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C2 Bad News

Rumble! Rumble! Everyone in the hall was stunned by Ruan Feng's words. They were all stunned, especially when their bodies swayed and fell to the ground!

"How can this be? How can this be? The impossible Ruan Yuan is so powerful, how can this be!" "The three great families are irreconcilable with you!" Tears fell down from the sky, while hatred filled his eyes as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Mom!" The two daughters were confused by Ruan Feng's situation and his words. Their first reaction was to joke, but when that expression appeared on their faces, the sky collapsed and they were about to faint.

"Mom, this isn't real. Tell us this is fake. It's fake!" Ruan Ling, the oldest of the two daughters, supported her mother gently.

As for the youngest of them, Chen Hua, his entire body collapsed as he threw himself onto the same body and questioned loudly!

"Well, sister, don't you see that your mother is like this now? Can't you calm down a little? "

After all, Ruan Ling was still quite old. She shouted at Ruan Hua. However, one could tell that Ruan Hua's eyes were filled with pain and tears!

"Good child, good child!" He felt the helplessness in the eyes of the two children who were hugging him and still woke up a little. However, he could not suppress the sadness in his heart. He suddenly hugged his two children and cried loudly.

As time slowly passed, the three women finally cried until they were tired. They snuggled up to each other and fell to the ground, still explaining what had happened to their two daughters in a soft voice. However, just like when a wound was opened, the three women still felt their entire bodies tremble.

"Three great families? Damn it, I will definitely make the three great families pay! " Ruan Hua's eyes flashed as she viciously spoke!

Although Ruan Ling did not say anything, the determination and pain in her eyes could not be concealed!

"Alright, you two need to calm down. You must not let your brother know about the three great families. Now is not the time for your revenge. Ruan Family is gone and we don't have any power. What we need to do now is to enhance our strength!"

His eyes were still calm, but everyone knew how terrifying a calm woman was. "We won't tell our brother about the three great families, but about our father's death?"

Ruan Ling's expression was extremely unsightly as she looked at him seriously while whispering to him.

"Huu, huu, tell your little brother, if you don't tell him anything, then there will be no motivation. I want your little brother to grow up quickly, so that we can have the ability to protect ourselves and take revenge!"

A trace of unwillingness flashed across his eyes, but it was still replaced by hatred, "Help me up." Under the care of his two daughters, he slowly stood up and walked shakily to Ruan Feng!

At this moment, Ruan Feng was wearing a black robe and his entire body was covered in blood. It was obvious that this was caused by the sword!

"This is?" Looking at Ruan Feng, he slowly crouched down and stared at the golden token in her hand. It was a token made of gold with the word "Ruan" written on it.

SH City. Not far from his home was SH City's first high school. As a first high school, the students inside had excellent grades, or else they would have a very good family!

And our Ruan Haoyong is one of them. Today, Ruan Haoyong is in a good mood because he defeated opponents one by one in the basketball competition and is about to enter the finals!

Ruan Haoyong is a legendary figure. It's understandable if you don't know a certain teacher in the school, but if you say you don't know Ruan Haoyong, then you're really a fool!

Ruan Haoyong, the one who got first place in every exam, was the focus of the entire school. Not only did Ruan Haoyong have a handsome face that ordinary women did not have, relying on his handsome appearance, he could mesmerize a lot of women!

At this moment, Ruan Haoyong, who was standing on the basketball court, was bathed in sunlight. His entire body seemed to be covered by a golden silk ribbon, holy and bright.

"Haoyong, Haoyong, you're the best!" "Haoyong, we will always, always love you!" A deafening sound resounded throughout the entire school. However, all of them were girls' voices!

"Damn it, isn't it just that your looks are a little bit handsome and your grades are a little bit better? Can you even play basketball a little bit? Why did so many women like him? "As expected, these girls are all powerful people!"

A man standing not far away looked at Ruan Haoyong in envy. A thick vinegar was coming out of his mouth, but it wasn't just this guy. The men standing next to Ruan Haoyong all looked at Ruan Haoyong with bitterness.

"Come, let's fight. The victory this time belongs to us!" Ruan Haoyong's affinity was pretty good. With Ruan Haoyong's roar, the entire team also roared!

"Damn it, the opposing Ruan Haoyong is too strong. We are in danger!" The one wearing white was Class Two, while Ruan Haoyong was wearing red, representing Class One!

The referee's whistle rang beside Ruan Haoyong's ear. In an instant, Ruan Haoyong's body moved like a blur, like a crafty rabbit. Before anyone could see the trajectory of the ball, they saw a red shadow flash past them. When Ruan Haoyong was about to receive the ball, the ball was no longer in their line of sight!

"Damn it, damn it! Stop this guy, hurry up and stop him!" Only when Ruan Haoyong's body dashed out left and right did the people in the white team react. As the leader of the white squad, Ruan Haoyong screamed angrily and chased after him.

However, Ruan Haoyong's physique had always been outstanding since he was young. These people were simply unable to catch up with him. With a speed like the wind, it swept through half of the stadium, ending the first match with a beautiful reverse!

"How could this happen?" "How could that be? All three of you, go and defend. I don't believe this little brat!" The White Team captain's face turned completely red as he controlled the ball and rushed towards the red square.

Ruan Haoyong looked at the three people guarding him without a trace of worry on his face. His body swayed to the left and almost broke the defense of the three people. Unfortunately, it was blocked by these three people!

"I'm sorry, fellow student. This time, we won't let you out!" One of the three people said with a smile. However, when the smile froze on his face, he became dumbfounded!

Ruan Haoyong, who was about to rush to the left, unexpectedly broke through the defense on the right side at an extremely fast speed and charged towards the Captain of the White Team!

"Oh, Ruan Haoyong." "Ruan Haoyong", a fake action by the beauty shook the entire audience, and all the girls shouted once again!

At this time, Captain Bai had already reached the bottom of the basket. Looking at the basket in front of him, Captain Bai revealed a faint smile, "As long as I can control you, then who else in your team can contend against me!"

With a leap of confidence, the ball in his hand drew a perfect curve and was about to enter the basket!

"We're in, haha!" The captain of the White Team stood up to receive the cheers, but who would have thought that something would happen? Just as the ball was about to enter the basket, a red figure flashed again. There was no applause, no cheering.

The captain of the White Team was stunned. "What happened?" However, Ruan Haoyong, who was running in front of the White Team Leader, explained the situation to the White Team Leader with his actions.

A perfect dunk, like a bomb, blew up the entire arena. Everyone stood up at this moment. "So handsome, so handsome, oh oh oh oh …"

Countless girls could no longer resist their modesty and turned into wolves. They shouted crazily, their voices shaking the sky above the school!

This slam dunk not only held back the shrieks of the entire school, but it also held back the confidence of the White Team. The following scene was completely one-sided. Once again, the entire venue became Ruan Haoyong's performance!

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