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While thinking about this, Liu Qingxia grabbed a garlic in her basket and threw it at the back of Situ Mochen's head.

The Heavenly Dao was a good Samsara, and there would always be retribution for its actions.

The anti-theft door made a clear "click" sound. Father Xia, Mother Chen and Mother Xia walked in with food in their hands. The scene of her throwing garlic coincidentally hit them squarely in the face.

"Liu Qingxia!" What are you doing! " The grumpy father Xia scolded first.

"Dad …"

Afterwards, Liu Qingxia had been locked up in the house and criticized. From time to time, Liu Qingxia would retort unwillingly, but it was father Xia who beat her up again …

Situ Mochen sat on the sofa in the living room and listened. Although he looked indifferent, his ears were listening to everything in the room.

"Crack." Mr Xia was the first to walk out of the room. Situ Mochen looked through the door and saw Liu Qingxia sitting on the floor with a dejected expression, touching her butt. Her red eyes must have been hurt.

Situ Mochen followed up with his mother and said, "Meiyan Auntie, is Qingxia not coming out to eat?"

Mother Xia froze for a moment, then indifferently said to him: "It's alright, all these years small summer has been used to it."

As expected, a daughter should not have a mother.

Not long after, when the fragrance of the hotpot filled the entire hall, Liu Qingxia slipped out of the room and sat down next to Situ Mochen. She said sweetly to the other adults, "Everyone, let's eat."

The wronged expression on his face from earlier was completely gone.

In the following days, Liu Qingxia was like Situ Mochen's elder sister. They were inseparable every day. Situ Mochen was quiet and always followed behind Liu Qingxia like a lackey.

Due to the last love letter incident, Liu Qingxia didn't dare to write any more love letters to other guys. All the love letters Situ Mochen received were destroyed so that Liu Qingxia wouldn't see them anymore.

It didn't matter that he had hurt other girls' hearts. What mattered was that he had hurt other girls' hearts to hurt other boys' hearts. With such a cycle, trouble finally came knocking on his door.

"You are Situ Mochen?" A group of scantily dressed middle school students blocked Situ Mochen's path to the alley at the end of the street. The leading middle school student asked, "You're the one who rejected Yi Nuo's confession?"

Situ Mochen was silent for a long time as if he was recalling something. Finally, he asked, "Who is Yi Nuo?"

His words directly angered the hoodlums opposite of him. He spat on the ground, waved his baseball bat towards Situ Mochen and scolded, "You female horse, you have no eyes. Brothers, go, teach him a lesson and let him know how strong we are."

After saying that, the four delinquents next to the delinquent leader surrounded him and began to punch and kick the thin and gentle Situ Mochen.

Situ Mochen was protecting the most important part of his body. He tried to curl up his body so that he could reduce the area under attack. However, the coldness in his eyes had dropped to the extreme.

"Damn it!" You bunch of people who don't care for their lives, how dare you bully my little brother! You don't want to live anymore, do you? "

Suddenly, a girl's voice rang out above their heads. The group of thugs stopped their actions and raised their heads to look at her in dissatisfaction.

Liu Qingxia stood on the wall. Since the house was an old-fashioned house, there were a lot of abandoned bricks on the wall. Without thinking, Liu Qingxia picked up a brick and threw it at them. Those hoodlums were scared and immediately ran away. Liu Qingxia turned her head with both hands and angrily said to those hoodlums: "If you don't want to die, then scram!" If I see you guys again, I'll let you know what it means to not be able to bear the consequences. "

Those hoodlums were still students. How could they have seen such a scene before? They immediately ran away in panic. Liu Qingxia carefully walked to the edge of the fence, watched the hoodlums leave, then jumped down the fence and walked beside Situ Mochen. Looking at his weak and trembling body, Liu Qingxia didn't know where to touch him, so she asked anxiously, "A Chen, are you alright? "Where does it hurt?"

Situ Mochen took a deep breath and hugged Liu Qingxia tightly before she could react. Although his body was in excruciating pain, he couldn't help but think in a beautiful manner. It seemed that he had really fallen for Liu Qingxia. No, I've always liked her since I was young.

I really like it... I really like it...

This incident made Situ Mochen stay in the hospital for an entire month. It was then that Liu Qingxia found out that Situ Jinkun had a lot of business acumen, and in these few years, he established a new company — — Qiankun Group.

The last hot pot dinner between the two families was to celebrate this matter, father and mother Xia was also arranged by Situ Jinkun to work in Qiankun Group. However, what made Liu Qingxia unable to accept was that Situ Jinkun wanted Situ Mochen to study abroad so that he could take over his company when he returned.

Originally, he should have left last month, but due to this incident, Situ Mochen's time abroad was extended by an entire month. During this month, Liu Qingxia would run into the hospital as soon as she finished school. No matter how much she hated Situ Mochen, this month passed by really quickly.

On the day Situ Mochen boarded the plane, Liu Qingxia cried her heart out, claiming that in the future, no one would do evil with her.

Her nonsensical words caused the other adults to burst into laughter, and the aura of separation disappeared without a trace.

Situ Mochen frowned and pulled Liu Qingxia, who was crying so hard, to the side. He reached out his hand to wipe her tears and felt reluctant to part with her.

"We'll get in touch." Situ Mochen didn't know what to do with her. He couldn't bear to see her cry so much.

Liu Qingxia pouted, feeling wronged. She looked just like when they met in their childhood, "But I just can't bear to part with you! After that, no one copied my math homework or my English homework. "

Saying that, Situ Mochen's face turned dark.

It turned out that her reluctance to part with him was limited to not being able to copy math and English homework.

Situ Mochen pursed his lips and glanced at her. Finally, without saying anything, he picked up the luggage and walked towards the registration office. Liu Qingxia was still crying so much that her eyes were hazy with tears.

"You have to come back quickly!" Liu Qingxia shouted at her back.

Situ Mochen didn't turn around, he just waved goodbye while holding the ticket in his hand.


Just like that, the two of them parted ways for six years. For the past six years, Situ Mochen had never contacted Liu Qingxia …

At the airport in S City, a man stepped out of the artificial entrance of the private airport with shiny black shoes. He was tall and imposing.

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