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Cultivate To Be Supreme/C4 Ancestral Secret Book
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C4 Ancestral Secret Book

Deep into the night, in the same room, Ruan Haoyong looked at the scene in front of him with a ferocious expression, "Mom, tell me, how did my dad die? Who did it? I won't let them go!"

Looking at his furious son, his eyes dimmed for a moment, and then gently caressed Ruan Haoyong's head with a little comfort. "Child, you've finally grown up and become a man, but it's not that your mother doesn't want to tell you, it's useless even if I tell you. As long as you can cultivate this manual successfully, then Mom will tell you!"

His expression was still very serious. He took out the gold-edged book from the cabinet behind him. This was a perfectly wrapped book. When Ruan Haoyong heard his expression, he trembled for a moment and then his eyes became firm!

At this moment, Ruan Haoyong's eyes seemed to have widened a lot as he silently received the golden book!

"I will, this is the so-called cultivation manual!" Ruan Haoyong's father used all kinds of herbs to refine Ruan Haoyong's bones when he was very young, but he never gave Ruan Haoyong the real secret technique!

Looking at the golden secret scripture in his hand, Ruan Haoyong was very excited. He was finally able to come into contact with that mysterious domain, and he could also possess powerful strength to deal with the person who hurt his father!

"Then I'll go back and cultivate. Mom, you should rest early!" Don't be too sad, I still have a family like this! " Absolutely resolute and irrefutable. After Ruan Yuan fell, Ruan Haoyong had once again become the family's most tenacious harbor!

There were still no tears just now. When he saw Ruan Haoyong turn around and leave, his tears slowly flowed down, "Ruan Yuan, did you see that? "This is our child. Now that our child has grown up, you can rest assured!"

"Is this the cultivation technique? It doesn't look that difficult! " Ruan Haoyong, who had returned to his room, composed himself and looked at the secret manual in front of him with rapt attention!

It was recorded in this secret book that there was a kind of mysterious cultivation method. To be able to cultivate inner Qi from ancient times was something that had been seen in many televisions, but when one cultivated inner qi, they found it to be very difficult!

"Dammit, did I fail? Why did I fail so many times?" Could it be that he doesn't train in many different ways? "

Ever since that night, Ruan Haoyong had been in his room for two whole days. During these two days, Ruan Haoyong had been practicing this secret manual all the time!

"How can this be? My cultivation method should be the right one!" Ruan Haoyong's own comprehension ability was very strong. After looking at it once, he pretty much understood it. However, he didn't know why he couldn't cultivate it.

In the one or two days after Ruan Haoyong disappeared, a girl dressed in red outside of Class 1's classroom was staring at a blank spot!

"Why isn't Ruan Haoyong coming over? Did something happen at home? " This person was Yi Xin. Ever since she saw Ruan Haoyong that day, Yi Xin had been extremely worried!

"Child, your training seems to be wrong. To train, you must be calm and collected. You cannot be so impatient to train and produce Dou Qi!" It was unknown when he appeared in front of Ruan Haoyong. He looked deeply at Ruan Haoyong and whispered!

"Calm? Close to nature? " Ruan Haoyong nodded slightly as if he thought of something. His eyes lit up slightly, then he closed his eyes and relaxed, allowing himself to live in an extremely peaceful environment.

"Mommy, how is little brother? Have you finished cultivating it? " The two daughters asked worriedly as they left the room.

Seeing the two of them so anxious, he continued to smile faintly. "Don't worry, it's not as if you don't know your little brother. He'll definitely be very strong. He definitely will!"

After receiving his own mother's advice, Ruan Haoyong found what he was lacking in and stopped thinking about his father. He felt extremely relaxed, as if he was in an ethereal state.

This continued for a while. Gradually, a warm feeling appeared in Ruan Haoyong's body, as if he was drinking hot water. All the pores on his body instantly opened up, causing Ruan Haoyong to moan uncontrollably!

"Is this true qi?" Feeling the warmth in his body, Ruan Haoyong was so happy that he mumbled to himself. He opened his eyes in excitement. The moment he opened his eyes, a faint ray of light shot out from his eyes, scattering the air in front of him!

"What a terrifying power, this is only the beginning of cultivation!" Ruan Haoyong felt his whole body was full of energy. He felt that inner qi was a great help to him. If he continued cultivating, maybe one day, he would become a deep god!

Time passed bit by bit. More than half of the last semester of the third year had gradually passed. Today was the day of the mid-term exam, but Ruan Haoyong was still in his room!

