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Some days later, Aurora laid still on the examination table, she buried herself in thoughts as the doctor injected the frozen seminal fluids into her womb. She was a bit more comfortable since the Doctor was a woman like herself.

She found her thoughts drifting to the man, whose seed she was getting impregnated with, she wondered how he looked like, what kind of a father he would be to his child. She managed to fight these thoughts, it wouldn't do her any good, it was better for her not to think she was about to carry a life inside of her.

"We are done here for today ma'am, we will do this again tomorrow " The doctor's statement broke the silence.

"Tomorrow? " She pulled down her hospital gown and started to sit up from the examination table.

"Yes. We have to continue until your ovulation period is over, there will be a higher percentage that you'll get pregnant "

Aurora nodded numbly, she changed into her normal clothes and left the room quietly.

She almost bumped into George, Cassandra, as well as Jerome who was dressed in a lab coat, he was the senior doctor who was in charge of everything. As though her mood wasn't sour enough already, they started to approach her wearing satisfied smirks.

"When am I going to get the money?" Aurora stared at them, no emotion betrayed what she feeling inside.

It was Cassandra who spoke, one of her brows lifted, it was Aurora who had sold her womb for money, yet she was still acting so proud! She was behaving as though she was righteous than the rest of them.

She hadn't thought an opportunity would come when she would finally get to teach her a good lesson, when Jerome had brought that idea, she hadn't expected Aurora to take it up, she must love that little brat more than her dignity and life. Cassandra could almost feel pity for her.

Almost. But not quite.

Her baby would be born a bastard? Wasn't it what this bitch here had said? It was only because of Aurora that she had to be referred to as a mistress.

If there was a good time to make Aurora pay for everything, it was now. She would make sure that Aurora pay dearly. Compelling her to bear another man's baby was just the beginning!

And a million dollars!

Cassandra could almost laugh at the thought, she would ensure that Aurora never gets even a penny!

Allowing her lips to curl into a sweet smile, she patted Aurora's shoulder lightly, the latter who instantly flinched away, as though the mere touch of Cassandra was sickening.

Cassandra's smile never wavered, especially when George wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Aren't you going a little too fast, it's still not certain if you are pregnant yet" She taunted with her nose turned upwards.

"You still need to sign these before you leave. "

For the first time, Aurora noticed the documents in Jerome's hands which he extended towards her.

She had already signed a document earlier before the insemination, why did she need to sign another? She was feeling a bit weak, she couldn't go through these right now.

"I'll take this with me, I will send it to you once I've gone through it and signed " She started to leave but was stopped by Jerome's next words.

"Those are confidentiality papers, we need you to review and sign them now, the lawyer is still waiting in my office"

She had to sign them right now? Aurora skipped past the first three pages, there were indeed confidentiality papers, to ensure that both parties keep the whole matter of surrogacy a secret.

She inserted her signature and handed it to Jerome who was waiting with the semblance of a smile.

In a few weeks from now, it would be certain if she was pregnant, then she would get the money, she prayed that she would conceive on this first attempt.


The next few weeks later, it was confirmed. She was pregnant!

She had accepted the news with mixed feelings, she still didn't think that she was carrying a life inside of her, it was only a route that would provide the money for Sammie's operation cost.

"It was clearly stated in the document which you signed willingly, the money given to you only after you give birth!"

The blood drained from Aurora's face when the bombshell dropped on her. The attorney as well as Jerome wore a grim expression.

"I think my job here is done, have a good day! I've clarified whatever mistakes you might have made ma'am " The attorney straightened from his seat, brushing off imaginary dirt from his clothes.

"This couldn't be true! " Aurora shook her head in anger in disbelief.

By the time she has given birth, it might be too late, of what point was this whole thing if she wasn't going to be able to save Sammie in time?

"I never saw that condition in the contract, why can't you understand? I need the money urgently! " She screamed until her voice cracked.

The contract was brought out in front of her, indeed she had signed it and if she had gone through the entire document that day, she might have seen it.

"It isn't our fault if you didn't read properly, listen here Mrs. Aurora, the money will only be given to you once you have successfully given birth to the child! "

The attorney's statement was a harsh slap across her face, if she had been given more time that day, she would have gone through it and that clause would have been adjusted.

Her gaze shifted towards Jerome and anger poured through her until her face flushed beet red.

They must have done this on purpose to make it difficult for her.

The attorney left the angry woman and brusquely left the office.

"You can't be so upset, you need to take care of your health, you can't mess everything up now over such a trivial thing, can you? If you miscarry that baby intentionally, the price, you will never be able to pay, I can assure you. "

The bastard Jerome had the guts to smile and all Aurora wanted was to wipe off all of his teeth.

"According to the agreement, you'll only get your money after nine months "

How dare they do this to her? Tears of frustration threatened.

"And whatever you are thinking is right, we did it purpose, you made my sister wait for three years, why don't you wait for nine months to experience his it feels? "

Jerome's words pierced her heart with renewed anger, they were using this opportunity to get their revenge on her.

She hated the fact that she was helpless and had to constantly be at their mercy.

"But if my sister is willing to forgive you, then it isn't too late, something could be done to adjust the agreement. " He laughed at her as though he was telling the joke of the century.

Her helplessness and her brother's condition were indeed fun to all of them.

Aurora made a vow then, One day, she was going to make them regret what they did to her today, a day would come when they will also be under her mercy and she would never let them off!

Would Sammie be able to hang on until the proposed time? He already had suffered enough and was barely hanging on.

Oh God no!

She failed him.

Why was she so useless?

He was dependent on her and she wasn't able to take care of him.

Their parents in heaven must be spitting down on her. They had a worthless daughter who was helpless to save her kid brother.

After all the promises she had made to him, this was the best she could do?





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