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"So superman or batman? Which are we playing with today? " Toys in hands, she raised them both, high enough for Sammie to see.

She waited eagerly, the smile plastered on her face disappeared when she realized there was no excitement in his eyes, his eyes which were so much like hers were dull today.

A worried look spread across her features as she scooted closer so that she was sitting in the space beside him.

"What's wrong? You don't want any of them today? "

"When can I return home?"

Innocent as the question was coming from him, her heart still gave that familiar painful pang, even more so when he slowly reached his much smaller hand to touch hers.

"I don't like staying in bed all day, I miss you a lot when you're not here, I want to go back to school, I want to see my friends " His lips quivered at the end, he was trying to be strong.

A tight knot covered her throat, she swallowed hard and tried at a smile but it wobbled away even as soon as it appeared.

She brushed her hand through his soft curl of hair.

"I already told you, didn't I? You'll have to get better first, then we can return home and we will have all the fun, the way we used to."

She noticed that Sammie was watching her closely and eagerly, he had always been too smart for his age, he always could discover when something was wrong, she prayed that this time, her very much old excuse was enough to answer his questions.

"Then, when am I going to get better? Will I ever? Am I going to die?"

She was startled by his continuous questions, the sharp stab of pain in her heart continued to spread until it became so unbearable.

"Of course not!" She spoke in a firm tone, holding his gaze and shifting her hands to cup his soft baby cheeks, she spoke in an even firmer tone.

"Promise? " He held out his pinky finger, his voice held that little hope that gave her heart another tight clench.

" Promise. Nothing is going to happen to you, Sammie. Don't say things like that ever again, your treatments are showing improvement, you'll return home in no time, you've been so brave all these time, I told you superhero always wins, remember?"

He nodded slowly.

She didn't feel as convinced inside as her words had sounded. Her lips were pursed together, the last thing she wanted was to break down in front of Sammie. She had to be strong for them both, tears never made anything better. It never had.

She lifted her head when smaller hands tightened around hers, a small smile was spread across Sammie's lips.

"Whatever may happen, I just want to tell you that I'm not scared to die, I'm just scared that you're going to be sad, I don't want you to be unhappy " He whispered gazing up at her.

She couldn't handle the sudden burst of emotions that swept through her. A strangled sound escaped her throat.

Her arms immediately wrapped around him in an embrace, she did it as gently as she could without hurting him.

She tried to blink back the hot tears, but they kept streaming down her face even as she swiped at it with the back of a hand.

She kissed his forehead and both cheeks before pulling away.

"I'll never be unhappy because my strong hero will always be with me, and when we go home, we will visit wherever you want, just the two of us, you are going to like that right? "

He nodded again, his smaller hands helping her to wipe away tears.

"Don't cry please "

She smiled sadly, wiping her eyes dry with the edge of her clothes. She should be the one comforting him, not the other way around.

They spent the next moment in comfortable silence, she was contented humming as she brushed his hair with her fingers.

"What about Uncle George? Why doesn't he ever come to visit me? He doesn't like me much does he?" His expression fell as he spoke, the little action stabbed at her heart again.

She and Sammie were considerably fifteen years apart, she had been an only child for many years, the doctors had spoken that her mother wouldn't be able to bear more children after her, but fifteen years after her birth, her mother had taken in again and had successfully given birth to Sammie, three years ago when she had brought her little brother to live with her and George, he had often at times referred to the both of them as his parents.

"He is busy with work, when I get home, I'll tell him that you miss him, he will definitely come, I promise " The lie left her mouth easily, she would do or say anything to remove the sadness from his eyes. It was getting more and more difficult to lie to him, it had been easier when he was younger.



Aurora stepped out of the hospital building, she boarded a taxi to get to her destination.

Both she and Sammie had spent the last few hours playing and discussing all they would do when he got discharged.

She had left only after he was given his injection and had fallen asleep.

Now, she was staring at the building in front of her, she was stopped by no one as she stepped inside.

The workers were all aware of her identity, she was the boss's wife. To all of them, the boss was an honorably family man.

She almost sneered at that. If there was something George knew how to do perfectly, it was how to hide his skeleton behind closed doors.

She didn't bother with a knock as she entered his office. He sat behind a desk, he didn't show surprise at her sudden entrance, she guessed that he had already been informed the moment she arrived.

A sly smile was plastered across his face as he straightened from his chair.

"To what do I owe this pleasure of your presence " His voice was mocking, he already guessed why she would pay him a sudden visit.

It had to be because she had finally gotten to her senses.

She ignored his statement and took another step inside the furnished office. She hated being in his presence and even more loathed the next sentence that left her mouth.

"I'll do it"

She met his gaze emotionlessly, watching the triumph flash in his eyes.

I knew you will get rid of your stubbornness sooner or later. You really should have agreed sooner, then we wouldn't have had to go through that little argument, you see " He sneered.

"When and where" She spoke in that same cold voice, looking everywhere but not particularly seeing anything.

"I didn't know you will be in such a hurry to rent out your womb and agree to sell your child "

She stared at him then, how had she ever been in love with this man? How could anyone be so vile?

"Tomorrow, I'll congratulate you, you are going to be rich, dearest wife! "

Ignoring his extended hands, she stormed out of his office.

If her sacrifice meant that Sammie would be well again, then it was worth it.

She was happy.



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