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C11 Heart of communication

However, I know that in front of these beauties, I must not have the slightest bit of perverted heart. In other words, the more you don't think much of her, the more she finds it strange. She might even doubt her own attractiveness.

This girl called Xiao Ru is definitely a lot prettier than her sister Li Cuilian. After all, she's not only young, she's also very good at dressing up, and her figure and appearance are even comparable to a celebrity. If you're talking about shortcomings, am I really unable to find them for the time being?

Endure! I'm not going to peek at this girl because of the little hole in the wall. In other words, maybe these girls are testing me?

I simply turned on the light in the room, left the room and walked to the door of Xiao Ru's room.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I knocked three times.

"Is anyone there? "There's something!" I tried to keep my voice even.

The current Xiao Ru was wearing pajamas. Through the small hole, I knew that she was in a vacuum, but this did not directly challenge my bottom line. After all, I had seen Zhou Qianqian like that tonight.

The sound of clothes being put on could be heard from inside the room, and after about 3 or 4 minutes, the door opened. Xiao Ru looked at the door suspiciously, and frowned: "Little pervert, why did you knock on my door so late in the night? Do you want to sleep here? "

The heck, how arrogant, to actually scold me at once, and even dare to frown at me. If it wasn't for the fact that I didn't want to mess around, I would have directly knocked her out and let her understand why flowers are so red.

I thought to myself, but my expression was cold. "I don't like to be watched. How do I explain the holes in the walls of my room? I hope you can help me block it. "

It was only a second after I finished speaking. She was stunned for a moment before she walked around me and into my room. "Where? Where's the hole?"

"It's over there!" I walked a few steps around the corner, then pointed.

"Eh, there really is a small hole. Tell me, did you peek at me just now?" Xiao Ru was a little doubtful at first, but when I pointed out this small hole, she crossed her arms over her chest, looking a little angry.

"Peeping at you? "Forget it, I have no time to bother with you. You are quite familiar with this place anyway, so I hope that you can think of a way to fill up this hole tomorrow. In addition, I do not like being spied on." I spoke coldly. Although I was beaten into a sorry state today, the way I spoke made me admire myself, haha.

"Little pervert, what are you pulling on? Although Sister Ling wants to take you in, you still need to have the strength to do so. Xiao Ru's face was a little flushed from what I said, and she was a little unwilling.

"That's my problem. Sister Ling is good to me. I know. Alright, I'm going to sleep." I gave the order to leave.

This kind of exceptional beauty would definitely cause countless men to go crazy for her. However, in front of me, I would also go crazy, but I would hold it in, haha, as long as I can't hold it in any longer. As for now, putting on an act is also not bad.

I thought about it, and finally decided to turn off the lights to sleep. As for Xiao Ru, after she returned to her room, she actually went to rummage through her boxes to find something, and then she opened her mouth to look through the walls: "Opposite you, I'll block the hole now, humph!"

I helplessly shook my head as I thought to myself, "Block, what's the use of blocking this hole? If there's something on the bottom, block it as well. Hehe."

F * ck, thinking about this, my expression changed. Why am I such a hooligan? No matter what, I'm still a handsome high school student. Who was the one who led me astray? Is it an island film? Ninja Turtle? Or — Brother Hugh?

Even if I don't think that much, I would still dare to laugh. Right now, my face is still bruised by that hook nose bastard. Even laughing now hurts.

After thinking about it, I finally fell asleep on the bed in a daze. When the first rays of dawn shone through the glass into the room, I finally opened my eyes.

I got up, put on my tank top and shorts, and went out of the room with my sandals on.

"Are you for real? That Lin brat actually doesn't have any feelings for you, big sister?" Elder sister, how many men are you infatuated with?

"Exactly! I was wondering why Sister Xiao Ru's face was so ugly. So there was such a scene yesterday! "

"Both of you, stop pretending. Was that hole you designed?" I wonder what you came to my room for yesterday. Did you do it while I was away? "


"Haha, Sister Xiao Ru, it's so funny how you're angry!"

Consecutive chats could be heard from the bathroom. Early in the morning, I could see three beauties washing their faces and rinsing their mouths; how blissful was this! However, when I was about to reach the entrance of the bathroom, I intentionally wore a stern face and maintained a cold expression. If a fellow were to make me laugh and destroy my aura, I would definitely smash him to death with a brick.

"Cough cough. Excuse me, let me brush my teeth!" I coughed dryly. All three beauties were now in their pajamas, but I didn't even open my eyes to look at them. In other words, in order to act cold, I only used my peripheral vision.

