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A proper suit was worn on his body, as if it was tailored for him, revealing all of his advantages. With one hand in his pocket and the other holding his suitcase, the white shirt on his chest had two loose buttons, giving off an irresistible aura of nobility and charms. He wore dark glasses that obscured his features, but the smile on his lips, through his knife-edged chin and thin lips, was enough to mesmerize all the women in the airport.

The bodyguard who had come to pick him up walked up to him and took the suitcase from him. He walked ahead of the group.

When he looked at the blue sky outside the airport, his mind flashed with the image of a cute, young face that seemed a little bad at the same time.

Liu Qingxia, I'm finally back.


"CEO, where are we going now?" the bodyguard asked as he got into the car and held onto the steering wheel.

Situ Mochen thought for a moment and said, "Let's go back to the company first!"

Although he really wanted to rush to the little woman's side right now, hug her and shout out, "He's finally back!" Or ask if she missed him, but the moment the bodyguard opened his mouth, he suddenly shrank back. "It was a feeling of trepidation, or rather a feeling of trepidation, towards her.

It wasn't that he hadn't thought of seeing or contacting her in the past six years, but he was afraid that the moment he heard her voice or saw her like that, he would abandon everything and return to her side.

Situ Mochen facepalmed. That stupid woman probably still didn't know what he was thinking of her!

When he thought back to the time at the airport, when that stupid woman had said goodbye to him, and that no one had copied her math and English homework after he had left, he suddenly laughed in annoyance, scaring the bodyguard who was driving the car into a panic.

The bodyguard braced himself and said, "CEO, your cell phone rang."

Situ Mochen immediately put away his smile and took out his phone. On the screen, it displayed "Dearest Mommy". He answered without any hesitation: "Hello! Mom, what's the matter? "

"Stinking brat!" You haven't answered the phone in such a long time, do you want to rebel!? " Moments later, the roar of Mrs Chen's lion could be heard from the other side.

Situ Mochen immediately put the phone away from his ear and hung up without thinking. However, an even louder roar came from the other side: "Smelly brat, if you dare to hang up, try it!"

Situ Mochen helplessly continued to listen and said, "Mom, your son just got off the plane. He's very tired."

Over the years, many things had changed. Just like Mrs Chen, a woman who was originally quiet and gentle gradually became like a lion's roar in the river. Mr Chen did not stop her and instead allowed her mother to do as she pleased.

Situ Mochen knew that the culprit behind all of this was Liu Qingxia, who he had endured six years without seeing her for six.

Thinking up to this point, he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Hey, hey, did you hear what I said!" Mother Chen's voice was filled with dissatisfaction, and beside her was the sound of her father's doting voice. Situ Mochen came back to his senses.

"Mom, say it again, I wasn't paying attention." Situ Mochen couldn't help but feel a little upset. Now that he had returned home, all he could think about was Liu Qingxia's figure. As long as he was distracted, all he could think about was the time when Liu Qingxia was with him.

"I say, from today on, I will travel around the world with your father, your Uncle Liu, and yourself. Since you have returned to your country, the only one your Uncle Liu can't let go of is small summer. Take good care of her, do you hear me?"

Situ Mochen's brain exploded. At this moment, the usually smart him had already become confused: "Mom, what did you say?"

"I said, congratulations to your foolish son, your dream for so many years has finally come true. In the following days, you two can live by yourselves!" Mrs Chen once again spoke. Just as she was about to hang up, Mr Chen seemed to have reminded her on the side. Mrs Chen once again raised the phone and continued, "Oh! Oh right, foolish son, I forgot to tell you one thing. We have already registered your account book with small summer. "

"Wha, what do you mean?" He couldn't finish digesting Mother Chen's words for a while. It was like a child from a poor family fantasizing about eating a cake all day long, and one day, a super big cake buried him whole, more startled than surprised.

"What else can it mean? You think you can escape from us with your little mind? "Be good to small summer. Otherwise, we won't forgive you."

After saying that, the sound of someone hanging up came from the other side of the phone. Situ Mochen was unable to recover his senses for a long time, but he still maintained his position of answering the phone. The bodyguard sitting in front of him had followed him for so long, when had he ever seen such a silly look before. The bodyguard sitting in front of him had followed him for so long, when had he ever seen such a silly look before, he couldn't help but take a few more glances.

The bodyguard wailed in his heart. He knew that not everyone could see the CEO make a fool of herself. The bodyguard quickly shifted his gaze to the front and said word by word, "CEO, we're here."

Situ Mochen glanced at him coldly and said: "Go to T University."

The bodyguard didn't dare to say anything else. He immediately started the car and drove in the direction of T's.

T University was the largest and best university in S City. Since she didn't want to leave home too far and was born and bred in S City, Liu Qingxia didn't want to go to a foreign place to study. Thus, she directly applied for T University. S City was the richest province in the country, where many of the most wealthy and invisible merchants lived. It was said that T University was a school for the wealthy and wealthy.

Originally, according to Liu Qingxia's conditions, he couldn't even study in this university, but he could do nothing about it as his Dad was the good brother of Qiankun Group's Chairman! Thus, Liu Qingxia went to the school without any hindrance.

Because of her family's background, it would inevitably be looked down upon by a female classmate or a female classmate in the school. Thus, it caused quite a bit of strife.

But since Situ Mochen had been beaten up in high school, Liu Qingxia had spontaneously started to learn judo. He wasn't invincible, but he was still more than enough to deal with people who sought trouble.

Those officials and rich second generations did not expect Liu Qingxia to have the appearance of a loli, but she was actually so good at fighting. Coupled with Liu Qingxia's love of pranks, her little devil title was spread. Ordinary people wouldn't find trouble with her, but not ordinary people …

Situ Mochen sat in the car and carefully looked at all of Liu Qingxia's experiences over the years.

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