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C6 6

June 1st, Sunday night

Kavinsky finally completed his project after having dinner with his father and mother. His parents had retired to bed early while he stayed a little while more in the living room, playing video games.

"I want to sharpen my skills in this new video game 'cause I know I desperately need to before Harry learns about it", he had told his mom when she asked why he wasn't going to bed early.

"Alright but go to bed early, you know you have to go to school tomorrow", his mother had said. He had rolled his eyes at the moment as he muttered.

"I am not a kid"

His mother had heard him and she replied to him while going up the stairs;

"I know but you will always remain my kid"

Kavinsky went to bed after he had mastered the game and played it for a few rounds.

He got up from bed when he remembered the brunette colored hair girl who lived just next door. He couldn't pinpoint the actual deal with this girl but he knew he was attracted to her.

He stood up and walked towards the window, in an attempt to check if she was there this night again.

He looked up at the clock and it was almost midnight already. 'Just a glimpse, that's all', he said to himself.

He was about to raise the curtain when he remembered about Vanessa. He had a girlfriend for goodness sake!

'Am out of my mind, he thought before walking back to his bed

"What was I about to do? Stare at a girl who I don't even know where the f*ck she came out from?", he said aloud and jumped on the bed

* * *

Kaylee walked to her window and opened the blinds. She loves watching the moon, especially when it is not too windy at the night.

She stuck her head out to enjoy the night breeze. Tomorrow, she is going to be in another school. She would probably be trying to blend in with the people there at first and she wishes they would not hate her for coming from a small town.

'Well, they can hate me if they want actually, it's not like I give a damn ', she thought and laughed out loud

"It's so cool to think like that", Kaylee said aloud

"Feels so nice to laugh out loud again", she said again, tears building up in her eyes.

She tried to blink the tears away and moved her head in various directions. Her eyes landed on the window where she had seen a teenage blonde boy, who looked just her age staring at her.

He was the same person who had come to collect the green lunch box that day as well. His blue eyes were beautiful, she had thought when she saw him for the first time.

Kaylee rolled her eyes at the thought of it and close her window as if trying to shut the thought of him away from her mind.

* * *

June 2, Monday morning

Kaylee, Laura, and Mr. Blaine got up from bed when the alarm rang.

It was already 7:30 am in the morning. They all had their bath and they converged at the dining table. Mr. Blaine served breakfast and they all greeted one another before they start to eat.

"I am going for an interview today at Seattle medical hospital", Mr. Blaine suddenly announced, wiping his mouth with a white table napkin.

"That is... great", Kaylee managed to reply awkwardly and Laura spoke up immediately to liven up the situation.

"I hope you get the job", she said loudly and Mr. Blaine smiled at her in appreciation.

Kaylee rolled her eyes and stood up from the table after wiping her mouth with her napkin which she dumped back on the table.

"I will wait in the car", she said and pulled at her backpack.

She walked out and sat at the staircase of the front porch since the car was still inside the garage. Mr. Blaine and Laura arrived later and they drove out of the estate together with Kaylee.

After some minutes,

Mr. Blaine drove into the car park of Seattle high school.

"Wait here in the car, I will be back soon", Mr. Blaine told Laura before getting down with Kaylee.

Kaylee stared at the building in front of her first before walking toward it.

They entered the main building and soon met with a woman with dark-colored hair. She was dressed in a corporate shirt and skirt.

"Good morning sir, how may I help you?", she asked calling their attention to her

Mr. Blaine faced the new woman in front of him while Kaylee looked amazed at the hall which is now being filled with incoming students. It looks so wide and it is so spacy too.

"I would like to meet with the principal", Kaylee heard her father say and soon, they were walking down the hallway.

The woman stretched her hand at the brown-colored wooden door in front of them and announced.

"This is his office", she said with a smile.

"Oh, thank you", Mr. Blaine said and walked into the office together with Kaylee.

The principal looked up and was surprised on seeing these new faces. When Mr. Blaine saw the look on his face, he apologized immediately.

"I am very sorry, pardon my manners. Can we come in?", he said

"Of course, of course, no worries", the principal replied, dropping his pen and standing up from his black leather chair.

He sat on one of the couches in the middle of the room and extended his hand toward the other couch as a gesture for them to the seat. They sat down and Mr. Blaine went straight to the point.

"A neighbor of ours recommended this school to us. We have just arrived in the city and Kaylee needs a school that she could attend till she goes to college", Mr. Blaine explained calmly and clearly.

"Where do you live?", Mr. Bull asked slowly, lowering the lid of one of his eyes for affirmation.

"Sikamore estate", Mr. Blaine replied nonchalantly

"The new neighbors! My wife had notified me about you earlier on. She visited you a day after you arrived", he explained with a smile

"Oh", Mr. Blaine said, not knowing what to say after

'No wonder your wife had come to advertise a school in our home. Of course, she had something to benefit from it, Kaylee thought and rolled her eyes.

