"No matter what, this is the Young Marshal's wife, you've gone too far!" Ying Dong was so angry that her face was flushed.

However, the guards did not move and blocked them outside the door. They were as cold as Qing Muhan, and the only person they obeyed in their hearts was the Young Marshal.

Ji Wanxi shook his head and grabbed Ying Dong: "It's useless to bother with them. Let's stay here and wait for him to come back."

As the sun set, the cold gradually rose. Ji Wanxi had endured for an entire day and it was so cold that he was on the verge of collapse.

Ying Dong pulled her wrist, and held onto her young miss' hand with a pained heart: "Young Madem, I'll go beg the guards again."

Just at this time, the sound of a car approaching could be heard, the lights shone so brightly that Ji Wanxi could not open his eyes.

Qing Muhan stepped on his boots as he walked over, the sound coming from far away.

Ji Wanxi lowered his eyes, covering the pain within them as he calmly called out. "Young Marshal."

Qing Muhan saw the calmness in her eyes and frowned slightly.

Immediately after, a woman wearing a fashionable dress came down from the car. It was Second Aunt, Qin Panpan.

He crooked his finger, and Qin Panpan stepped forward, gently allowing him to hold her.

Qing Muhan succeeded in seeing Ji Wanxi's bloodless face turn even paler, as a look of interest and satisfaction flashed in his eyes.

"Madam, have you been well since you came home today?"

Qing Muhan played with the hair of the beauty in his arms, and asked carelessly.

Ji Wanxi desperately dug for her sleeves with trembling hands, to prevent herself from fainting. She heard her own calm reply, "Very good, I'll have to trouble Young Marshal to take care of it."

Maybe the moonlight was too good, Qing Muhan was in a trance for a while.

He vaguely saw the girl from three years ago. She was dressed in a half-dress and an obliquely cut top. Her eyes were pure and clear, untainted by the world's aura.

Suddenly, a chilling aura appeared ? ?

"Qing Muhan, today, I will take your life, and accompany our brothers in death!"

A few men in black appeared in the street, surrounding them and rushing over with cold glints in their hands.

It was an assassination!

As the young master of the Yan City, Qing Muhan had countless of enemies, and it was unknown how many people wanted to kill him.

"Defend!" Qing Muhan didn't bring any weapon and with a raise of his hand, he killed a black-clothed man and took the blade in his hand.

He had experienced many assassination attempts. In his opinion, this was just a small matter.

Ji Wanxi did not have the ability to fight, so he could only hide at the back of the carriage.

The leader of the black-clothed men seemed to have recognized Ji Wanxi. With a wave of his hand, the two black-clothed men rushed towards Ji Wanxi.

Qing Muhan glanced at the direction the black clothed man went, and frowned at the staff: Protect the Madam, if she's injured, then you're asking!

He hated this woman, but the game hadn't started yet. He couldn't let her die so easily.

and Ying Dong were being protected by the guards, upon seeing Qing Muhan who was being protected by his own hands, they drooped their eyes.

Ah!" Master, there's someone on the left!

"Right, right, ah ah ah!"

Qin Panpan was so frightened by the assassination that her face turned pale, and she screamed non-stop, making Qing Muhan feel extremely upset.

Amidst the blade and sword beams, the assassination was resolved extremely quickly. Qing Muhan pushed Qin Panpan away and ordered his assistant: "Check them, where have you sent these people from?"

With these words, he took off the mask of one of the men in black and began to inspect his face.

Ji Wanxi heaved a long sigh of relief.

She walked towards Qing Muhan, but just as she approached him, a man who fell to the ground earlier suddenly exploded.

The black clothed man's hand flashed with a cold light and pierced towards Qing Muhan's back.

Ji Wanxi's heart was instantly lifted!

His body was faster than his consciousness as he charged forward.

Qing Muhan heard the commotion behind him.

Turning his head, he saw the dagger piercing into Ji Wanxi's shoulder, and he was stunned.

She actually helped him block the blade?

He easily took care of the assassin.

He reached out and caught her falling body. The bright red blood on his shoulder made his heart panic for a moment.

"Working driving! Go to Phlogistic Hexuan's infirmary! "

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