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When she was about to leave, Liu Qingxia suddenly remembered that she didn't have to look for Situ Mochen. Therefore, she turned around and asked, "Then can you help me find Assistant Ou Nuoya? You just have to tell her that I'm Liu Qingxia."

The front desk thought that she would leave directly, but they didn't expect her to suddenly ask for European Assistant.

European Assistant was also a very busy person. Although he didn't ask for an appointment, a lot of trouble was avoided by the front desk.

"Miss, it's almost time to get off work. Why don't you wait over there?"

Seeing her like that, Liu Qingxia thanked her and found a chair to sit on.

Inwardly, he complained. When he sees Situ Mochen later, he must teach him a lesson. He sent food to him out of good intentions, yet he still had to wait for it.

Liu Qingxia wasn't angry at that receptionist. If it wasn't for the fact that her phone was out of battery, none of this would have happened.

Liu Qingxia, who was bored, just sat there in a daze. When she arrived at Qiankun Group, it was already 11: 10.

At this time, Liu Qingxia was somewhat glad that her Qiankun Group did not set up a dining hall. Otherwise, she would have to run home again.

When it was eleven-thirty, Liu Qingxia saw those people walking out one after another, but she did not see Ou Nuoya.

After sitting there for another ten minutes, she still couldn't find Ou Nuoya. She had no choice but to stop someone.

"Erm, sir, my phone is out of battery. Can you lend me a call?" Liu Qingxia walked up to a man with glasses and asked.

The man glanced at her and saw that she had a lunchbox in her hand. It seemed like she was here to deliver food to someone. Furthermore, this place was the former Kun Building, so he wasn't afraid that she was a liar.

When the person passed the phone over, Liu Qingxia thanked him and dialed Situ Mochen's number.

Situ Mochen looked at the unfamiliar cell phone number. Although he felt it was a bit strange, he still accepted the call.

However, the moment he picked up, he heard a roar from the other side of the phone, "Situ Mochen, hurry up and get off the phone."

Before he could reply, the busy signal had already arrived …

But he had already heard who the voice belonged to and told him to get off. Did she come to the company? But whose number was it?

At this moment, he was too lazy to think any further and directly walked out of the office. It would be better to go down and have a look first.

Seeing that the man beside her was looking at her with a surprised expression, Liu Qingxia couldn't help but laugh softly. "I'm sorry, I scared you." I'll return the phone to you, thank you! "

The bespectacled man was surprised with the contrast between them. He was surprised with the name Situ Mochen, the CEO of the Qiankun Group!

Seeing him still in a daze, Liu Qingxia called out again, "Mister! "Sir!"

"Huh?" That person was still in the midst of his shock, "The fight is over?"

"Yes, thank you!"

After receiving the phone, the glasses man slowly walked out. It was the really slow type.

He walked for a full minute as he looked back. In a short ten meters, he walked for a full minute. However, when he saw Situ Mochen personally come down to pick up that weird woman, he felt that a minute was worth it.

Situ Mochen was the idol of these people. Although this company was under Situ Jinkun's control, Situ Mochen's ability wasn't any weaker than their previous boss. On the contrary, he had the feeling that he was more talented than others.

Who would have thought that today, he would receive the CEO's cell number. This was a special honor!

Seeing that woman dare to yell at the CEO, their relationship definitely wasn't ordinary. If she unintentionally told the CEO that she was going to borrow his phone, then he would probably advance by leaps and bounds.

Liu Qingxia did not know what the bespectacled man was thinking. She was currently teaching Situ Mochen a lesson.

"Situ Mochen, I was kind enough to cook dinner at home and deliver it to you. I waited for half an hour, but you …!" Stay up there and don't come down. "

He could not understand Liu Qingxia's logic. Why did he have to come down?

"I have a snack box on top of it. I usually eat it when I heat it up."

"Alright! "Then you go eat lunch in the snack box, I'll go home and eat by myself!" As she spoke, she prepared to leave. This prideful girl was simply too infuriating.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Situ Mochen immediately held her hand, "You made me a meal, and I even ate a snack box. I'm not stupid. Come, let's go to my office!"

Liu Qingxia's mood improved a lot as she followed him towards the elevator.

At this moment, the people who came down earlier saw their CEO holding the hand of a woman and they all guessed that woman's identity.

After getting into the elevator, Situ Mochen asked: "Why didn't you call me first?"

"I forgot to charge my phone …" Liu Qingxia had a wronged expression on her face as she said that.

Situ Mochen didn't know whether to laugh or to be angry with her for answering that question. Obviously, it was she who didn't charge it, but he could still blame it on himself in the end.

"If you say that you've waited half an hour, then that means you've already arrived before getting off work. Don't you know to call the front desk to notify me?"

"You're such a big CEO, I want to make an appointment with you!" It was fine if he didn't say it, but Liu Qingxia got angry whenever he said it.

"I …" Situ Mochen was also a bit depressed.

"What 'I'? It's your fault for causing your sister to be stared at by so many people."

As the two of them talked, they had already reached Situ Mochen's office floor.

As soon as he left, he saw Ou Nuoya …

When Ou Nuoya saw Liu Qingxia, she was slightly surprised. "Miss Liu, are you not going to class today?"

"No need, that's why I came to deliver food to this person. However, he's too skilled, so we can't meet without an appointment."

Hearing this, Ou Nuoya laughed, "How about Miss Liu and the CEO take a wedding photo and hang it on the front desk. This way, everyone will know that you're the CEO's wife. Naturally, there won't be an appointment."

Situ Mochen unexpectedly agreed with Ou Nuoya's teasing, "I think this method is pretty good. This will save you from putting this kind of crime on my head."

With that, Situ Mochen glanced at Ou Nuoya in admiration.

However, Liu Qingxia felt a little awkward, "Situ Mochen, what nonsense are you talking about!"

"Alright, I won't bother the two of you anymore. I should go eat now." With that, Ou Nuoya stepped into the elevator.

Seeing that Ou Nuoya had left, Liu Qingxia stared at Situ Mochen with a serious expression. "You're not allowed to make such jokes next time."

"What joke?" Situ Mochen pretended not to understand and asked.

Liu Qingxia naturally understood that he was playing dumb! She felt that she was too familiar with Situ Mochen, to the point that she couldn't get any closer.

In this lifetime, they could only be friends or siblings with different surnames. However, there was absolutely no such thing as love.

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