"Leave Kaylee with me, I will get her sorted out", Mr. Bull said with a smile and Mr. Blaine thanked him before standing up

"Take care of yourself", he said to Kaylee before walking out.

Mr. Bull went to his table and took a black file from the table before pulling out a paper from inside the file.

"Fill in your essentials", he said to Kaylee and smiled before walking back to his seat

Kaylee wrote down all that was needed: her age, name, former school, birth date, and other essential things.

Mr. Bull collected the paper from her after she was done and walked her out of his office

They walked for a while before they reached a brown door. The brown door had a rectangular glass box at the top in which you could see the content of the room from outside.

Mr. Bull walked into the class and everyone raised their head to look at who had caused an interruption to their biology class which none of the students was enjoying anyways.

"There is a new student who would be joining us today, you all meet Kaylee Blaine", he said and gestured at her.

"What type of person joins the school in the final year?", Vanessa muttered from beside Kavinsky and rolled her eyes at the thought of it.

Kavinsky heard her and looked up from his table. He looked at the girl who stood in front of the class in surprise.

She is dressed in a white round-neck top and black jeans trousers. She topped her dress with a black leather jacket. He looked down and saw her black boots which complimented her clothes. Her brunette hair had been let down too and her brown eyes were sharp as she introduced herself.

"Is that not-", his sentence was cut short when he heard Vanessa's voice from beside him again.

"You know her?", Vanessa asked, looking at Kavinsky, expecting to hear his reply. Vanessa noticed his long gaze on Kaylee as Kavinsky checked her out.

"Yeah, she lives around my neighborhood", he said shortly, not intending to say more.

Kaylee finally took a seat at the vacant chair in front of Vanessa.

Kavinsky stared at her for a while before Vanessa nudged her elbow at him with a pout. He looked at her before facing his front and heaved a sigh.

Vanessa looked at Kaylee with a frown before facing the teacher in front of the class as well.

* * *

Mr. Blaine arrived back outside and he soon drove his car out of Seattle high school car park. They drove for a while into town before they reached Seattle junior high school. Laura got down from the car, her father holding her hand in his as they walked in.

After some minutes, Laura was fixed to a class too and Mr. Blaine got on with his business.

He got to his destination, Seattle medical hospital, and walked in with a file in his hand.

"Good morning, what can we do for you sir?", the receptionist's cheery voice was heard. She supported her words with a smile. The receptionist wore a light green scrub and she had a tag on it that read 'VERONICA, nurse'. The 'nurse' had been written below her name.

"Good morning Veronica", Mr. Blaine decided to use her name instead.

"I am here for an interview. I applied online...", he explained

"Oh, this way please", the nurse said and gestured the direction to him.

Mr. Blaine arrived at the room and met two more people who were seated as well, a female and a male.

'Perhaps for the job as well', he thought before taking his seat.

* * *

The bell finally rang at Seattle high school. By the time Kaylee got out of the class, the hall was already packed with students.

She looked around not knowing where to go, she had forgotten to ask for a locker when she had met the principal earlier.

"Hi Kaylee", someone said from behind her and she turned to see Stiles at her back.

"Hey-", she trailed off when she could not remember his name

"Stiles", he told her

"Am sorry I could not remember your name", Kaylee apologized and Stiles told her it was fine.

"You later decided to attend the school?", Stiles asked as he walked forward, towards the hallway which had the lockers on the left side of it.

"Yeah yeah, it's not that bad actually", Kaylee replied, tagging along with him quickly. Good thing that Stiles saw her, she might have just spent her time standing alone in front of a class.

"It is good to hear that actually", Stiles replied

"I see your Dad is the principal", Kaylee said coldly, confirming her doubt.

"Yeah, he is...", Stiles explained as they walked.

Kavinsky watched Kaylee from afar as he arranged his books in his locker and was picking the text for the next class. He was surprised when he saw that she was talking to Stiles.

'She knows Stiles?', he asked himself in disbelief

"So, dinner tonight?", Vanessa's voice was heard from beside him.

She stood in a cool pose against the locker next to Kavinsky's own and held her bag strap with one hand.

"No", Kavinsky replied shortly

"But we have just met after a long while. You did not allow me to come to your house during the holiday and now...", as she kept rambling, Kavinsky had closed his locker loudly.

He looked at her sharply before turning around. He could not complete his turn as he hit someone very hard.

Kaylee's texts which she held firmly fell to the ground and she bent down to pick them up immediately.

'First day of school, seriously?', she thought with furrowed brows.

Kavinsky glared at Vanessa before bending down to help whoever it was immediately.

"I am very sorry. I just-", he started apologizing but was cut short when he heard her voice.

"It's okay", she said and he looked up in surprise.

He stared at her and Kaylee soon recognize him as well.


* * *

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