In the infirmary.

Phlogistic Hexuan quickly used his fingers to bandage Ji Wanxi, looking at the small lady who was quietly lying on the sickbed with a pale face, a complicated look flashed past his eyes.

"Is this the Young Madem that you married a few days ago?"

When Qing Muhan heard that the stab wound on Ji Wanxi's shoulder wasn't deep, he was only shocked. He fainted, and his heart returned to his stomach once more.

"What Young Madem? The Ji Clan sent over the things as compensation, but they only took it to play with. "

Qing Muhan replied carelessly.

He would never treat this vile woman as his wife.

Seeing his friend's unconcerned expression, Phlogistic Hexuan thought about what happened three years ago. He silently sighed in the bottom of his heart and put away the equipment.

He instructed, "Alright, but remember to replace this pill. It may hurt after the anesthesia. Also, don't exercise too much these days, including ?" "It's housekeeping."

"What's the point of listening to all this nonsense? Why don't you come back to the mansion with me?"

Ji Wanxi was awakened by the pain from the wound on his shoulder. He touched the bandage on his shoulder and raised the corner of his mouth.

It seemed that Mu Han still cared about him.

Ying Dong who was resting beside the bed hurriedly got up, "Young Madem, you're awake, I'll go get the medicine for you!"

Ji Wanxi stopped her: "I'm not drinking, go back to your room and sleep. I'm fine now."

"No way!" Ying Dong was especially persistent, "Mister Yan said that in order to prevent fever, you must watch Young Madem drink the medicine."

Ji Wanxi's face lit up, "Is it He Xuan? He was the one who treated me. Where is he now? "

"In the guest room ?"

Before Ying Dong could finish speaking, Ji Wanxi had already got off the bed.

Outside the courtyard, the moon was half-crescent in the sky. A few small lamps within the courtyard emitted a dim light, but for some reason, they added a hint of bleakness to the light.

Ji Wanxi looked at Phlogistic Hexuan's handsome figure, and was moved from the bottom of his heart. "Thank you, Big Brother Yan."

Phlogistic Hexuan suppressed the urge to embrace her, and stroked the hair of the woman in front of him, his gaze gentle: "Why are you so bitter."

Ji Wanxi raised his head and laughed.

She slowly shook her head. "I'm willing, so it won't be hard."

In the moonlight, Ji Wanxi's eyes were filled with love and nostalgia for another person.

Phlogistic Hexuan tilted his head, covering the bitterness in his eyes. "You, you clearly know what Mu Han likes is ?"

"Let's not talk about this anymore, big brother Yan." Ji Wanxi was unwilling to think of these painful things.

Phlogistic Hexuan sighed, and helped Ji Wanxi drive away the bugs that were bothering her, and helped her up: "I'll send you back to rest, the wounds on your shoulders are not suitable for you to move around much."

The shadows of the two slowly lengthened by the moonlight.

From afar, it seemed as though they had fused into one body.

Outside the courtyard in the distance, Qing Muhan's face darkened.

Qin Panpan, who was holding onto his arm, had a pleased look flash across her eyes, but when she opened her mouth, she was actually speaking in a gentle and soft voice, "Young Madem is truly easy to get along with.

Qing Muhan's eyes were already filled with storm energy, and upon hearing Qin Panpan's words, he stretched out his hand to pinch the speaker's slender white wrist, and coldly asked: "What did you say just now?"

Qin Panpan's face paled, he trembled in pain: "I-I said, the relationship between Young Madem and Doctor Yan is good."

The light in Qing Muhan's eyes became cold, and the strength in his hands increased.

Ah!" Qin Panpan screamed in pain, her face contorted: "Young, Young Marshal ?

Qing Muhan glared at her coldly: "I don't like women who think they're too smart. Can you remember that?"

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