It was night, and the Qing Mansion.

Red lanterns hung in front of the eaves, flickering and fading in and out of the heavy rain.

In the new room, Qing Muhan pinched Ji Wanxi's lower jaw, and looked down at her condescendingly, with ridicule in his eyes: "The wedding night, who would want to see your face?

Ji Wanxi was forced to raise his head, his mandible was in so much pain from being pinched by the man, but he did not show it in the slightest, "I am not wronged."

"I don't feel wronged!" Qing Muhan flipped a table and chair to the side, his gaze filled with loathing: "Of course you're not wronged, why not marry me instead of your sister Zimei, why not you? Since that's the case, what are you standing there for, relax my clothes!"

Ji Wanxi's body trembled slightly as she said in a trembling voice, "Mu Han ?"

"You're not allowed to call me by my name, I find it disgusting!" Qing Muhan grabbed Ji Wanxi and threw her onto the bed. Because of her identity, she naturally gave off a bloodthirsty aura.

Ji Wanxi trembled, and then he heard Qing Muhan's cold voice, "What are you pretending for! "It's best not to refute my words here. Otherwise, the entire Ji Clan will suffer a bad ending!"

Ji Wanxi shook his hands, the last trace of blood on his face, because his words had disappeared completely.

His face was wet with tears.

Ever since she was young, her life had never been hers. Even now, she still ?

Ji Wanxi nodded obediently and knelt on the bed. He extended his hand to take off the collar of the man's shirt.

"Alright." She lowered her head, blushing all the way to her ears.

Qing Muhan lowered his eyes. There was not a single trace of emotion in his eyes, only endless coldness. "And your own clothes."

Ji Wanxi's head buzzed. There was clearly no wind, but his body was chilled to the bone.

Her face was red and white, white and red, and she had to endure the humiliation as she covered her collar with her hands.

The rain gradually stopped and the sky turned white. Only then did the torture come to an end.

Qing Muhan put on his clothes and mercilessly left, as if Ji Wanxi was just a tool for him to vent his anger, a tool that was even inferior to a brothel.

It was only when the sunlight shone into the window and started to dazzle Ji Wanxi that she finally woke up. She moved her arms and felt that her body did not belong to herself.

A trace of bitterness leaked out from his heart.

She closed her eyes and a tear fell from the corner of her eye. It fell onto her temple and slowly seeped into her hair.

After a while.

"Ying Dong." She opened her mouth, her voice hoarse.

The sound of hurried footsteps came over, and it was the little girl who had followed him since young. She supported him with red eyes: "Young miss, from today onwards, I will call you Young Madem, Ying Dong is unwilling to."

"Silly girl, is Young Madem not me?" Ji Wanxi caressed the little girl's hair: "Hurry and help me up."

"But Young Marshal is not good to Young Madem." Ying Dong carefully helped Ji Wanxi put on his clothes, and when he saw the scars on his body, he couldn't help but sob. "It's only the first day, how are you going to live for so long?"

"He didn't treat me badly." Ji Wanxi comforted Ying Dong by swallowing the pain: "Don't cry, he is only ? I was in a bad mood yesterday. "

Ji Wanxi did not dare to recall last night, and was also unwilling to tell Ying Dong the cruel truth.

Everything still depended on Qing Muhan. If she still couldn't get on Qing Muhan's nerves, the Ji Family would be done for.

"Ying Dong is not stupid." The little girl combed Ji Wanxi's hair, then gasped in a low voice: "It was First Miss who took responsibility of Young Marshal Qing and married another person. Master actually let you marry her, it obviously isn't your fault."

Ji Wanxi sighed, he wanted to say something, but a little girl came over to report.

Young Marshal Qing sent Ji Wanxi to the Flower Hall.

"Let's go."

Ever since Qing Muhan was promoted to Young General, he did not live in a small building. He only renovated a former Duke's mansion and changed the name to Qing Mansion.

Ying Dong supported Ji Wanxi, but just as they walked to the courtyard, they heard a burst of laughter, causing her to pause in her steps.

When they arrived at the parlour, they saw Qing Muhan leaning on the imperial concubine's bed with a lazy expression, hugging the two dancers from left and right.

She forked a piece of fruit from a nearby plate and fed it with her red lips.

Qing Muhan smiled sinisterly, used her lips to receive the fruit, and even massaged the dancers' waists.

Not far away on a small stage, the recently popular Xiao'er was shaking her sleeves and singing.

Ji Wanxi stood in place, his heart chilled to the core.

At that time, Ying Dong asked her why she was willing to marry over, but she did not answer.

What other reason could there be? It was because she loved him ?

Ji Wanxi closed his eyes and turned around: "Let's go, Ying Dong."


Qing Muhan fondly caressed the dancers' hands, but his voice was ice-cold when he called out to her: "Where are you going, come over here!"

Ji Wanxi clenched his fists tightly, endured the anger in the bottom of his heart, and turned around.

Looking at Qing Muhan with bland eyes, he said, "It's rather crowded around Young Marshal, so I won't be coming to join in on the fun."

Qing Muhan sneered.

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