He pushed a dancer aside and smiled sinisterly, "Now I have a vacant seat, come and accompany me."

This was clearly treating her like a dancer.

Ji Wanxi took a deep breath and walked over. However, she was pulled by Qing Muhan and pressed down on the sofa, following that, her waist was covered by a hand. She wanted to struggle, but was fiercely restrained by the man on her arm.

"What does Madam think of this name?"

Ji Wanxi suppressed the discomfort she felt and answered his question: "Good to hear."

Qing Muhan grabbed her arm, and tilted his head to laugh coldly next to her ear: "It's not as nice as Madam's words."

Her voice was cold and malicious, Ji Wanxi's face instantly paled.

Qing Muhan let go of Ji Wanxi and hugged the dancing girl. He admired her pale face and raised a ridiculing smile: "Madam, come on stage and sing one."

Ji Wanxi clenched his fingers tightly and did not move.

Seeing that she did not make a move, Qing Muhan's face turned cold, and with a fierce voice he said: "Do you not understand?!"

Ji Wanxi suddenly stood up, clenching his fists tightly while hiding behind his cape, "What do you want? I don't know how to sing games, if Young Marshal wants to beat me up, just do it, why humiliate me like this?"

She had her dignity, and her upbringing had forbidden her to do so.

"It seems that you haven't learnt to be obedient yet." Qing Muhan laughed coldly, then called out to the followers behind him: "Men, bring Ying Dong to the training camp, just say that this commander rewarded them and they can play around with him."

Ji Wanxi suddenly widened his eyes, and stopped the follower who was about to step forward, "You can't, you can't send Ying Dong to that place!"

Was this man a demon! Everyone in the training camp was a man. If Ying Dong went there, it would be equivalent to humiliating himself to death.

Qing Muhan looked down at Ji Wanxi from above, his expression gloomy: "What qualifications do you have to order me?"

Ying Dong was so frightened that with a "plop", he kneeled on the ground as blood dripped from his forehead. "Please ?"

Ying Dong trembled, unable to say a complete sentence.

Facing Qing Muhan's cold and harsh gaze, Ji Wanxi's hands trembled violently, but he still kept Ying Dong behind him.

"What's there to be unhappy about? Come at me!" I sing! Why should I make it difficult for an innocent Ying Dong? "

"You sing?" Qing Muhan's face darkened, he placed the teacup in his hand on the table and slowly spoke: "It's late, take off your clothes, come and accompany me."

Ji Wanxi's face instantly turned pale white.

She raised her head to look at the man leaning on the imperial concubine's bed, unable to believe what she had just heard. "You, what did you say ?"

"I said, take off your clothes!" The man smirked at the woman in front of him. His gaze was devoid of any warmth. "Aren't you going to act the master and servant? Whether or not your maidservant can keep her life will depend on your performance."

Ji Wanxi lowered his head, his heart filled with pain.

She had forgotten. How could he let her off so easily?

The dignified Young Madem was like a prostitute, taking off her clothes in front of everyone to please him. What Qing Muhan wanted to do was to make her unable to raise her head, and make the Ji Family ? He couldn't raise his head either.

"Alright, as you wish."

The woman's voice was shaking, but her eyes were filled with determination. She placed her hand on the first buckle on her qipao and slowly made her move. Soon after, it was the second.

From beginning to end, Ji Wanxi's gaze had always been firmly fixed in Qing Muhan's eyes, and he could almost see his own reflection in her clear and bright eyes.

When he was about to remove the third pellet, he suddenly grabbed Ji Wanxi's waist and pulled her to his side. He angrily waved at the female dancer: "Get lost!"

The dancers around her hurriedly left the sofa.

"You chose this yourself!" The cold voice of a man sounded in her ears, his strength so strong that it seemed to want to crush her bones. Her qipao was instantly destroyed, causing Ji Wanxi to uncontrollably tremble, his eyes closed tightly as he silently protested.

Qing Muhan's face darkened, he said to the dancers around him who were still in shock: "Did I tell you to stop, continue dancing!"

The music started again. The female dancer's clothes were fluttering in the wind as the music entered her ears.

Ji Wanxi laid on the sofa dumbly, feeling like all the sounds were slowly getting further and further away.

She bit down hard on her lips until blood oozed out.

The coldness in his heart overshadowed the pain in his body, spreading to his limbs and bones.

For the next few days, Ji Wanxi did not go out of his room again.

Qing Muhan had also never come before.

The entire residence, the bed decorations and decorations were all extravagant and exquisite, but there was not a single trace of human life left in those ice-cold rooms.

She didn't dare to go out, nor did she dare to look at the glaring sunlight. She didn't want to see the mocking and scornful gazes directed at her by the others in the mansion.

By now, the entire Young Marshal Mansion knew that the Young Madem was not favoured, and was even inferior to the lowest dancers.

Ji Wanxi rapidly lost weight at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Young Madem, eat some more." Ying Dong knelt beside the bed, tears streaming down her face. "If Madam sees this, her heart must ache."

Ji Wanxi sat up: "Is he back?"

Ying Dong supported Ji Wanxi lovingly: "It's been a few days since Young Marshal returned to the house."

Forget it, Ying Dong, help me wash up and put on some makeup ? "Take it a bit harder, don't worry your mother.

As the sun was setting in the west, Ji Wanxi returned to the Qing Mansion from the Ji Family, but he was stopped outside the door.

Ying Dong anxiously wanted to argue with the guard, but he was told that without the Young Marshal Qing's permission, he would not allow them to enter.

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