"Hey, do you know the rules? Do women have priority in knowing? This bathroom isn't yours! "

"That's right, that's right. Little pervert, what are you doing up so early? Are you deliberately finding fault with me?"

and Lian'er are also top ranked beauties, why do I feel that they are extremely obedient to Xiao Ru? In other words, this Xiao Ru is the big sister?

Who cares about her so much, how am I supposed to brush my teeth while they block the door? I purposely said "Give way" in between Xiao Ya and Lian'er, my footsteps did not decrease, and directly walked past the two of them, at this point, I had to walk at an angle, I coldly turned my body to the side, and my expression showed that I did my best to not let any part of my body touch them. However, deep down, I thought, Hehe, so I intentionally bent my elbows, and squeezed into Xiao Ya's chest in an instant.

"Eh!" Xiao Ya's body shrank as she suddenly glanced at my back. Not to mention how I knew about it, my intuition told me that Xiao Ya's sensitive point had already been touched by me.

"You're disrespectful, Xiao Ya, Sister Xiao Ru, let's go!" Lian'er looked at my cold expression, and said.

Her yellow pajamas up to her knees, not only does she have an excellent figure, she's also very cute and tight. At this moment, I even had a toothbrush in my hand as I turned around and said seriously, "That should be Big Sister Xiao Ya, your hairstyle is pretty good today."

When I said this, Xiao Ru and Lian'er were even more surprised. They looked at me weirdly, but Xiao Ya ran away with a reddened face.

"Aiyaya, Xiao Ya, what are you running for, this guy finally said something human." Xiao Lian said with a smile and chased after him.

Xiao Ru was the only one left at the scene. She looked at me suspiciously, then left as well.

I am such a genius. I think this Xiao Ya will definitely cause this little deer to run around randomly. Wahaha! " I secretly thought, of course, maybe someone will say I am narcissistic, why, narcissism, I just, hehe.

After washing up, Mommy Ling was already downstairs waiting for us to eat breakfast. I hastily went downstairs and found that there was a sumptuous breakfast on the Eight Immortals table.

"Xiao Lin, you're here, let's eat breakfast together. Oh right, bring Xiao Lin to the mall to buy some clothes later, Xiao Ru." When Mommy Ling saw me walking down the stairs, she asked with a smile.

"Sis, it's fine as long as he buys the clothes himself. Why do you need me to bring him?" Xiao Ru said unwillingly. It was obvious that she was still a little jealous of the events that had transpired last night.

"Haha, Sister Xiao Ru, you don't understand, right? Later when we are shopping, he can help us carry our things, so we don't want the ready-made laborers for nothing." Little Lian smiled craftily as she seemed to have thought of something.

"Alright, alright. Little Lin isn't that familiar with new people after all. You three girls must go to work tonight. I rely on you guys to earn money." Mommy Ling waved his hand helplessly.

I sat down and looked at the sumptuous breakfast on the table. I grabbed a meat bun and started eating.

"Country bumpkin, the taste is so ugly." Xiao Ru pouted and looked at me with disdain.

F * ck, so what if I'm earth? The children of poor families are always in charge. No matter how ugly I am while eating, it's still my business.

I thought to myself, and very quickly, I burped and sat there. Since the Mommy Ling still had some things to do today, she took the car keys and left the villa.

"Oh, I went shopping. Sister Xiao Ru, eat faster!"

Following Lian'er's cheers, the three girls all went upstairs to dress up. When I saw the servant who was still cleaning up the tableware, I pursed my lips and helped her bring the tableware to the kitchen sink.

"Lil 'Lin, right? Let me do this. You go upstairs." the servant said, smiling at me.

"En, Aunt Shen, you must be tired. Take care of me in the future." I laughed.

Although this Aunt Shen is a servant here, she looks to be at most 35 or 36 years old. Not only is she mature and sweet, she is also very good at taking care of people.

Hearing my words, Aunt Shen smiled and nodded. Although her hands were touching some rough work, under careful observation, she still retained the softness and gentleness that a young woman should have.

It had only been an hour or so before those three girls all appeared in my line of sight carrying bags with famous brands. The first was Xiao Ru, she was wearing sky-blue jeans with a black tank top, and a pair of red sunglasses that accentuated her alluring heart. As for Xiao Ya, she wore a set of blue and white sports colored shoes with New Barran running shoes, which made her seem extremely clear-headed and eye-catching.

The three great beauties walked towards the main door like they were walking on a stage. Xiao Ru did not forget to turn around: "Who is it, why aren't you following me!"

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