"Pfft, love me?" Qing Muhan acted as if he had heard a joke: "There are too many people who love me, you, I hate dirt! I'll give you one last chance. Kill this child and you will still be a Young Madem of the Qing Mansion. "

The words "Beat the child to death" froze Ji Wanxi's entire body.

Did she hear it wrong?

Her child... Qing Muhan was going to beat her child to death!

"You ? It was you who said that I should bear a child! "

Qing Muhan's voice was completely cold: "Panpan said, I don't want your child."

After saying this, the beautiful Qin Panpan who came from afar followed up with Qing Muhan's words, "Sister Ji, since you lost my child, you naturally have to compensate me with a child."

Ji Wanxi's body trembled, she felt an intense stifling pain in her heart, then looked at Qing Muhan as she spoke, "This is your child, do you have the heart ?"

"You are not qualified to bear my child! This bastard, I will not take it! "

With that said, he wrapped his arms around Qin Panpan's waist and walked out without looking back.

Not long after, a few old women came into the room. "Young Madem, sorry for the offense!"

"I don't drink, I don't drink! Get lost, get lost! "

Ji Wanxi struggled crazily, his wrist was badly mutilated, and even as he roared, he was still forcefully drugged.

Ji Wanxi shrunk onto the bed, holding onto his stomach with tears streaming down his face: "No, baby don't leave, don't, ah!"

An even more painful feeling of falling came over, blood flowed out from her body, Ji Wanxi felt dizzy, she stretched out her hand, wanting to touch it.

She saw that the servant expressionlessly wrapped up the lump of flesh and blood before turning around to leave.

"No, no! Please... "Baby!"

Ji Wanxi reached out his hands, and the child's appearance could still not be seen clearly. But that child was her own, a child who should have grown up and was handsome, so he could call her mother.

She had exhausted all her strength, but she still could not stop the servant from leaving.

Tears streamed down without warning, and the waves of pain in her heart almost made her faint.

"Qing Muhan, I hate you. I hate you!"

She desperately struggled free from the shackles and broke her wrist. Her eyes were filled with extreme despair.

The room was in a mess, no one knew who it was, but she whispered into Ji Wanxi's ears coldly: "Madam Qin looks at your pitiful state, I'll tell you one thing, your parents were imprisoned due to corruption, and did not go through the winter. They died a long time ago, you should go down and accompany them, heh ?"

Ji Wanxi's world suddenly quieted down.

At this moment, she clearly felt that all her persistence had been shattered.

"Mother ?" Mother! "

How hateful!

Ji Wanxi pressed down on himself as hard as he could, but he still couldn't help but tremble.

His stomach churned as if it were on fire.

Flames surged up along his stomach, all the way to his throat, where it felt like it was about to burst. Ji Wanxi suddenly "wow", a large mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth, splashing a large piece of cloth.

Then, a servant shouted, "This is bad, the Young Madem's blood is leaking out!"

Qing Muhan held Qin Panpan's hand, and suddenly stopped.

His heart was inexplicably filled with panic.

He abandoned Qin Panpan and walked back in big strides. For some reason, he suddenly felt a strong palpitation in his heart. Right now, he just wanted to see the woman that he hated.

However, she was stopped at the entrance. The old woman was frightened by Qing Muhan's expression and said in a trembling voice, "Young, Young Marshal, it's bad luck in the house. You, you can't go in."

"Scram!" He pushed the lady away, only to see that there was blood on the bed, while Ji Wanxi's eyes were filled with the dark aura of death.

"Ji Wanxi..."

Ji Wanxi held on to his last breath and looked at the figure one last time.

Looking at the man who had once filled her with love.

In this lifetime, it was she who had recognized the wrong person.

In her next life, she would definitely stay far away from Qing Muhan ? Best, never see each other again...

Qing Muhan rushed to the side of the bed and staggered.

The trembling old woman took a whiff of the air and exclaimed, "No, no air!"

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