.

"Aya, you seem to be getting better at dressing up these days!" Liu Qingxia said with a smile. Although she liked Ou Nuoya's attire, it was impossible for her to learn how to dress like this.

Hearing Liu Qingxia's voice, Ou Nuoya waved at her and said, "Miss Liu, why don't you go eat first?"

Regarding the way Ou Nuoya addressed her, she had said it many times, but unfortunately, that little girl was too honest, so Liu Qingxia didn't say anything more.

"Let's go!" There's a new soy sauce restaurant nearby. I haven't eaten there yet! "

She was quite clear about Liu Qingxia's hobby. It seemed like she would have to cook instant noodles for lunch.

Fortunately, the taste was not unique and she was still able to eat it. If Liu Qingxia really liked stinky tofu, she would not be someone who risked her life to be with her master.

When she followed Ou Nuoya to her car, Liu Qingxia couldn't help but be surprised. "Aya, you actually changed into a BMW M6!"

The car cost more than two million yuan and had a beautiful appearance. It was known as the Goddess.

The reason Liu Qingxia could recognize this car was because a young man from two years ago had especially flaunted it to her. Moreover, when he saw Liu Qingxia, he wanted to kick her away and chase after her instead.

"I'm fine! It's second-hand, the owner is in a hurry to use the money, he'll buy it for 1,300,000 yuan. "

"It's a BMW M6 after all, who cares if it's second-hand." Liu Qingxia was also quite fond of this car. She sighed inwardly. Indeed, it was like a goddess. Even she herself liked it so much.

Seeing Liu Qingxia's expression, Ou Nuoya smiled softly and said, "Miss Liu, why don't you try and feel it?"

"Ouch!" Aya, aren't you afraid that I'll ruin your new car? "

Although Ou Nuoya called her Miss Liu, but after all these years of friendship, she knew that Liu Qingxia treated her as a friend and she also considered her as a friend.

Hearing Liu Qingxia's teasing words, Ou Nuoya replied with a smile, "It's alright, I was just thinking of changing it to a brand-new one. If you get tired of it, then I have a reason to find the CEO and give me a new one!"

Ou Nuoya had been with Situ Jinkun for a few years, so she naturally knew about the relationship between this girl and the Situ Family. Furthermore, she also knew a bit about the matter between the CEO and Liu Qingxia.

"Eh, it seems that Aya is becoming more and more generous as well!" Liu Qingxia couldn't react at all. With her EQ …

However, Ou Nuoya didn't say anything and just threw the car keys to Liu Qingxia.

After they finished their lunch, they drove to the largest shopping mall in S City.

While strolling around, they were chatting with each other …

As he spoke, he began to talk about love.

"That's right, Miss Liu. I haven't seen you get a boyfriend for so many years. Are you waiting for our CEO?"

Liu Qingxia was stunned when Ou Nuoya suddenly asked this.

"What kind of joke is this? How could I possibly be waiting for that weirdo?" After saying that, he did not forget to curse Situ Mochen a few words in his heart.

This answer surprised Ou Nuoya. Her mission today was to scout things out for Situ Mochen.

Was he going to answer like this?

No, no, no. If he told Situ Mochen like this, he might be oppressed again.

"Then why didn't Miss Liu find a boyfriend? I look at the CEO, she seems to be interested in you! "

Liu Qingxia immediately got rid of all her guesses as to why that freak would like her. After so many years, if he had liked her, he would have long liked her.

"That won't happen. I've known him for so many years, and they're good friends. They definitely won't have any feelings for each other." Saying that, Liu Qingxia came up with a conjecture, "Aya, it can't be that you have taken a fancy to Situ Mochen, right?

Ou Nuoya had never thought that Liu Qingxia would say such things, so she hurriedly tried to defend herself …

However, Liu Qingxia interrupted her, "Actually, you don't have to be shy. Although Mo Chen has a weird temper, he is still a good person. "If you really have that intention, then I'll just be a Red Maiden." As Situ Mochen's sister, she naturally had to consider the marriage for him. Furthermore, Aya was not bad.

"Don't! Miss Liu, please don't, I don't want to lose this job. "

"I know, you don't want others to know that you have an office romance with him, right …"

Ou Nuoya was speechless. Why would she agree to Situ Mochen's scouting? She was courting death.

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