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C1 Li cuilian

Our village is a well-known poor village in the 8km area. Probably due to the poor relationship, most of the men in the village went to the big cities to work. As for me, other than studying, I stayed at home for the winter and summer holidays.

My neighbor, Li Cuilian, was 30 years old this year. Her husband went out to work with the contractor and was smashed to death by a falling building, so Li Cuilian became a young widow.

Everyone says that a woman is like a wolf, this Li Cuilian is no exception. I have secretly observed that she would normally think of men at night, and she would bring things from the fields to her bedroom. At midnight, she would make some sounds that would make men go crazy.

Although Li Cuilian was a bit rustic, she was still a well-known beauty in the village. Although her skin was not as well-maintained as the girls from the big cities, she had a very well-proportioned body, with a protruding front and back, exquisite and tight body.

After dinner, I had already set up a small stool at the entrance. It was currently the middle of summer, although there wasn't much TV to watch at home, but looking at this girl Li Cuilian watering the field, it was also a kind of enjoyment.

"Sister-in-law, if you're tired, then rest. Look at the sky, it's almost dark." I pulled out a bucket of water from the well, picked up a spoon and drank a mouthful, then looked at Li Cuilian's figure who was busy working in the fields, and immediately spoke out.

"There's no man in the house. I don't do anything in the fields, but you little bastard really know how to make sarcastic remarks. Why aren't you helping out?" Li Cuilian stopped what she was doing, her voice was truly loud, even I felt a little uncomfortable with her shout, of course, his man went early, and I did not have anything to do during the summer vacation.

"Sister-in-law, Brother Wu left early, this is too much for you. Let me help you pick up a few buckets of water!" I walked over in a few steps, and even sized Li Cuilian up from head to toe.

Li Cuilian was wearing a pink dress today, and I can even see the black underwear inside. Hehe, it's not small.

"Little bastard, what are you looking at? I'm smelly sweat from all over and I'm going to kill you!" Li Cuilian glared at me with her phoenix eyes. Although the words that popped out from her little mouth were vulgar, they were exceptionally alluring to me.

"Hehe, sister-in-law is spouting nonsense again. Sweat is good in summer, if you don't sweat it will cause you to choke and get sick. Sister-in-law, I'll bring you water." I chuckled and picked up the bucket.

"Aiyo, the sun is rising in the west today. Sister-in-law is just talking about it. Are you really going to help me carry the water?" Li Cuilian looked at me in surprise. I am now seventeen or eighteen years old, not only do I look big, my strength is not inferior to the wild men of the neighboring villages.

Because of Li Cuilian's natural beauty, many wild men had secretly taken a fancy to her. If it wasn't for the fact that these fellows were courageous, there would be a lot of them in front of the widow's door.

"What are you talking about, sister-in-law? Brother Wu has always taken good care of me. Oh, good life isn't long. Sister-in-law, you've worked hard this year." I pulled up my left and right sleeves as I hurriedly replied.

The man called Li Cuilian is called Wu Jun, she's older than me by ten years, she said that she's taking care of me, that's all a lie. When I was young, I was beaten up by him quite a few times.

"Lil 'Lin, you seem to be sensible now. Sister-in-law will give you something to eat later!" Hearing me say that, Li Cuilian's heart warmed, and she looked at me with her pair of big eyes.

Hehe, I'm a big and tall man, and in school I play basketball, my body is very sturdy, I think that Li Cuilian must have been widowed for too long, thinking of men, and even said that she would give me something to eat, what kind of a thing is that?

When I thought of this, I quickly picked up the water for her.

In just a few minutes, two buckets of water had been scooped into the ground. I wiped the sweat off my face and said, "Sister-in-law, come. I'll help you scoop up the water!"

"Don't, this job is still done by sister-in-law, you can do it, Lin Zi, even lifting the water shoulders, you have quite the strength!" Li Cuilian smiled at me.

Hehe, as long as Sister-in-law needs it, I will rush here quickly tonight. Hehe, when I think about it, my heart will beat faster, of course, my name is Lin Zheng, most of the adults in the village call me Xiao Lin or Xiao Lin.

Looking at Li Cuilian's watering was really enjoyable, when she stooped down, I could see inside from the collar on her chest. Furthermore, this dress reached only to her knees, so when a light breeze blew by, I could see her big white legs. Wow, I really don't know how many men I have bewitched to death, wow, just thinking about it makes me excited.

"What is this little bastard looking at? "He's already so bad at such a young age." Li Cuilian had obviously noticed my actions, as her face flushed red and she immediately stood up and said.

"Sister-in-law, do you want me to bring you another bucket of water?" I scratched the back of my head awkwardly and changed the topic.

"Don't have any eyes. Look at the dishes on the ground, they're all finished. Let's go, sister-in-law will treat you to ice popsicles." Li Cuilian pointed to the farmland in the field, then picked up her carrying pole and carried two empty buckets, and walked towards her three houses.

