Curse Painting/C1 Chapter 1
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Curse Painting/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, some places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

ALYSSA looked around, unfamiliar with the place where she was. She was walking around when she saw a big tree full of fruits, but she also did not know what tree it was. There were surrounding plants and beautiful flowers enticing her to approach it.

"The flowers are so fragrant." Alyssa sighed and took a breath of fresh air.

She picked up a pink flower, pinned it to her right ear, and went for a walk. In the distance, she saw a beautiful white chair.

Where am I?

What place is this?

The surroundings were quiet as if she was the only person. Alyssa looked around. She saw flying butterflies of different shapes and different colors.

"Am I in heaven already? " Alyssa felt she was in paradise. She walked over to the white chair and sat down, she was already feeling a little sleepy due to the silence around her.

"Ahhhhhh... " She yawned and leaned back in the chair and started to close her eyes, just a moment later she fell asleep.

"ALYSSA wake up!" Maggie shouted.

Maggie is Alyssa's best friend and classmate in English subject.

Maggie sat down next to Alyssa and shook her friend's shoulder again.

"Hey! You're a bad girl. You're sleeping well, what do you think you're in bed? You're here on the bench on the basketball court." Maggie said as she grabbed the pocket of her school uniform skirt took the mirror and combed her long blonde hair.

Maggie glanced at her friend again, Alyssa was still sound asleep. Maggie stopped what she was doing. She approached Alyssa's face and patted her on the right cheek.

"ALYSSAAAAAA!" Maggie shouted into a friend's ear. "Alyssa, wake up girl!"

Alyssa was shocked and out of balance on the lying bench.

"Ouch!" Alyssa held her head as she fell to the floor. Thankfully, the bench wasn't high. Maggie helped her sit back on the bench. She stretched and pinched her friend. "Why are you shouting? I fell in shock!"

Alyssa frowned as she adjusted the paintbrushes strewn on the bench.

"You had a good day sleeping here on the bench. I invited you here on the basketball court to watch John's practice, but you just fell asleep." Maggie's eyes widened. "Oh girl, you didn't watch John play badly. He's so good! And he's still handsome!"

Alyssa gently stroked her friend.

"Flirt!" Alyssa said with a smile. But she was stunned to remember her dream. She grabbed Maggie by both shoulders and stared at her.

"What?" Maggie.

"I had a dream, Maggie. It's weird! Hmmm... You know, it's like I'm in a paradise with no human beings but only me, it seems real."

"Maybe. Because it's hard for me to wake you up.'' Maggie smirked.

"I'm serious Maggie. I've always been dreaming. But this one is different." Alyssa said.

Maggie removed Alyssa's hands that were on her arm. The girl stood up and picked up her bag

"Oh Alyssa, it's just a dream! It's not true. It would be good if you had a handsome guy with you, in your dream. Maybe I could join you in your dream." Maggie laughed jokingly at her.

Alyssa frowned.

"I'm hungry let's go. I heard earlier from a student that today's snack in the canteen is delicious. I'll treat you because you came with me to watch John's basketball practice." There was a sweet smile on Maggie's lips. "Even if, you just slept, ha, ha, ha!"

"Hmph!" Alyssa grabbed her bag and stood up. "Okay let's go, ''

Alyssa started to walk but still couldn't forget the paradise she dreamed of.

VACATION and no class.

Alyssa and Maggie are having a good time talking. They were inside a coffee shop waiting for their order.

Someone passed by Maggie's side. The girl was hurt so she turned around.

Maggie saw an old man, the old man coming out of the coffee shop.

"Ouchie!" Maggie spoke softly, she looked at the old man. "It's good that you're old grandpa, if not ----"

Maggie didn't go on to say. A strong wind entered the coffee shop when the old man's opened the door.

"So, creepy!" Maggie Said.

The feeling of sudden cold air passing in front of them was horrible. Soon after, a torn newspaper entered the coffee shop and went straight to where the two girls were, it landed on Maggie's face.

