Cunning Husband's Lovely Wife

Modern Romance
42 Chapters
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9.5 (12 Ratings)
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His face was pressed against his chest, pressed against his white shirt. He had the coolness of being out in the open, the smell of wind and frost, and the faint smell of tobacco. She had always disliked the smell of smoke, and she had always liked the fact that Jian Yi did not smoke. However, this faint scent of tobacco came from Qi Chengzhi's body, which was extremely pleasing to the nose, an


When Song Yu saw the customer, he had sneaked out. He hadn't thought that he would run into a classmate that was deliberately making things difficult for her. A man as calm as the wind and as beautiful as the moon, this was the impression she had of him. However, she didn't know that she was never simple in his heart.


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