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C10 Three great trademark ladies

I don't know why Mommy Ling saved me, after all, it was only my first day with her. Although this fat woman didn't give me a good impression, but to be able to earn the respect of a rogue cultivator, it means that she has some tricks up her sleeve.

I touched the bruises on my face, feeling jealous of the hook nose trio. Although I don't have the strength to take revenge now, I will definitely remember this debt. As long as I have money and status in the future, I believe that the hook nose will beg me to let him go.

While thinking about it in my heart, I walked in the direction of the 'villa in the cave' that the Mommy Ling had mentioned.

The villa in the courtyard was an upscale residential area. On the outskirts of the residential area, not only were there high walls and barbed wire, the entrance to the residential area was also heavily guarded. The cars shuttling back and forth in front of the entrance were basically famous cars like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

"Hey, who are you looking for? Don't wander around trying to sneak in! " A security guard at the entrance to the district walked out. He looked at me coldly, especially at the bruises on my face. His eyes were filled with disdain.

"I'm going to No.57, where Miss Zhang Ling is." I opened my mouth and said unhappily, "I was already in a bad mood tonight. Now, do you still want the security guards to bully me?"

"So it's Miss Zhang's guest. Mister, please wait for a moment." When the security guard heard the name Mommy Ling, he suddenly understood and changed his address to 'Sir'.

This society is so realistic, it often depends on the expression of others. After the security guard called Mommy Ling to inquire about my situation, he said a few words of apology to me awkwardly.

I didn't even bother to pay attention to him. The street lights in the district were all on. Looking at the sign, I found Number 57.

Although the villas in this neighborhood were basically the same, I was still surprised when I reached the front door of the villa.

This house was too big. There was also a wall outside, and the cameras in this district weren't that rare.

I pressed a red bell beside the metal door. After a few minutes, the door opened automatically with a 'kacha' sound.

"Aiya, you stinking girl, don't splash me. I hate you!"

"Haha, how cool!"

"Aiya, who is that?"

Under the sounds of playing, I saw a swimming pool in an empty space inside, with fountains and colorful lights beside it. Inside the pool, there were three young ladies dressed in bathing suits playing around.

"Hey, who are you? What are you doing here?" One of the more plump girls quickly asked.

This girl was wearing a pink bathing suit. Not only was this girl plump, her figure was also extremely good. Her appearance was even better compared to the celebrities on TV.

I scratched the back of my head awkwardly. Before I could say anything, the Mommy Ling walked out from the living room's glass door on the first floor. She greeted me with a smile.

"Lil 'Lin, come on, sit inside!" The Mommy Ling said.

Hearing Mommy Ling calling me, I waved my hands towards the three girls, saying that I was in a sorry state today, and did not want to talk to you girls, but once I get familiar with you guys, I will have to deal with you guys, hehe, these three girls are too perfect, if you give me a little time to enjoy myself, I think that I will definitely work hard until dawn arrives.

"Xiao Ru, Xiao Ya, Lian'er, the three of you come in as well. I'll introduce you to my new friends." The Mommy Ling seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly spoke out.

Hearing Mommy Ling say that, the three girls looked at each other and grimaced. Then they walked up the stairs from the swimming pool.

Wow, my eyes went straight.

These three girls were too perfect. Not only were all of them beautiful like flowers, their current appearance made my eyes narrow into a line. I wanted to see if I could find the 'camel toe' located deep in their thighs.

"Little Pervert, what are you looking at?" The plump girl from before frowned in displeasure.

I looked away helplessly and shook my head before walking into the living room.

"Let me introduce him. This is Xiao Lin, Lin Zheng. He is the one I hired to join our Hong Kong Health and Entertainment Club today." Mommy Ling pointed at me and gave a simple introduction.

I pursed my lips and looked at the three girls embarrassedly.

After understanding the situation, I finally understood that these three girls were the leading players of the Hong Kong Sheng Entertainment, but there was no way of knowing why they didn't appear tonight. Furthermore, there was nothing Mommy Ling could do about these three treasures, it was said that many bosses were willing to spend a huge sum of money to keep these three girls, but they actually chose to ignore them.

Tsk, I felt a bit of disdain in my heart. What was there to pretend about? I just thought that the prices of those bosses weren't enough. I didn't believe that they wouldn't be able to take a hundred million from her.

"Sis, since he's new, why did he move here? Doesn't he have an employee dormitory?" The plump girl Xiao Ru asked.

I'll be the first to deal with you when I get the chance! I thought fiercely, but on the surface I stood still more obediently.