Maggie was disgusted that she removed the newspaper that was on her face.

"I'm beautiful and my face just turned into a trashcan!" Maggie annoyed, frowned while wiping her face with her handkerchief.

Alyssa laughed. Fortunately, they were the only two inside the coffee shop. Alyssa took the newspaper to a friend and looked at what was written on it.

"Don't tell me you still have time to read that? Maybe it came from inside the trash and just flew away." Maggie said and appropriately took the piece of newspaper from her.

"Wait!" Alyssa stopped her at the same time blocking her friend's face with one hand.

"My face is wrinkled girl," Maggie complained and stood up. "I'll go to the counter to get our order. If not, it might come tomorrow."

Maggie walked away from their table.

A page grabbed Alyssa's attention.

HEADLINE today. A famous painter invited some students to come to his mansion to show his masterpieces and share for free his knowledge of drawing.

Alyssa's eyes glazed over at what she read.

"Oh my gosh! Is what I'm reading true?" She still couldn't believe what she read.

Mr. Gregorio Santillan is a well-known great painter. Almost all of Gregorio's paintings are exhibited in art galleries, it wins an award every year. But year 2016 the artist quit because of his family’s tragedy. Alyssa suddenly felt sadness for the painter.

"It's good that Mr. Gregorio looks fine," Alyssa said to herself. She was referring to the painter.

Alyssa saw her friend carrying a tray with two steaming cups of coffee. There are also two slices of chocolate cake.

Maggie sat across from Alyssa handed over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake

"The coffee just smells good." She said and started sipping hot coffee.

"You're right girl, it's a good thing i went to the counter. Otherwise, we might get our order tomorrow." Maggie replied, tasting a slice of chocolate cake.

"My gosh! So yummy!"

Alyssa looked at her friend with a smile, when she suddenly remembered what she read in the newspaper.

"Girl, do you remember the famous painter in the town of San Victoria?" Alyssa asked her friend. She sipped her coffee again.

Maggie nodded.

"Yes," Maggie answered. "What about him?"

In response to a friend's question, Alyssa handed her the newspaper. "Read it!"

Maggie frowned.

"Yuck! Isn't this the k-" Maggie didn't finish what she was going to say when Alyssa suddenly spoke.

"Don't act like that, read it. Just wash your hands when you're done."

"Okay fine!" Maggie replied.

Maggie had already started reading, using her eyes while sipping hot coffee. "Isn't Mr. Gregorio the one you often tell me about, girl?"

"Yes!" She replied smiling.

"Don't tell me you're going to San Victoria?" Maggie raised an eyebrow at her.

"Hmmm, why not?" Alyssa answers Maggie's question.

Maggie laid the newspaper on the table, ate a sliced

cake, and sipped coffee.

"But girl, isn't there any news that all the students he taught to paint have disappeared like bubbles?"

She shrugged. "All of that is just gossip girl, but why until now they have not proven that Mr. Gregorio was involved in their disappearance," Alyssa said. She continued to eat the cake. "I'm going girl. What a waste of an opportunity if i miss it. You know i want to be as good as Mr. Gregorio"

Maggie folded her arms. "But girl, your parents can afford to send you to a famous school. For art lovers, whatever!"

"Maggie, that’s not my point here. Mr. Gregorio is a famous painter and not only famous, but he has also won many awards and i want to be like him. And you know how much I idolize him."

"But I feel different Alyssa, like something bad, is going to happen," Maggie said.

"Sshhhh... that's enough Maggie, I'm going to San Victoria. It's a vacation, isn't it? Come with me," Alyssa added.

Maggie raised an eyebrow "No way!" Maggie replied.

Alyssa held her friend's hands

"Please? if you don't come, you might feel guilty when something bad happens to me. Because you didn't come with me." She said while sipping coffee.

Alyssa received a pinch in the ear from Maggie. "Ouch!" She complained, touching her ear.

"You made me feel guilty. Okay fine! I'll be with you, but we'll only be there for a while."

"Promise, we'll just be there for a while."

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