"What are you doing!"

When Qing Muhan heard the news, he rushed over. He saw the scene of Qin Panpan lying on the ground with half of his body bleeding.

"Young Marshal, save me! Save me! Not only did this crazy woman want to kill me, she also wanted to kill your child ?"

Qin Panpan lied on the ground and cried like a teardrop.

Qing Muhan's face darkened, he picked up the crying Qin Panpan: "Prepare the carriage, send Second Aunt to the hospital!"

From the beginning to end, she did not give Ji Wanxi a single glance of kindness.

Ji Wanxi stood at the side in a daze, watching the farce.

His heart grew colder and colder.

In the afternoon, someone kicked open the shabby door.

Qing Muhan felt a chill all over his body as he grabbed Ji Wanxi by the neck with a face as severe as an Asura's, "Her child was not saved, you got your wish, you wicked woman!"

Ji Wanxi was forced to look at him, she suddenly felt very tired, "I have nothing to say."

As he spoke, a strand of black hair drooped down from the side of his temple. His face was flushed red from the pain, looking extremely bewitching.

Suddenly, Qing Muhan became somewhat interested in him, and of course, he followed his own heart.

"Of course you have nothing to say. Since you let my concubine lose a child, you will bear one for her!"

"What are you doing!" Ji Wanxi saw that Qing Muhan was getting closer to her, and panic filled her eyes, the bad memories in her mind, and she immediately retreated.

However, the next moment, his hands were grabbed by the belt above his head.

"Isn't marrying me for this? What are you pretending to be a virtuous wife for?!"

Ji Wanxi panicked and wanted to dodge: "Didn't you hate me? Don't, don't touch me again, I beg you!"

Qing Muhan made a cruel smile.

"No, you misunderstood. The person I hate is your person, not your body."

For the entire afternoon, only Ji Wanxi's cries and struggles could be heard. Her throat was so hoarse that it could not make a sound.

Afterwards, the dilapidated western garden became a veritable prison.

The furniture had been emptied, leaving only a bed.

Rings of chains were tied up on the vermillion bed's edge, stretching out continuously. Ji Wanxi's four limbs were tied up by chains and tied up into a "big" character, as she laid on the bed.

Ying Dong had already been chased away by Qing Muhan and even when his voice was hoarse, he did not manage to make Ying Dong stay behind.

Qing Muhan only left a maid in charge of Ji Wanxi's food and medicine.

Ji Wanxi no longer smiled. The perverted torture was a pain as cold as bone marrow. It was only when she was numb from the pain that she lost consciousness.

Qing Muhan's interest in her, however, did not weaken in the slightest.

He told Ji Wanxi that she was replacing her sister with a plaything, but sometimes Qing Muhan felt that this face somehow overlapped with the face under the mask back then.

How is this possible? Qing Muhan scoffed.

However, he was even more unwilling to let go of this toy.

Ji Wanxi was in the dark western garden, faintly listening to the sounds of firecrackers outside, and just like that, he passed through the New Year.

Not knowing how his mother was, Ji Wanxi closed his eyes and cried.

At this time, Qing Muhan walked into Ji Wanxi's courtyard with a body reeking of alcohol.

He pressed Ji Wanxi, and whispered into her ear: "Why did you marry without waiting for me, why?"

"But now I have found an even more interesting toy. Ji Wanxi, you owe me, you owe me. I will imprison you and repay you for your entire life!"

"If you dare to commit suicide, I'll kill your parents and accompany you!"

Ji Wanxi closed his eyes and did not react at all.

At first, she would only beg for forgiveness, but later, she did not speak again. No matter how Qing Muhan humiliated her, she did not make a sound.

She was like a wandering soul floating around the mansion, her eyes empty.

This winter, a lot of things happened. One of them was that the Ji Clan went to jail for corruption: they were severely ill, and their days were numbered.

Unfortunately, all of these were not shared to Ji Wanxi.

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