"Xiao Lin is tall and handsome, I think it's a piece of cake. Xiao Ru, there are so many rooms here, it's not like he will stop you guys from living here. From now on, we are family. " Mommy Ling looked at me and said.

"He's that handsome? Beated up like a pig's head, hehe! " Originally, she looked at my other sister named 'Xiao Ya' with some curiosity as she laughed coquettishly.

My heart was about to burst with anger. Damn, I was already very unlucky today, and you girls were actually teasing me. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm not familiar with this place, I would definitely have given you a few shots tonight in our village.

"Alright, alright, it's about time. You three should rest early. Xiao Lin, come to my room." Mommy Ling waved her hand, obviously she was also annoyed by the bruises on my face. She said that I was handsome during the interview, and now that I'm in such a sorry state, how could I be handsome?

Hearing Mommy Ling's words, the three sisters looked at me meaningfully, and then walked towards a staircase at the side of the hall.

This villa had a total of four floors and a very large area. The living room on the ground floor was decorated beautifully, so how much did it cost? Say, can I live here anymore? It was like a dream.

The Mommy Ling turned around and went upstairs, and I followed after him.

Walking slowly to the third floor, the Mommy Ling paused for a moment. She took out the key to open a room, and then opened the door as well.

"This room will be followed by your residence. That's right, that's your luggage." Mommy Ling laughed as she spoke.

In this room, there was air conditioning, a computer, a color TV, a Simmons bed, and a sofa. Furthermore, it was very cool inside during the summer, so I suddenly felt a warm feeling in my heart.

"Can I call you Sister Zhang? "Sis, thank you for saving me today, and for letting me live in such a good place." I looked at my surroundings and I felt so excited that I wanted to cry. I don't know why, but I had the urge to hug Mommy Ling.

"Lil 'Lin, if I didn't see how handsome you are and how young you are, I wouldn't have helped you. To be honest, I really hope that you could make money for me. Of course, you have to heal up before that." Mommy Ling looked at me with a smile. She took out a pack of cigarettes from her bag and lit one along the way.

I nodded my head heavily. Although I didn't know how I could let Mommy Ling earn money, at least for now, I needed a place to settle down.

"Alright, it's getting late. Go wash up and rest early. Look, this card is the salary that I gave you in advance. Buy some new clothes for me." In addition, you don't have to work for the next few days, so I'll arrange for you to continue tomorrow. " The Mommy Ling waved her hand, and after warning me a few more times, she finally left the room.

I looked at Mommy Ling's disappearing background and felt a bit of gratitude in my heart. But I knew that the reason Mommy Ling could save me and arrange for me to live in such a good place was definitely because of her. For example, I wanted to give her money.

I rummaged in my suitcase for a change of clothes and went out to the bathroom on the third floor.

"Today, that boy's figure is indeed not bad. Unfortunately, his face seems to have been slapped. I really can't tell if he's handsome or not."

"Little Sister Xiao Lian, are you infatuated with flowers again? To be able to attract the attention of Sister Zhang, that definitely won't be simple!"

"Aiya, stop talking about that Lin Zheng, Sister Xiao Ru, how is the thing that I bought online today, it's electric, it's so comfortable."

"You little pervert, you really bought it?"

When I walked past the door of one of the rooms, I actually heard the discussion of the three girls inside, and one of the girls even bought fake toys. I was good, I had already said that the three girls were very pretty, just as I expected.

With a sneer in my heart, I quietly walked to the bathroom at the end of the corridor on the third floor. After locking and locking the door, I finally started to clean myself.

What happened today also changed my mood a lot, I don't know if that Zhou Qianqian will still recognize me when September starts, she hasn't walked out of the knot in her heart, as for me, I must earn some money to build a big house, I want that Li Cuilian to have a whole new level of respect for me, and I will never let that hook nose trio go.

Very soon, I finished washing up and went out of the bathroom, I thought to myself.

When I passed the room where the three little girls were, I didn't hear anything. Did they notice that I was staying on the third floor as well?

Doubtful, I went into my room, closed the door, and lay down on the bed.

"I'm so tired, let me go to bed early." I muttered to myself, then turned off the light.

"Huh?" Not long after I turned out the light, there was a glimmer of light in my dark room, near the corner.

"Why is there a small hole here?" I walked to the corner, puzzled, and looked curiously at a small hole about my height.

Following the light ray, I looked over. What entered my eyes was the sight of the plump Xiao Ru lying on the bed with her legs crossed, with a book in her hands.

"T-this is actually her room?" She lives next door to me? " My heartbeat quickened. My good fellow, if I follow the methods of the little ancient thieves, as long as I blow some incense in this cave, the beauty inside will become my body's possession.

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