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C3 3

The sun shone so brightly for the winter season. Superstitiously, you could say it bit people's flesh. Most people were even discouraged to go out of their houses to jog but those who could not afford to miss their daily routine or we could say, those that were used to it, got out of their homes to jog a little...

Kavinsky jogged for some while before jogging back home since it was too sunny and he could not take it any longer. He was dirty from all his sweat. He met his mom watching TV in the sitting room and he went to peck her on the cheek.

"You need a long shower, boy", she said and laughed at him

"Am an adult, mom. And also, have you been outside? It's like two thousand degrees out there", he complained.

"You still need one", she said again, teasing him.

"I know", he said in frustration and walked up the stairs.

He took a shower immediately he got upstairs and changed from the top and shorts of his sport topped with his black trainer shoes into a blue v- neck top and black shorts.

"I am going to Harry's", he notified his Mom and she nodded at him. He walked out the door and saw Stiles across from him about to enter a cab. He ignored him and boarded another cab. The cabs have SIKAMORE ESTATE on them.

Soon, he got to Harry's house which is outside his estate and in town. He rang the doorbell and Harry opened it. The two of them shared each other in a manly way and Kavinsky walked in.

Harry is wearing a white round-neck top and black pants, he held a cup of coffee in his left hand. He had black straight hair which made a bang in front of his face. His face is oblong and his eyes were black too.

"What of your Dad?", Kavinsky asked crashing on the brown sofa.

"He is at work", Harry replied sipping the coffee he held.

"Aren't you going to offer me one?", Kavinsky asked referring to the coffee

"Nah, am cool", Harry replied and they both laughed

"Let's play video game then", Kavinsky suggested

"Even though I would beat you in the end?", Harry said feeling all proud of himself

The truth is that whenever they played video games, hardly would Kavinsky win. Harry is so good at it that Kavinsky gets jealous at times.

"You got anything else to do then?", Kavinsky asked back sternly and Harry rolled his eyes at him.

"Wait, before we start. Where is your mom?", Kavinsky asked, looking around the room like the detective that he is not.

"At the mall", Harry replied putting his cup of coffee down and Kavinsky heaved a sigh of relief at his answer.

They played till they were tired and as usual, Harry won again.

"What of your girlfriend?", Harry asked with a chuckle.

"What girlfriend?", Kavinsky asked feigning ignorance

"Vanessa", Harry said playing along with him

"She is probably somewhere", Kavinsky replied with a shrug.

"So, you guys don't talk or what?", Harry asked, turning to face him properly.

"I don't even know", Kavinsky replied with a grin.

Harry remained quiet, he knew his friend is not very supportive of him being Vanessa's boyfriend. He knew Kavinsky did not love or like Vanessa at all but he still dated her cause of certain reasons.

"Let's play one more", Kavinsky said breaking the silence between them.

They played and Harry won again. Kavinsky just never gives up. Kavinsky went home afterward.

He got home and his Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Kavinsky, is that you?", his Mom asked from the kitchen

"Uhm, I think so", Kavinsky replied weirdly

"Can you please get the lunch box from our neighbor?", His mom said coming out of the kitchen in her pink apron.

"You gave them food?", Kavinsky asked in surprise

"Yeah, quick, go and get it for me", him Mom said going back to the kitchen

He groaned before going back out of the house.


Mr. Blaine ran his hand in between his hair in frustration while Laura just watched the scene. Probably if Laura had not fainted that day, she would also be like Kaylee. Mr. Blaine walked into the kitchen and poured himself some water to calm himself down.

He thought he should go get his car from the shipping company. They took a flight but shipped their car.

"Am going to go get the car from the port", Mr. Blaine said to Laura

"I will go with you", Laura said and he nodded. She was feeling bored before, this was an opportunity for her to go out of the house, at least.

Mr. Blaine walked to the stairs to Kaylee's room and knocked on the door but she did not reply to him.

"Laura and I are going to get the car", he informed her.

Kaylee heard his footstep leaving her door and turned on the bed.

She stood up from bed, walked to the window, and opened the curtains, and light from the sun's rays reflected into her room. She walked back to her bed, stood up, went to her reading table, walked back when she realized she had nothing to do there, and later crashed on the bed in frustration.

A few minutes later, she heard the doorbell ring.

"Can't people stay in their house?", Kaylee asked rhetorically in frustration with a groan.

She got up from the bed and walked to the door. She opened her room door and walked down the stairs. She opened the front door and instead of meeting an older woman with her child or something, she saw a young handsome guy.

He wore a blue v-neck top and black shorts. His hair was blonde and he had blue eyes, one could get lost in them. He looks her age as well.

"Hey", he said and she stared at him

"Am here to get the lunch box", he added when she did not reply.

"Wait here then", she said coldly but her voice sounded so calm.

She came back with the box and handed it over to him. He was about to say something but she shut the door in his face.

"What's wrong with that girl?", Kavinsky thought and sighed.

He walked home quickly since it was next door, and soon he was inside his house. His Mom continued to watch the television as he walked to the kitchen to drop the lunchbox.

"Did you meet the new neighbor?", his mom asked curiously

"Yes", he replied simply as he walked out of the kitchen

"Did you guys talk?", his mom asked anxiously

"She is just a teenager like me, mom", he replied stopping dead on his track and facing his mother.

"Oh, I know. But you talked to her right?", his mom asked with curiosity

"Somehow", he answered with a shrug.

"What did you talk about?", his mom asked and he heaved a sigh.

"Not much before she hit the door right on my face", he answered sternly with a frown before rolling his eyes.

"Oh, my God! Is your nose broken? Why did she do that? She seemed like a nice girl", she said, drifting into her thoughts while slanting her lips.

Kavinsky shook his head in disbelief. Had she forgotten he said she hit the door in his face? That quick? He walked up the stairs slowly, heaving a sigh at every single step.

"Is your nose broken!?", she asked when he had almost finished ascending the stairs

"It's not", he answered from the top of the stairs and doubted if she heard him

He entered his bedroom and lay flat on the bed. He smiled when he remembered how she looked at him coldly.

"She is cute"

* * *

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