Spring came in the blink of an eye.

Phlogistic Hexuan combined with Western and Western Medicine and finally found a medicine that can cure Ji Wanxi's ear. He hurriedly returned to Yan City and found out that the Ji Family had been imprisoned due to the corruption case.

His first thought was, did Ji Wanxi know about his mother's death?

Another one, she ? Are you still alive?

Phlogistic Hexuan did not dare delay any further, and entered Qing Mansion's courtyard.

Unexpectedly, he found Ji Wanxi in the most dilapidated Western Garden.

He stood at the doorway and looked at Ji Wanxi who was shackled by iron chains. The tip of his nose twitched, and after a while, he carefully called out, "Wanxi ? Are you okay? "

As he asked this question, his heart ached so much that it felt like it was about to suffocate.

He couldn't remember clearly that the first time he met Ji Wanxi, her eyes were shining like gems, and the gentle smile on the corners of her mouth made people's hearts uncontrollably close to her.

But now, the person on the bed was as thin as a match, his wrists were bound so tightly with iron chains tying them up that they looked deformed. He was so skinny that he lost his looks, and Phlogistic Hexuan staggered step by step towards Ji Wanxi.

"Yes ?" "Who?"

Ji Wanxi's beautiful eyes became misty and she spoke with difficulty, her voice hoarse like a broken organ.

She had not seen the sun for a long time, so she could not see clearly.

"Wanxi, he actually... To actually treat you like this, how can he do that?! "

Ji Wanxi was startled for a moment, and slowly, he pulled on a smile that he did not reveal for a long time: "Brother Yan."

Phlogistic Hexuan walked up to her with a pained heart and felt her pulse. After being stunned for a moment, he told her that he was pregnant.

"Tell me ?" "Am I pregnant?"

Ji Wanxi looked at Phlogistic Hexuan in a daze as if he was mumbling something.

Phlogistic Hexuan nodded slightly, her eyes filled with pain: "He, he actually treated you like this, let me take you away, okay ?"

Ji Wanxi was silent for a long time, before smiling faintly towards the direction of the figure.

Along with his pale face, it made his heart ache.

Phlogistic Hexuan's voice was barely audible: "I, I found a way to treat my ears, and you ? It's not a good place to have a baby, your mother. "

"What happened to my mother?" Ji Wanxi turned his head.

Phlogistic Hexuan clenched his fist, his throat was tight, and was unable to open his mouth to say that her mother had passed away.

I don't know.

All of this had fallen into the eyes of the person monitoring them.

Qing Muhan leaned on a chair in the study, a cold glint appeared in his eyes. "You said that Phlogistic Hexuan came back and met with her?"

"Yes, Young Marshal. The person who was watching heard that she was pregnant. Take her away. These words."

Qing Muhan's hand turned into a fist, his face turning gloomy.

Outside, Qin Panpan revealed a gloomy and cold smile.

Ji Wanxi was in a daze, thinking about the path his child would take in the future.

She gently stroked her belly as she turned her head to look in the direction of the silhouette with a forlorn expression.

"Qing Muhan, let me go."

This was the first time she had called him by his surname.

Qing Muhan's gaze had always been placed on Ji Wanxi's body. He stood up straight, but at the moment, his eyes were filled with an undetectable deep chill. "Let go of you ?

Ji Wanxi's mouth twitched, his heart felt like it was on the verge of death.

"Qing Muhan, I don't love you anymore." Her voice was soft and echoed around the room.

She loved this man no more.

Qing Muhan's heart trembled unawares, his heart feeling extremely uncomfortable. This was a feeling that Qing Muhan had never experienced before, he fiercely frowned.

As Qin Panpan lost his child's cry, the scene of Ji Wanxi getting married on his behalf appeared in his mind.

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