Treat me to a popsicle? Hehe, then should I be polite to everyone?

I walked behind Li Cuilian, looking at her perfect figure, I thought to myself, what a beauty, just thinking about it makes me excited.

Wu Jun had already been dead for a year, so if Li Cuilian hadn't gone to look for a man this year, she would definitely be empty and empty. She had planted so many vegetables here, it must have a deeper meaning.

I thought to myself, and in a few steps, I entered Li Cuilian's house.

The middle room was a living room, with a red brick floor. There was a stove, tables, and chairs, and the refrigerator was bought by Wu Jun. Besides the fridge, there was only a bicycle, not even a black and white television set. Of course, in a village like ours, even if we had a television set, we wouldn't be able to find many channels.

"Lil 'Lin, take a seat. I'll bring some ice cream for you, sister-in-law." Li Cuilian placed the carrying pole on the ground and walked towards the refrigerator.

"Sister-in-law, why don't you turn on the light? It's going to be dark soon." When I walked into her house, I already felt that something was wrong. The lights in the house weren't turned on.

"The light bulb broke yesterday and didn't change in time. By the way, Little Lin, can you change the light bulb?" Li Cuilian took out an ice cream from the refrigerator, then seemed to have thought of something.

I took the ice cream and took a bite after opening it.

"Sister-in-law, it's not that hard to change a light bulb. Does your family have a new light bulb?" I asked, looking at the light bulb hanging from the beam.

Just change the light bulb, it's just a small matter. Since I have nothing to do with it, I'll just change it.

"Yes, yes, yes. I'll go get it. Just wait." After Li Cuilian heard what I said, she nodded her head and walked towards her own room.

In just a few minutes, Li Cuilian handed a light bulb over.

"Do you have a flashlight? Sister-in-law, light it for me. I'll go get a stool." I took the light. It was completely dark outside now, and I couldn't see the lights on the wooden beams.

I really feel that there are two lights in Li Cuilian's house. The living room has one light, the bedroom only has a lamp in it, the lamp is on the bedside table and the light is even dimmer, I feel that it is weird, that Wu Jun has worked outside for so many years, why did she not do good work at home, even if it is a bungalow, it should at least be brightly lit.

I secretly thought to myself, then Li Cuilian finally took out a flashlight and shined it on me. It's been awhile since I last shined the battery, it's been too dark, but I could still see it clearly.

I first put the bench in place, then stood up. In just a few seconds, I had already switched the light bulb that was broken off. This action of mine was extremely nimble.

"Sister-in-law, take the broken light bulb!" I casually passed the light bulb down, and when I looked down, I just happened to see Li Cuilian inside the collar. Aiyah, my god, I can't take it anymore, Li Cuilian really isn't small, how could she be like this?

"Alright, be careful!" Li Cuilian took the light bulb that was changed out from my hand, and we suddenly looked at each other, especially when he saw me wearing a singlet, with my thick arms and broad chest, her face had actually turned red.

"Ugh!" Although I am still considered to be seven feet of man, I am only eighteen years of age, and even now, I am still a virgin. Although I have watched quite a few movies from those island nations in the school dormitory, I have basically only secretly thought about it, so how could I have the chance to shoot a real gun.

After hurriedly changing the light bulb, a plan formed in my mind. Since I wanted to do it, it must be complete. This Li Cuilian is so beautiful, I think it would be good to wipe some oil.


At this point, my feet slipped and I fell off the bench. Li Cuilian was even more shocked as she quickly went forward to support me, but my weight is at least 130 years old. How could she support me?

"Little Lin, be careful!"

Putong!" Li Cui Lian and I fell onto the ground, and at this time, I actually pressed Li Cui Lian down on the ground. I was wearing a pair of shorts on such a hot day, which made me blush a little, and through Li Cui Lian's dress, I was extremely excited.

I, who was maintaining this action, was stunned, this Li Cuilian's body was so hot, and one of my hands had touched an unknown place, wow, I'm dizzy, I'm really dizzy, I really want to reach my hand into the dress, hehe.

"Little bastard, get up! You actually dare to eat this old lady's tofu!" Li Cuilian was stunned at first, but then she started scolding with a red face.

I am feeling hot all over, I am a virgin, the scenes in the island movie appeared in my mind one by one, this is a rare opportunity, if you want to take advantage of it, it's better to wipe a little more, otherwise how can you face my youth.

My body took advantage of the situation and moved forward. Not only did he instantly kiss Li Cuilian's mouth, his waist even moved slightly, hoping to feel Li Cuilian's warmth.

Li Cuilian's entire body shivered, and her body involuntarily stood up. Good god, this just happened to rub on me, causing my entire body to quiver, and a wave of warmth surged out.

Wow, it's really comfortable. It's like I've already gotten Li Cuilian's body, my face has a look of enjoyment, and this Li Cuilian is even more so patting my head.

"Little bastard, get up. I spent eighty yuan on this dress at the market last year, compensate me with that skirt!" Li Cuilian shouted.

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