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She even forgot to breathe. She just stood there and let him do it. It was only when she felt a stab of pain on her lips that she understood what was going on.

Liu Qingxia tried to twist her head to avoid his lips, but he held her back even more firmly, preventing her from moving at all. His strong tongue was presumptuously plundering through her mouth. She could only clench her teeth tightly, causing him to touch her even more tyrannically.

Right now, he only had one thought in his mind, and that was to eat her up.

Liu Qingxia was so anxious that she could even hear the sound of her teeth clattering against each other. She viciously bit his tongue, and the smell of blood filled her mouth.

Situ Mochen's tongue was in pain as he abruptly let go of Liu Qingxia.

Her actions had infuriated him.

Liu Qingxia only felt dizzy for a moment before he carried her on his shoulder. She climbed the stairs to his room and he threw her on the soft bed.

Liu Qingxia felt that Situ Mochen was so scary at this moment. Even though they had known each other for so many years, it was the first time she saw Situ Mochen like this.

She … I'm so scared.

"Situ Mochen, you... What are you going to do? "Don't act recklessly!"

When her body became accustomed to the sudden dizziness of being thrown away, she quickly moved to the other side of the bed, wanting to circle around him to the door and run out.

Her hand touched the handle. It had never felt so hard to open. The moment she opened the door, a big hand was placed on her waist. With a push, she returned to her position on the bed.

The door that was just opened slammed shut again.

"Situ Mochen, let go of me!" You can't do this to me! "

Situ Mochen pressed his whole body down. One of his large hands firmly held her hands above her head while the other hand extended along the hem of her clothes, continuously sucking with his hot lips along the curve of her neck.

Liu Qingxia's heart almost jumped out of her chest when she felt his long and tough hands on her tender white skin. Tears fell uncontrollably as she pleaded, "A Chen, I beg of you, please don't do this to me …" "I'm begging you …"

Situ Mochen paused for a moment. However, when he thought about how the woman under him would not avoid and let another man kiss her, the rage that he had been suppressing in his heart exploded out once again.

With a "chi" sound, the fabric was torn to shreds, and Liu Qingxia's casual T-shirt was completely torn off by him. He threw it on the ground, revealing her beautiful figure.

Liu Qingxia's heart followed the sound, slowly sinking into the sea.

Situ Mochen pecked her red lips and said, "A Xia, what I have done to you is legal."

The female lead looked straight at him, without any sadness or joy, like a broken doll. The male lead couldn't bear it any longer. He released her hand and covered her eyes, burying himself deep within her neck.

Suddenly, she pushed him away with all of her strength, pulled up her blanket to cover her naked body, and coldly said: "Situ Mochen, who do you think you are? You just kissed Yin Qingrou, and now you're trying to mess with me? What do you take me for? "

Situ Mochen, who fell to the ground, stared at her blankly. It was unknown if he was angered by Hei Xiangming just now, or was it because of her words that made him feel regret.

Situ Mochen stood up from the ground, once again hugged Qing Xia's thin shoulder, and kissed her lips without saying anything. This kiss was much more gentle and lingering than the one before.

Liu Qingxia struggled with all her might, but under Situ's arm, she seemed to be powerless to resist.

When she gave up struggling again, Situ's kiss suddenly stopped.

He held her close, his eyes sad, as if he wanted to melt her in his eyes.

"A Xia, you are mine. You can only belong to me."

Without waiting for Liu Qingxia's reaction, Situ Mochen turned around and left.

Outside the window, the autumn wind was blowing, the curtains swayed from side to side, and the wind chimes hung in the room were jarring, every sound hitting Qing Xia's heart.

She had hung it up herself, but it seemed so ridiculous at this moment.

She stood up and walked to the window. Through the window, she watched Situ Mochen's sturdy shoulders as he got into the car and left. The sound of the car starting up was very harsh in the night.

Liu Qingxia hugged the blanket on her body and squatted down helplessly.

No! It shouldn't be like this.

Qing Xia was stunned on the spot. His mind gradually became a bit absent-minded. His memories seemed to have returned to the time when Situ Mochen had just returned home, and also seemed to have returned to the time when he was young with Situ Mochen.


At that time.

The sounds of children's laughter came from outside the window. It was her childhood and A Chen's childhood, so carefree.

"small summer!" Come out and greet your uncles and aunties! " Mother Xia shouted into the room, and in a short while, a little guy came out of the bedroom.

Little Liu Qingxia had combed her hair into a bun. Her eyelashes were curved and her cheeks were so pink that one would have liked to hug and kiss her. He shouted at the top of his lungs: "What's wrong, what's wrong, I'm drawing!"

Mother Xia pulled her into the living room with a smile and said, "Hurry up and greet Uncle Situ and auntie, and your Big Brother Mo Chen."

Little Qing Xia's plump and bun face was white and rosy. There was even some paint on her face, making her seem even more mischievous and cute. With a sweet smile, she greeted Situ Jinkun and Chen Xu politely, "Hi, Uncle Situ. Hi, Auntie Xu." However, Little Mo Chen pouted and complained to Mother Xia in dissatisfaction, "Mommy, look at how thin he is, he's definitely younger than me! He should call me big sister! "

Mother Xia frowned and smiled helplessly at Father and Mother Chen, then reprimanded, "Nonsense! "You're just a small child, Mo Chen is older than you, so you should call him Big Brother. How rude."

Little Qing Xia was still not convinced as she rushed to Little Mo Chen's side and forcefully kissed his pale face. Then, she hugged Little Mo Chen proudly and said: "I said he's my little brother, but he's my little brother! "Hehe, I'll call you A Chen from now on!" Then he repeated it beside little Mo Chen's ear, "A Chen! A Chen! "A Chen!"

The adults laughed.

Looking at the adults who were grinning from ear to ear, little Mo Chen felt like he was suddenly kissed by a girl of the same age as him. He shouted, "Who allowed an ugly monster like you to kiss me!"

The soft and sticky voice resounded clearly in the not very empty hall.

Little Qing Xia immediately pouted in grievance. Although she was only four years old, she also knew what was called being ugly.

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