Cultivate To Be Supreme/C1 The Ruan Family of the Four Great Families
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Cultivate To Be Supreme/C1 The Ruan Family of the Four Great Families
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C1 The Ruan Family of the Four Great Families

Z Country is located in the most mysterious country on Earth, in the eyes of foreigners, this is just a sleeping lion. If you don't provoke this lion, he can still live in peace with you, but if you provoke this lion, then you will die without a burial ground.

Few people saw it, but there were still people who knew about the existence of the mysterious martial arts. It existed in the streets and alleys, and there were four most powerful families in the country, and these four families occupied the majority of the businesses in the country. No one knew why these four families were so powerful, but no one dared to offend these four families.

The strongest of the four great families was the Ruan Family. On the surface, the Ruan Family did not have much business and authority, but no one dared to challenge them because they were the strongest of the four great families. Because of their strength, every Ruan Family member was very powerful.

Inside a huge villa in BZ, a group of men in black stood guard with grim expressions. Each of them had their hands behind their back, and their eyes were sharp. Their powerful auras were hidden inside their bodies, such that not even a small ant could get close to them.

At this moment, three people were sitting in a dark room in the back. They had grim expressions as they looked at each other's faces, their expressions constantly changing. It was unknown just what they were thinking!

"Alright, now that we are sitting here, you should tell us your thoughts. I believe that this time, we will all come here. The old man from the Ruan Family will definitely know what to do and it will all depend on you!" A middle-aged man sitting in the middle said with a dark smile!

The black aura on his body was flickering with a cold aura, "We can promise you this operation, but if we succeed, we must obtain the secret of the Ruan Family's martial arts enhancement and the secret technique!" The man on the left thought for a while and said loudly. The other man also stood up at the same time.

"That's right, my request is the same. I also want a way for the Ruan Family to increase their power."

"Alright, I will say that I will do it. If you destroy the Ruan Family, then you will have everything you want. So, why don't you congratulate us in advance for cooperating happily?"

Hearing the two men's words, the man's eyes flashed and he stood up with a loud laugh. Holding a glass of red wine in his hand, he walked in front of the two men!

"Then cheers. Congratulations on our happy cooperation. " A powerful aura burst out from the room, and the three of them had a look of having succeeded in their evil scheme!

In the Ruan Mansion's main hall, Ruan Yuan had an extremely ugly expression on his face. Looking at the letter in his hand, a vicious light flashed across his eyes.

"Good, good, good. What a great clan, do you really think you can eliminate our Ruan clan? "Then you are too inexperienced. I will tell you that Ruan Family is not someone that can be easily bullied. I will make you pay!"

Thinking of the ugly expressions of the three great clans, Ruan Yuan's expression became extremely ugly. He turned around and returned to his room. At this moment, a beautiful woman was sitting in the room watching TV.

The moment he saw Yuan Yuan come in, a smile appeared on his face and he welcomed her, "Have you finished your work? When are we going to see our son? I heard that our son is learning very well right now! "

As he spoke of his son, he could clearly see the happy smile on the beautiful woman's face. "Son, if you want to see your son, then you can bring our two daughters back tomorrow!"

A light flashed across Chen Yun's eyes. He looked at his wife lovingly and slowly said, "What about you?"

He continued looking at Ruan Yuan with suspicion as he asked, "Me? Look at all the things in our family. How can I leave right now? If I leave, then no one will be able to do anything about our family!"

Ruan Yuan avoided his gaze and pretended to be calm as she asked, "Is that really the case?" Ruan Yuan, who had never lied to her before, didn't know how suspicious his expression was.

"It's true. This time, you brought our two daughters along. I think they're also missing Yi'er!"

Seeing the doubt in her eyes, Ruan Yuan was not used to it. She suppressed the uneasiness in her eyes and said calmly!

"Yuan Yuan!" At this moment, he no longer had the same happy expression as before. He called out Ruan Yuan's name very seriously, knowing that Ruan Yuan would definitely hide something from him this time. Moreover, it was a huge matter.

"Fine, I'll tell you. This time, the three great clans have all come to kill us. I can't leave our children with you."

Seeing the doubt and seriousness in her eyes, Ruan Yuan sighed helplessly. She knew she could not hide it from her wife, so she chose to tell her story!

"Rumble!" "What?" At this moment, he still felt as if the entire sky had fallen down. He looked at Ruan Yuan in confusion, "Why is it like this? Are the three great families not allies with us?" "Why is that?" This piece of news was like a bolt from the blue, causing him to tremble.

"There are no permanent allies in this world. In front of benefits, everything is fake. Tomorrow, you will leave with our children. This time, you have to listen to me!"

Ruan Yuan's tone was filled with unquestionable firmness as tears trickled down from the corner of her eyes. She looked at her husband and nodded gently!

"Alright, I'll listen to you. But you, you must come back to see us safely. Our child must also miss you very much!"

There were still thousands of things he wanted to say, but all of them turned into tears that slowly fell down.

"Don't worry, I will definitely survive for our child's sake. Bring this secret scripture with you and give it to our child. It's time to let our child cultivate. He will definitely be an expert!"

In the time it took for the second day to fly back home with his two daughters, there were still deep feelings of reluctance and pain in the corners of his eyes as tears slowly dripped from his eyes.

The next day, when he returned to his hometown, he was still guarding outside the window all day long, staring blankly at a distant place while mumbling something. If you listened carefully, you would notice that he was still talking, "Ruan Yuan, you must be alright, you must not …"

However, fate really liked to joke around. "Bang!" Suddenly, the door to the villa was forcefully pushed open by a person. A black figure fell onto the ground with blood all over his body, waking up the four people inside the room.

"This is?" Elder Brother Ruan Feng? " The three women who were watching the TV in the living room saw the man in black fall and were shocked. They quickly rushed over and helped him up.

Looking at the man, his face paled and became extremely ugly. His entire body was trembling and could collapse at any moment!

Ruan Feng was Ruan Yuan's personal bodyguard and was a very powerful existence in the Ruan Family. However, now that he appeared here, he already knew what it meant!

"No, this is impossible. How could this happen? How could this be?!" He was still mumbling to himself. Ruan Feng was currently extremely weak and it was extremely difficult for him to speak. He could only stutter out a few words …

"Master! Master is dead! Dead! T-this!" Ruan Feng tried with great difficulty to straighten his hand, but his body that was covered in blood continuously made Ruan Feng close his eyes!

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