Ji Wanxi was woken up by the splash of cold water.

She lay on the cold brick floor of the ancestral hall in a sorry state. Her head was dizzy, but it was bone chilling cold.

At that moment, Qing Muhan was filled with hostility, standing in the Ancestral Temple, he ordered his assistant, "Take away your family's law!"

Everyone was shocked.

The laws of the Young Marshal Qing would take a person's life.

Under the frightened gazes of the crowd, Qing Muhan's assistant took out a long whip, which was faintly stained with someone's blood.

"Fight!" Qing Muhan's eyes were gloomy.

"Pah!" Pow! "Pah!" The long whip mercilessly hit Ji Wanxi's body.

In that instant, she felt as if her entire body had been snapped in half, causing her heart to ache.

Ah!" Ji Wanxue was in so much pain that she desperately clung onto the floor until her fingers started bleeding.

"Marry the Young Marshal Qing and don't be cautious. This kind of person should be immersed in a pig cage!"

"A few days ago, I heard that she was still blocking sabers for the young commander-in-chief. Now that I think about it, I think it's some sort of new method to lure him away."

Ji Wanxi was not favored, and the servant became bolder.

Several people were pointing and talking, wantonly expressing their opinions.

Whip after whip landed on Ji Wanxi's body, slowly dying her clothes red, but her mind became clearer and clearer, until her body became numb and she could not feel any pain, as her gaze continued to stare at Qing Muhan.

In his eyes, the man looked at her with disgust and a cold expression, but he was hugging his second concubine and whispering intimately to her.

The next day, news of Second Aunt Qin Panpan being favoured spread across the entire Qing Mansion.

Everyone said that they had never seen the Young Marshal Qing pampering a woman like this.

Hearing that she didn't want to live in her own garden, the young marshal allowed her to move into the yard next to his. The decorations were very luxurious, with a set of pure European leather furniture.

Almost every day, someone would come to Ji Wanxi and tell him how much the Second Aunt liked him.

Regarding this, Ji Wanxi was indifferent to it.

So what if he got a favor, Qing Muhan was just a person without a heart, to him, a favor, was just a bird in a cage, a flower in a bottle, something to tease when he was happy.

In the blink of an eye, another half a month passed.

She moved from the ancestral hall to the previously unopened and dilapidated western garden.

"Young Madem, stop looking. Carefully look."

There was no desk lamp in the western garden, so Ji Wanxi could only watch from under the kerosene lamp and read the letter that his mother had brought over with great difficulty.

Ying Dong secretly wiped tears away from his eyes.

If she wasn't the madame, why would the young mistress ?

Suddenly, the door was pushed open with a bang.

Qin Panpan was wearing a trendy fur dress, and with the support of the little girl, his face was full of arrogance.

"What's the matter?" Ji Wanxi put down the letter in his hand and frowned as he looked at the people around the little girl.

"Tsk tsk." Qin Panpan sized up the room, and ridiculed: "The great Madam Young Marshal Qing, living in such a shabby place, really makes people feel that ? I'm in a good mood. "

She thought of how she would blow a pillow for Qing Muhan and make him divorce her. Qing Muhan's stern face made her feel troubled, why would this slut have the position of the principal wife?

When he thought of the person who fawned over her, licking his face on the surface and claiming that she was just his concubine, Qin Panpan's expression turned even uglier.

"Didn't you hear me speak to you!?" Qin Panpan raised her voice: "The young miss that came from the Ji Family is a home tutor like you?"

"Our home tutoring teaches the old and the young to respect the weak." Ji Wanxi raised his head indifferently: "When aunty sees my wife, she needs to greet her first."

She looked at this woman with seventy percent the same appearance as her sister. She sneered: "Miss Qin wants to show off your favor. I'm afraid you've gone to the wrong place. You won't be his first and last person to be pampered."

"You!" Qin Panpan was so angry that his face turned red, his chest rising and falling: "You slut!"

He was going to hit Ji Wanxi.

The sharp-eyed girl saw the envelope beside Ji Wanxi and whispered to him.

In the next second, Qin Panpan raised his hand and took away the letter.

"Give me back my things!"

When Ji Wanxi saw that Qin Panpan had stolen his own letter, his eyes turned cold. He wanted to snatch the book home, but he was pushed down to the table by the muscular servant that was with Qin Panpan.

"Young Madem, let go of Young Madem!"

Ying Dong wanted to step forward, but he was kicked and pressed down to the ground.

"I'll return it to you. Hoh ?" Qin Panpan didn't recognize the words on it, but she could feel how much Ji Wanxi cared about this letter.

Her eyes were filled with malice. "I'm afraid it's not a letter that you and some lover have a grudge with. A slut is still a slut. Marrying the young commander-in-chief yet you're still restless. Go seduce Doctor Yan."

With that, she raised her hand to tear the letter apart.

"Qin Panpan, stop!"

Ji Wanxi's eyes were bloodshot. He suddenly burst forth with power and knocked the little girl away, pouncing towards Qin Panpan, but only managed to snatch away a small piece of paper.

She was stunned.

That was the only consolation her mother left her.

Yet it had been destroyed, destroyed, by Qin Panpan!

Ji Wanxi's eyes were red, her expression as cold as ice, she grabbed onto Qin Panpan's collar: "You actually dared to tear the letter!"

It was unknown who made the first move, but it was unknown when the servants quietly retreated.

Just like that, the two of them started to fight without any pattern ?

In a trance, Ji Wanxi could only hear a soft voice say in his ear, "If I can drug you to the Young Marshal's disgust, I can stomp you into the mud a second time, and you'll never be able to get up!"

Before she could react.

Suddenly, Qin Panpan shrunk to the ground and clutched his stomach, screaming his lungs out.

Ah!" Bitch, I came to visit you out of good intentions, but you actually hit me, ah! "My stomach ?

When Ji Wanxi saw the blood stains on Qin Panpan's dress, his heart started to thump loudly.

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