He saw Ruan Haoyong sitting cross-legged in his room. He was emitting a strong aura from his body. When he felt this aura, he could make his heart palpitate!

"What a terrifying speed of advancement. Little brother is already very strong. No wonder dad said that if Little brother started cultivating, then his cultivation speed would definitely be the fastest we've ever seen!"

"It's time to go out." Ruan Haoyong slowly opened his eyes. A strong momentum shot up into the sky. "Rumble!" The whole house shook slightly!

Ruan Haoyong's body was already filled with inner qi. During this period of time, his cultivation had been very fast. At this moment, Ruan Haoyong's entire body was as white as a sheet, as if he just came out as a baby!

It was not only his eyes that were deeper, no one dared to look directly into them.

"Mom. "How long have I been cultivating?" the moment Ruan Haoyong stepped out of the door, he saw his mother outside. The corner of his eyes were slightly red!

"It's been two months and it's been pretty good. With your current strength, you should be able to fight your second sister to a draw!" He was still looking very happy at Ruan Haoyong!

"Has it been two months? It's time to go to school, "Ruan Haoyong murmured to himself. Then he looked at his mother and said in a deep voice," Mom. I want to go out and gain experience! "

"Experience?" He was still looking at Ruan Haoyong in shock. He never expected Ruan Haoyong to make such a request!

However, after sensing Ruan Haoyong's tyrannical inner strength, he nodded lightly, "Alright, you can go now. You've also grown up my mind. Eagles have to spread their wings and fly high!" Ruan Haoyong looked deeply at his mother and nodded vigorously.

SH City First High School. Ever since Ruan Haoyong disappeared, no one could see the girls' excitement anymore. Everyone had almost forgotten about Ruan Haoyong!

However, there was one person who hadn't forgotten, and that person was Lili. Every day, Lili would go outside of Ruan Haoyong's classroom to stare blankly at the empty seat. That afternoon was something Lili wouldn't be able to forget for a long time.

"What are you looking at?" Still in that corner, Yi Xin was still looking at that empty spot with a sour feeling in her heart. Two months had passed, but where was he now?

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded beside her, causing Yi Xin's entire body to tremble. "Hm?" Yi Xin's eyes reddened as she excitedly turned around and looked at the girl behind her.

Ruan Haoyong looked at the person in front of him with a smile. It wasn't that he couldn't see Yi Xin's relationship with Ruan Haoyong, it was just that he didn't have the mood to talk about his feelings last time.

"You, you're back!" Yi Xin didn't know how to face the girl in front of her, but Ruan Haoyong didn't have that much of a worry anymore. He just hugged Yi Xin!

"Rumble!" At this moment, Yi Xin felt as though her head was covered and her hands had been placed on the ground!

"Yes, I came back. I just wanted to see that silly girl in the school. Now I see her, but I still have to leave to fulfill my dream. I don't know if this silly girl will continue to be silly!"

Ruan Haoyong's expression was exceptionally sincere. His deep eyes stared deeply at Yi Xin in front of him.

In those eyes, Yi Xin felt completely lost! He mumbled to himself, "I will, that silly girl will continue to be silly, unless she can't move anymore!"

"Rumble!" The young Ruan Haoyong instantly felt the gravity on his shoulders, and at that moment, the word 'love' was so close to him!

Ruan Haoyong hugged Yi Xin tightly. With a slightly trembling voice, he said, "Don't worry, don't worry. Yi Xin, I will come back. I will definitely come back. I will give you a beautiful tomorrow!"

Ruan Haoyong's eyes were filled with determination. He then slightly loosened his grip on Yi Xin. With reluctance in his eyes, he said, "But Yi Xin, I have to do what I have to do now, so …"

Ruan Haoyong's eyes were filled with pain. Before he could finish his sentence, Yi Xin covered him with her hand, "Don't say anymore, I know you're not an ordinary person. You have your own matters to attend to. Go ahead, I'll wait for you. I'll definitely wait for you!"

Yi Xin's eyes were filled with tears, but she was still very understanding!

Ruan Haoyong nodded slightly and stared at the person in front of him. He locked the red figure in his mind forever!

Time quietly passed. Ruan Haoyong left his closest loved one and his loved one. He resolutely entered the desolate forest!

Alone and without any equipment, Ruan Haoyong stared at the huge black bear with a grim expression on his face.

Today was the second day since Ruan Haoyong arrived in the forest. During these two days, Ruan Haoyong didn't encounter any powerful opponents. Finally, at lunch time today, a huge black bear appeared in front of him!

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